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ОСНОВНЫЕ ПРАВИЛА ЧТЕНИЯ СОГЛАСНЫХ Crackle, Crackle, Galactic Static How's My Pert Little Turtledove? Comfort, Culture or Adventure? James Doyle and the Boilermakers' Strike Cash in the Ice-Cream Carton Surprises in the Post Office The Respective Merits of Frogs and Rabbits UNIT 26. WEAK FORMS OF WORDS Table of Notation in the Text Looking For Something Pretty Were You at Home Last Night? Fish like a Bit of Silence, Don't They? What Time Does the Plane Leave? Every Cloud Has Its Silver Lining WRITTEN IN MARCH (by William Wordsworth) Now use these words, which relate to the later years of life. Julie and Dave are getting married next month. Match the beginnings of the phrases on the left with the endings on the right. Body image concerns more men than women Look at the pictures below. Do these children have the rights that are identified in the Convention on the Rights of the Child as outlined in the box? UN Marks 20 Years of Convention on Rights of the Child Put the verses in the correct order. The following images are about urban tribes. Match them with the corresponding text and identify their names. Evaggelia Ioannou, Thessaloniki Use the correct form of these verbs to complete the sentences. What’s the difference between a hobby and leisure Indicate in the picture below the listed parts of a theater. Write the correct numbers next to the name of each part. Here are some simple definitions for words that appear in the text. Find the words they refer to and fill in the gaps. B. True or False? Correct the false sentences. B. Answer the questions below. What kind of music do you like? A. Say whether you think the following statements are true (T) or false (F)? Complete the description with the words in the box Replace each boldface word with a synonym (word with a similar meaning) from the reading. Write the synonym on the line. Complete the puzzle with words from the reading. Clue words are synonyms (words with a similar meaning) of the answer words. Find evidence fort the following sentences in the last part of the text Match each of the sports below with two of the following extracts from commentaries. The words in blue will help you decide. Things you can do with a ball Give the names for the illustrated ways of swimming Match the words (1-14) from the text with the definitions (A-N). Complete the crossword below. If all the words are correct, the name of the oldest line in the London tube network will read from top to bottom. Read the dialogue. Do the exercise. Answer the clues. The number of letters is given. Rearrange the paragraphs in the correct order and fill in the gaps with the connectors from the box. Decide whether the following sentences are correct or incorrect. A. Learn the collocations and do the exercises suggested. REMEMBERING YOUR SCHOOLDAYS. Match the words for people in education with the correct definition. Decide for which of the four young people (Hannah, Paul, Amy, Ryan) the following statements are true. D. Read these sentences spoken by university students. What is each person studying? Trinity College Dublin: 400 years of history B. Match the words with their translation Modern means of communication Put each of the following words or phrases into its correct place in the passage below. E. Complete this text about using a computer for word processing. B. Now use the words to fill in the spaces in these sentences. A. Read the definitions below. Choose the one which best suites each word in bold in the text Read the text and complete it with the missing words given below. D. Fill in the gaps using the words in bold from the text. INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL YOUTH EXCHANGE Get into groups and choose one organization you’d like to know more about (from the following ones). THE LONELINESS OF BEING A GENIUS Would you give money or help in these situations? AN INTERVIEW WITH A HURRICANE HUNTER All three readings contain information about a particular job. However, each writer had a different purpose. A. Read the statements and write true (T) or false (F). Go back to Reading 1 and look for the answers you are unsure of. Match the expressions on the left with the correct meaning on the right. VOCABULARY: EMPLOYMENT TERMS These sentences are from the text. Work in pairs. Read the article and decide which sentences go in the numbered gaps. Match the food items (1–8) with the descriptions (a–h) Leonardo da Vinci was a famous inventor. Look at these inventions. Which are his ideas or inventions? Write the first letter of each answer in the box with the corresponding number at the bottom of the page. Read the text below. Choose from (A-H) the one which best fits each space (1-6). There are two choices you don’t need to use. Science and technology in Ukraine Fill in the blanks with one suitable word and read about another outstanding scientist. B. Which of the professionals would you consult in each of the following cases? Read the article and pay attention to the words in bold. Consult dictionary if necessary. Match the descriptions with the names of parts of a book. Shadows of forgotten ancestors Now use the correct form of the following verbs. Use each one twice. C. Look back at the reading to find the answers to these “Why?” questions. A. Are these statements true or false? Write T (true) or F (false). Read the text GLOBAL WARMING E) WHEN YOU COME OUT OF THE HOSPITAL. B. Understanding the Reading Read the texts (A-G) and match (1-15) Put the words into the gaps in the text. Find out the correct answer from your teacher. How far do you agree or disagree with the following? The Internet and the outside world. Here are some simple definitions for words that appear in the text. Look back at questions 1-5 in the Prediction Section A and B. How accurate was your skimming and scanning? A newspaper is made up of several different parts called sections, each of them with a specific purpose. Match the name of each section with its definition. Do you read this kind of magazine? Контроль розуміння прочитаного (тест) Підбиття підсумків уроку. Виставлення оцінок. Складання діалогів (робота в парах) з використанням карток з визначними місцями Лондону. Формування навичок говоріння. (робота в парах) СУМСЬКИЙ ДЕРЖАВНИЙ УНІВЕРСИТЕТ VI. Put these sentences into the plural. XI. Work in pairs. Make up a dialogue about your rights and duties. III. Make up sentences using the following words. Asking for advice. Giving advice. XI.If you can’t choose any hobby ask your friend for advice. Make up a dialogue You have an answer. What was the question? V.Translate into English in written. What do you like about college? ІІІ. Match each sentence or word in the left-hand column with the best meaning in the right-hand column. Place the letter of the best definition in the space provided. XIII. Choose one of the quotations as a topic for your essay. THE SENSE OF HUMOUR/BE CAREFUL The Influence of TV on Children Newspapers and Magazines in Ukraine. X.Literary heroes can teach you a lot, too. What do they teach you? Fill in the chat. Міністерство освіти І науки, МОЛОДІ ТА СПОРТУ України СМІЛЯНСЬКИЙ ТЕХНІКУМ ХАРЧОВИХ ТЕХНОЛОГІЙ Read the text and learn why this young Ukrainian studies English. Listen and read more about Great Britain. Try to make a back translation, please MONEY AND PAYMENT SYSTEM OF THE USA Read and translate the dialogue and the text. Respond to the following sentences according to the pattern ,use the hints given in brackets. Read the following text thoroughly. IX. Розкажіть діалоги уроку. Read and translate the texts. THE PERIODIC LAW OF CHEMICAL ELEMENTS ELECTRICITY. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TRANSMITTING PICTURES BY TELEPHONE Fundamental Element of Mechanics Shandon-Elliot Micro Spot Welder Виберіть вірне питальне слово. They came back to support us. Виберіть вірне питальне слово. To become a successful businessman one should be very attentive. Complete the sentences with words from Exercise 1. Translate them. Are the following statements about the text true (T) or false (F)? THE 4-STROKE INTERNAL COMBUSTION CYCLE КИЇВСЬКИЙ НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ УНІВЕРСИТЕТ ТЕХНОЛОГІЙ ТА ДИЗАЙНУ Prepositions of Place – Movement Present Simple vs Present Continuous Past Simple vs Present Perfect Be Going to — Will - Present Continuous We use the Gerund after prepositions. Supply the articles if they are necessary. Fill the gaps with the correct form of the nouns (singular or plural). Ask and answer questions using the prompts, as in the example. Complete the sentences with the correct form of used to and the verbs in brackets, as in the example. Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or past perfect simple). Put the verbs in brackets into the Future (will or going to). Enter the verb too. Choose the best way to complete these passive voice sentences. Choose the correct answer. Circle the letter А , В or C. Insert the appropriate modal verb. Choose the correct relative pronoun (who, which, whose). Put the verb in brackets into a correct form. (gerund or infinitive) Глава шестая: Раскрытая правда Глава восьмая: Взгляд туманных глаз Глава девятая: Будь как египтянин Глава двенадцатая: Сосуды смерти Глава тринадцатая: Главный визирь Глава четырнадцатая: Песчаная буря Глава пятнадцатая: Оазис священных камней ПАВЛОДАрский государственный По курсу «Основы искусственного интеллекта» Набор, редактирование и тестирование простейших программ в режиме Test Goal Создание простейших проектов Управление поиском с возвратом: предикаты fail и отсечения. Решение логических задач в ПРОЛОГе Разработка графического интерфейса пользователя Создание новых окон в проекте с использованием кнопок и полей ввода Использование элемента ListBox Создание экспертных систем средствами ПРОЛОГа ВОЗНИКНОВЕНИЕ, СТАНОВЛЕНИЕ И РАЗВИТИЕ ЛФК В МИРЕ И В РОССИИ Клинико-физиологическое обоснование механизмов лечебного и реабилитационного действия физических упражнений Классификация и характеристика физических упражнений, применяемых в ЛФК Способы дозировки физической нагрузки на занятиях ЛФК Периоды ЛФК и режимы двигательной активности Эпидемиология и основные симптомы сердечно-сосудистых заболеваний Основы методики ЛФК при заболеваниях сердечно-сосудистой системы Методика ЛФК для больных I-III функциональных классов на санаторном этапе Методика ЛФК на санаторном этапе реабилитации Методика ЛФК на поликлиническом этапе Острая и хроническая пневмония Механизмы лечебного действия физических упражнений Заболевания кишечника и желчевыводящих путей Пиелонефрит и гломерулонефрит ЛФК ПРИ НАРУШЕНИЯХ ОБМЕНА ВЕЩЕСТВ ЛФК ПРИ ЗАБОЛЕВАНИЯХ СУСТАВОВ Виды и симптомы травм ОДА. Травматическая болезнь. Методы лечения травм ОДА Задачи и основы методики ЛФК при травмах ОДА Переломы диафиза бедренной кости Переломы костей предплечья в «типичном месте» Разрывы акромиально-ключичного сочленения Повреждения плечевого сустава Переломы тел грудных и поясничных позвонков ОСОБЕННОСТИ РЕАБИЛИТАЦИИ СПОРТСМЕНОВ ПОСЛЕ ТРАВМ И ЗАБОЛЕВАНИЙ ОПОРНО-ДВИГАТЕЛЬНОГО АППАРАТА Задачи и методика ЛФК в послеоперационные периоды Методика ЛФК после холецистэктомии ЛФК ПРИ ОЖОГАХ И ОТМОРОЖЕНИЯХ ЛФК ПРИ НАРУШЕНИЯХ ОСАНКИ, СКОЛИОЗАХ И ПЛОСКОСТОПИИ Оценка эффективности занятий ЛГ при нарушениях осанки ОСНОВНЫЕ КЛИНИЧЕСКИЕ ПРОЯВЛЕНИЯ ПРИ ЗАБОЛЕВАНИЯХ И ПОВРЕЖДЕНИЯХ НЕРВНОЙ СИСТЕМЫ ЛФК ПРИ ЗАБОЛЕВАНИЯХ И ПОВРЕЖДЕНИЯХ ПЕРИФЕРИЧЕСКОЙ НЕРВНОЙ СИСТЕМЫ Методика ЛФК на различных этапах восстановительного лечения Методика ЛФК в различные периоды ТБСМ Особенности методики ЛФК больных с травмой шейного отдела спинного мозга ЛФК ПРИ ОСТЕОХОНДРОЗАХ ПОЗВОНОЧНИКА Задачи и методика ЛФК при поясничном остеохондрозе ЛЕЧЕБНАЯ ФИЗИЧЕСКАЯ КУЛЬТУРА ПРИ НЕКОТОРЫХ ЗАБОЛЕВАНИЯХ ДЕТЕЙ И ПОДРОСТКОВ Острая респираторная вирусная инфекция (ОРВИ) Дискинезия желчевыводящих путей (ДЖВП) Гимнастика в период беременности Особенности занятий физическими упражнениями при наличии узкого таза В СПЕЦИАЛЬНЫХ МЕДИЦИНСКИХ ГРУППАХ ШКОЛ И ВУЗОВ Анатомо-морфологические и физиологические особенности лиц зрелого (среднего) и пожилого возраста Методика применения аэробных упражнений в оздоровительной физической культуре Контроль за переносимостью (адекватностью) нагрузок и изменением физического состояния организма Basic intonation patterns of English МІНІСТЭРСТВА АДУКАЦЫІ РЭСПУБЛІКІ БЕЛАРУСЬ Паняцце арфаграмы, арфаграфічнага правіла Парадак арфаграфічнага разбору Правапіс звонкіх і глухіх, свісцячых і шыпячых Правапіс вялікай і малой літар Правапіс галосных у складаных словах Правапіс не (ня) з рознымі часцінамі мовы Знакі прыпынку паміж дзейнікам і выказнікам Знакі прыпынку пры зваротках С существительными мужского рода С существительными женского рода Занятие 37. Лицо. Настроение с существительными мужского рода TYPES OF WORD-FORM DERIVATION THE SYSTEM OF PARTS OF SPEECH THE PROBLEM OF NOTIONAL AND FORMAL WORDS NUMBER AND MEANING OF ARTICLES SUBSTANTIVISATION OF ADJECTIVES DISTINCTION OF TYPES OF PRONOUNS ASPECT AND CHARACTER OF THE VERB THE PROBLEM OF A REFLEXIVE VOICE THE PROBLEM OF A MIDDLE VOICE SYNTACTICAL RELATIONS BETWEEN THE COMPONENTS OF A PHRASE Limits of the Compound Verbal Predicate PREDICATE, OR PREDICATE AND ADVERBIAL MODIFIER ONE-MEMBER SENTENCES AND ELLIPTICAL SENTENCES SUBJECT AND PREDICATIVE CLAUSES OBJECT CLAUSES AND ATTRIBUTIVE CLAUSES ON SYNDETIC COMPOSITE SENTENCES COMPLEX SENTENCES AS A WHOLE ASYNDETIC COMPOSITE SENTENCES. INSERTED CLAUSES INDIRECT AND REPRESENTED SPEECH REPRESENTATION AND SUBSTITUTION A LIST OF SOME LESS FAMILIAR TERMS Chapter I. Into the Primitive Chapter II. The Law of Club and Fang Chapter III. The Dominant Primordial Beast Chapter IV. Who Has Won to Mastership Chapter V. The Toil of Trace and Trail Chapter VI. For the Love of a Man Chapter VII. The Sounding of the Call Александра Витальевна Соколова Г. Санкт-Петербург. 2006 год. Г. Санкт-Петербург. Апрель 2004 года. Г. Таганрог. Июль 2004 года. Г. Таганрог. Август 2004 года.
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