Insert articles where necessary.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Insert articles where necessary.

1. ___ room itself was filling up, so was ___ staircase.

2. Though ___ earth was cold and wet, ___ sky was clear and ___ Sun rose bright and beautiful.

3. He made them provide not one car, but half ___ dozen.

4. ___ compass was invented in ancient China.

5. Not ___ word was spoken, not ___ sound was made.

6. ___old couldn't help___young. ___ sky outside ___ window was already dark, all was quiet.

7. Edward remained ___ week at ___ cottage.

8. Danny looked up at ___ house; and suddenly saw ___ face in ___ window of ___dining-room.

9. You know I never cared for ___ drama.

10. Roger looked at him, without ___ word, took out his wallet and gave him ___ ten-shilling note.

11. It was Sunday afternoon, and ___ sun, which had been shining now for several hours, was beginning to warm ___ earth.

12. I have ___ long story to tell you. Come and sit down on ___ sofa and let us have ___ comfortable chat.

13. And what ___ beautiful moth there is over there on ___ wall.

14. She had___key of her own.

15. He was ___ short, plump man with ___ very white face and ___ very white hands. It was rumoured in London that he powdered them like ___ woman.



Insert articles where necessary.

1. It is ___ pleasure to see you.

2. He has taken his death very much to ___ heart indeed.

3. All seemed perfectly at their ease, by no means in ___ hurry.

4. He decided that he would not at ___ present explain to her who he was.

5. Somebody important must have been arriving from Europe by ___ air

6. ___ rain had stopped: and we went on __ foot to __ Ebury Street.

7. Am I dealing, young people, with ___ case of ___ love at ___ first sight?

8. Rosa was well aware that she had never taken ____ trouble to get to know Annette.

9. He held ___ very guarded conversation with her on his way home, for fear that she would take ______ additional offence.

10. Behind __ house was ___ large garden, and in summer, __ pupils almost lived out of ___ doors.

11. You will go to ___ sea and forget all about me in ___ month.

12. I saw ____ good deal of him during ____war.

13. They started at ___ dawn, and ___ boy I sent with them didn't come back till ____ next day.

14. Mr John Smith could play __ violin.

15. All of __ sudden, his face had become stony.

Insert articles where necessary.

1. I've always understood ___ Dark Ages to refer specifically to ___ Medieval Europe

2. Ferguson has travelled everywhere from ___ Central Asia to ___ Arctic.

3. I've been to ___ Brazil and ___ Argentina, but I've never been to ___ USA.

4. I'd love to do a tour of European capitals and visit ___ London, ___ Paris, and ___


5. What's your address? - I live in ___ Montague Road, number 27.

6. I could never afford to stay at hotels like ___ Brown's or ___ Hilton.

7. Karl was born in ___ Bavaria, but he now lives in ___ Ohio.

8. You can't visit ___ London without seeing ___ Buckingham Palace.

9. I've been climbing in ___ Alps, but I've never managed to get up ___ Mont Blanc.

10. A lot of people have tried to cross __ Sahara without being properly prepared.

11. I'd love to travel down ___ Nile as far as ___ Luxor.

12. There is a splendid view of ___ Lake Geneva from this hotel.

13. We had an early dinner at ___ Leoni's and then went to a play at ___ Globe Theatre.

14. Go down ___ Oxford Street till you come to ___ Oxford Circus, then turn right.

15. Do you know the song about ___ London Bridge?




Find the right word.

1. Sue came first in the 5000 meter competition /game /race.

2. Jack and Eddie arranged to meet outside the football ground /field /pitch.

3. Brenda goes jogging every morning to keep exercised /fit /trained.

4. Our team beat/defeated/won the match by two goals to nil.

5. The local stadium isn't large enough for so many audience /viewers /spectators.

6. I'm afraid I don't find basketball very interested /interesting.

7. Collecting matchbox labels is Rebecca's favourite leisure /occupation /pastime.

8. Norman won first medal /prize /reward in the cookery competition.

9. All competitors /rivals /supporters for the relay race should make their way to the track.

10. The final result was a/an draw /equal /score.

2. Complete each sentence with a word from the list:

handlebars racket rope glasses net costume

whistle saddle rod club ice

1. Skiing can be dangerous if you don't wear dark …………… .

2. Iona’s bike crashed into a tree, and she was thrown over the …………… .

3. Suddenly the referee blew his …………. and pointed to the penalty spot.

4. I learned to ride a horse without using a ……………….. .

5. I had to play the doubles match with a borrowed ………………….. .

6. Emma tried to hit the golf-ball with her ……………., but missed it.

7. After the tennis match, one of the players jumped over the …………. .

8. Terry went fishing with the new …………….. his parents gave him.

9. A mountain-climber's life may depend on their ……………….. .

10. Open-air skating can be dangerous if the …………….. is too thin.

11. When Brenda entered the swimming competition she bought a new ……. .

Replace the word or words underlined in each sentence with a word from the list.

arranged outdoors record captain postponed referee side

champion professionally score spare

1. Mary plays tennis as a way of earning her living.

2. Tomorrow's hockey match has been put off for another time.

3. In motor racing last year William Green was the best driver of all.

4. The player with the lowest number of points wins the game.

5. A match between the teams has been fixed for next month.

6. I like going swimming in my free time.

7. Who is the player in charge of your football team?

8. She won all her matches this season, which is a best ever performance.

9. Charles was sent off for punching the person who controls the match.

10. We decided to hold this year's dancing competition in the open air.

11. Everyone agreed that United were the best team.

Choose the most suitable word.

1. Mary stopped swimming and just...........on the surface.

1) sank 2) floated 3) dived

2. Jack turned the last corner and............for the finishing line.

1) approached 2) waited 3) headed

3. David was trying to...........another cyclist when he crashed.

1) overpass 2) overcome 3) overtake

4. You have to............the person with the ball until you catch them.

1) chase 2)rush 3)jump

5. The fans climbed over the fence to.............paying.

1) avoid 2) prevent 3) refuse

6. I fell over while skiing and my sister had to............a doctor.

1) bring 2)take 3) call

7. Don't.............the road until all the runners have gone by.

1)pass 2) cross 3) pass by


Urgup, a famous cave region in Turkey

The Urgup Cones are located in valleys to the west of the village of Urgup, which lies 225km southeast of Ankara, Turkey's capital, and 87km southwest of Kayseri. Caves in the soft, volcanic rock of the cones and cliffs have been inhabited by peasants and monks for at least 2,000 years. Finely decorated with richly coloured frescoes, more than 300 caves in the region have been transformed during medieval times into simple sanctuaries and churches.

In the 6th century AD, Cappadocia lay under the rule of the Christian Byzantine Empire (AD 330-1453), centred at Constantinople. At that time, many monks were inspired by the teachings of St Basil the Great (329 - 379), who had been Bishop of Caesarea (the modern Kayseri, which lies some 87km to the northeast of Urgup). St Basil established the monastic tradition in Cappadocia when he promoted the idea that monks should live neither in isolation nor in large numbers, but rather in small groups.

At Urgup, and in other valleys such as Goreme, monks built small churches in the cones and rocks. Usually simple rectangular structures, these churches rarely exceeded 8m in length. The monks decorated the walls and ceilings with simple designs yet ones symbolic of early Christianity, such as crosses, fish, pomegranates and the palm tree of Paradise. In AD 726 portraits of Jesus and the saints were considered as devotion to idols and forbidden. But in about AD 850 realistic scenes and figurative paintings returned to favour, and stories from the Bible were retold on long, segmented paintings.

Around Urgup there are more than 150 rock-hewn churches. The most magnificent date from the 10th and 11th centuries when wealthy noblemen competed with each other to establish the best churches or monasteries. They often invited the Empire's most skilled artists to decorate the interiors with elaborate, strikingly coloured frescoes.

Politics and war soon brought an end to the popularity of Cappadocian churches. In the 11th century, Moslems defeated the Byzantine Empire and took control of the region, and although local artists tried to maintain the tradition, they lacked the skill of earlier painters. Following the Turkish invasions of the 13th century, all attempts to build and decorate churches stopped.


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