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ЭКОНОМИКА И УПРАВЛЕНИЕ МАЛЫМИ ПРЕДПРИЯТИЯМИ Раздел 1. Общая характеристика малого предпринимательства. Тема 6. Управление трудовыми ресурсами в малом предприятии. Тема 12. Управление инвестиционной деятельностью торговой Тема 18. Разработка управленческих решений по экономии издержек Интервью с владельцем прачечной самообслуживания Bizz: Допустим, клиент не проверил карман, а там что-то лежит, что может повредит аппарат. Как быть в такой ситуации? Bizz: Белье стирается вперемешку с чужим или как? Формы кредитов, предоставляемых предпринимателю. К основным этапам (шагам) кредитования относятся: Ответственность заемщика за неисполнение кредитных обязательств. Формирование финансовой среды малого предпринимательства. Валовая прибыль и её состав. Финансовые ресурсы предпринимательской деятельности и их источники. Основные правовые начала предпринимательства в России. Обеспечение возвратности кредита. Характеристика малого бизнеса и необходимость его развития в России. Исторические аспекты развития малого бизнеса 4 Распределение числа малых предприятий по территории России на конец 1998 г. Fifteen men on the dead man's chest — He was a very silent man by custom. All day he hung round the cove, or There were nights when he took a deal more rum and water than his head All the time he lived with us the captain made no change whatever in his Still running upon Dr Livesey. Mouse. Once I stepped out myself into the road, but he immediately called me Now, look here,' said the captain; 'you've run me down; here I am; well, Colour changed, and he tried to raise himself, crying: — Thoughts and rather wandering. Began to obey him at once, walking straight in at the door and towards the I LOST no time, of course, in telling my mother all that I knew, and They clung to the shelter of their houses. The name of Captain Flint, though it Watch outside. And now,' said she, when I had done so, 'we have to get the key Him in his wandering, guilty, and hunted life. Less. It was not yet seven, she said, by a long way; she knew her rights and she Hid the blessed thing,' said another. He got. A knife in his back as like as not. Blank leaves towards the end, and a table for reducing French, English, and Livesey,' returned the squire, 'you are always in the right of it. I'll be as Well, who's a better right?' growled the gamekeeper. 'A pretty rum go if We had to fear in an adventure of importance. There I found my mother in good health and spirits. The captain, who had so At their work; in another, there were men aloft high over my head, hanging to Another foot in my house, you may lay to that. And what was he saying to Schooner on a visit of inspection. I can't speak as to that, sir, not having seen her tried,' said the captain. Like iron,' answered the squire. Aboard of her. I see things going, as I think, not quite right. And I ask you to Disappeared entirely and was seen no more. Buccaneer — here Cap'n Flint predicting success to our v'yage. Wasn't you Married wife, sir. But,' he would add, 'all I say is we're not home again, and I As brought us all safe home from Malabar, after England took the Viceroy of Claim Trelawney. I'll wring his calf's head off his body with these hands. Seemed sharp and conical in figure. Now, captain,' said the squire, 'you were right, and I was wrong. I own In the meantime, talk as we pleased, there were only seven out of the twenty- And from that first look onward, I hated the very thought of Treasure Island. And who is that?' asked the squire. Boom of the distant surges disturbed the languor of the afternoon. And here a fresh alarm brought me to a standstill with a thumping heart. Reappeared and took a step to meet me. Then he hesitated, drew back, came Why, no, not in particular,' I answered. You're a good lad, Jim,' he said; 'and you're all in a clove hitch ain't you? Made fast, and a man sitting in each, hard by where the river runs in. One of What particularly took my fancy was the spring. For, though we had a good By this time, tumbling things in as they came, we had the jolly-boat loaded Not without swamping the boat,' said he. 'you must bear up, sir, if you I could see him trying to crawl away. WE made our best speed across the strip of wood that now divided us from The squire dropped down beside him on his knees and kissed his hand, And he pinched me the third time with the same air of cleverness. Was the Jolly Roger — the black flag of piracy — flying from her peak. Even But a little part of the smoke that found its way out, and the rest eddied about Three chiefs got together in a corner to discuss our prospects. A low, white vapour, that had crawled during the night out of the morass. The Well?' says Captain Smollett, as cool as can be. Of truce, and disappeared in an instant afterwards among the trees. I know precisely,' said Dr. Livesey. 'Three shots were fired on this side. I This was, of course, not known till after by the faithful party). As for the captain, his wounds were grievous indeed, but not dangerous. No I was a fool, if you like, and certainly I was going to do a foolish, over-bold I walked along beside the surf with great enjoyment, till, thinking I was Be knocked clean out of the water. And I thought it was a ditty rather too dolefully appropriate for a company I dropped upon the thwart again, none too soon, for I was near overboard. I Sleep at last supervened, and in my sea-tossed coracle I lay and dreamed of Nor was that all; for crawling together on flat tables of rocks or letting To and fro like a live thing in the scuppers. From the apple barrel, all pity left me. Indicating the man with the red cap. 'He warn't no seaman, anyhow. And Then I lashed the tiller and went below to my own chest, where I got a soft Of his jacket, trundled back again into his old place against the bulwark. Flat sand, never a catspaw, trees all around of it, and flowers a — blowing like Before he could recover, I was safe out of the corner where he had me We were both of us capsized in a second, and both of us rolled, almost Could not budge the downhaul; that was the extent of what I could Come nigh hand completely, and, as I opened out the cleft between the two I stopped, with much wonder in my heart, and perhaps a little terror also. THE red glare of the torch, lighting up the interior of the block-house, showed To cut, and, in a manner of speaking, the whole blessed boat, from cross-trees Not a man stirred; not a man answered. Make it — on your knees you came, you was that downhearted — and you'd Uneasy at the curse he had brought upon himself. And stealthy conduct; and when I saw where it had brought me — among You're doing well, my friend,' he said to the fellow with the bandaged My life only now — it's that boy's into the bargain; and you'll speak me fair, Chart, I don't know, now, do I? and yet I done your bidding with my eyes shut The fire, which blazed and roared again over this unusual fuel. I never in my Nay, and even if things so fell out that he was forced to keep his faith with Sunbeams, was a wonderful refreshment to our senses. Had fallen on their spirits. He were an ugly devil,' cried a third pirate, with a shudder; 'that blue in Dick had his Bible out, and was praying volubly. He had been well brought I told you,' said he — 'I told you, you had sp'iled your Bible. If it aint no Was. His looks were now quite friendly; and I was so revolted at these constant Before you could wink, Long John had fired two barrels of a pistol into the As for you, Jim,' he said, 'it went against my heart, but I did what I Monstrous impostor, sir. I am told I am not to prosecute you. Well, then, I will THE next morning we fell early to work, for the transportation of this great All drunk, sir,' struck in the voice of Silver from behind us. Silver, I should What are some alternative measures? Austrian theory of business cycles Who am I writing this letter to? Coming to a Close or Settlement ECONOMICS: THE STUDY OF SCARCITY AND CHOICE Ex. 21. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form. Ex. 1. Put the words in the box into the sentences given below. Ex. 2. Match the words with their definitions. Ex. 9. Study the different meanings of the following words and use them to translate the Ex. 19. Finish the following sentences. What is the aim of all business? Ex. 8. Put the questions to the words in italics. Ex. 19. Translate into Russian. (“That / Those”) Ex. 29. Put these sentences into reported speech. Ex. 1. Match the words with their definitions. Ex. 7. Match the words and word-combinations listed in the box with their Russian Ex. 16. Complete the following sentences by putting the verbs in brackets into the right Ex. 9. Give the English equivalents from the text to the following phrases. Ex. 18. Marketing plans are affected by a great variety of situations. Ex. 1. Match the word combinations with “product” with their Russian definitions. Ex. 6. Match the verbs on the left with the nouns on the right. Ex. 13. Group the following verbs into 3 synonymous groups and correlate them with Ex. 30. Put questions to the words in italics. Ex. 38. Read the dialogue, say which transport methods are mentioned in it and compare The role of promotion in the marketing mix Of the marketing mix – product, price, place, promotion. Ex. 1. To show that you understand given words, choose the best word or word- Ex. 5. Find in the text the synonyms to the words in italics. Ex. 14. Look through the text once again and say which of the given below aspects of the topic “Advertising” are reflected in the text and which are not. Ex.21. List some of your favorite brands. Then answer these questions. Are You Influenced by Advertising? UNIT 4 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING Ex. 13. Translate the text into Russian in written form. Ex. 17. Make up word combinations. Ex. 1. Study the different meanings of the words and use them to translate the sentences. Ex. 10. Give the English equivalents to the following words and phrases. ADVERTISERS PERFORM A USEFUL SERVICE pleased or unpleased on hearing the news. What do you know about the banking system of the UK? Ex.10. Read the text, suggest an appropriate title, then prepare a 100- word presentation. Ex.17. Match terms to their definitions Ex.19. Translate the following text into English. Savings Banks and the National Giro VII. Summarize the following passage in about 100 words and an appropriate X. Make comments on the following charts, paying attention to the information given below The British banking market structure КОМЕРЦІЙНІ БАНКИ: IX ВИДИ ТА ОПЕРАЦІЇ III. Fill in the blanks. Rewrite the passage filling in the blanks from the list of words below. IX. Translate the following words and word-combinations into English and insert them in the sentences given below. Retail and wholesale activities of financial institutions XI. Read the text and the dialogue following it. Find answers to the questions given below. Reproduce the dialogue with your partner. Organization Chart for a Small Community Bank The balance sheets of the retail banks Which of the following examples of improved banking technology are mentioned either directly or indirectly in the text? Interest-earning cheque accounting XXVI. After reading the text explain in detail explain in detail how to open a current account. XXX. Translate into Ukrainian. Study the following and answer the questions. Part I. Application for credit The position of building societies relative to retail banks Investing financial intermediaries Defined contribution schemes Depository Institution Services Monetary policy and the reserves market VIII. Summarize the following passage in about 100 words and give an appropriate title A typical day in the conduct of open market operations XVI. Analyze the texts. Complete a list of advantages and disadvantages for the borrower of each of the types of credit. THE COMMERCIAL BANKING MARKET STRUCTURE IX. Familiarize yourself with the following text. Be ready to answer the following comprehension questions based on the text. Summarize the text in about 150 words. Nonbanking Financial Institutions XIV. The following are some of the more obvious and important differences in terminology between British and American English in the area of finance. Bank activity bases concerning automation of electronic payments VII. Summarize the following text in about 100 words and give an appropriate title. XI. Write a memo to your supervising teacher, in which you should comment on the envisioned monetary parameters, shown in the table. C. Study the letter with a request to a bank to accept a bill. XVII. Study the Bank’s following tables, add the data on the Bank of England, and the NBU and state what is different and what is not in their performance. V. Study the following text and make up a plan, covering all crucial points VI. Study the following notes and prepare an oral presentation XII. When you have considered these problems, express your thoughts in writing. ОБЩИЕ МЕТОДИЧЕСКИЕ УКАЗАНИЯ К Проектируемой коллекции моделей А . much B. many C. little D. few E. a little F. a few Кафедра теоретической экономики ОРГАНИЗАЦИОННО-МЕТОДИЧЕСКАЯ ЧАСТЬ Семинар 1. Введение в историю предпринимательства Тема 1. Введение в историю предпринимательства. Тема 11. Развитие предпринимательской культуры в XX в. Конкурсный открытый урок английского языка в 8 классе по теме «Как быть успешным?» How are you doing? What is the news? VI. I’m glad that you understand it, friends. Now let’s see what is in store for us now. Our next block deals with a role play. What is the definition of a phobia? Read the text. Find the details. THE RESUME / CURRICULUM VITAE How to Give a Good Presentation When you telephone a company the person answering the phone may ask you a question. Which is the correct question? Complete the sentences with the words in the list. Use possible forms. Сущность и признаки предпринимательской деятельности Цели, задачи и стимулы предпринимательской деятельности Отличие от наёмных работников Внутрифирменное предпринимательство Товарищества бывают 2-х видов: полные и коммандитные. Государственные и муниципальные УП. Основные экономические, социальные и правовые условия, необходимые для развития предпринимательской деятельности Направления и формы государственной поддержки малого предпринимательства Дорожная карта-2020. Правовые условия развития предпринимательства. (выделенное - дополнение). Технопарки и их развитие в РК Бизнес-инкубаторы и проблемы их развития в РК. Офисы коммерциализации и конструкторские бюро: их развитие в РК. Механизм государственной регистрации субъектов бизнеса. Сущность и классификация финансовых ресурсов. Формы и способы привлечения финансовых ресурсов. Определение потребности в финансовых ресурсах Понятие базисных условий поставки и их роль при заключении контрактов. Основны формы стимулирования труда работников Сущность предпринимательского риска. Классификация предпринимательских рисков. Оздоровление убыточных предприятий: сущность и этапы Указ Президента РК, имеющий силу закона, от 17 апреля 1995 г. N 2198 О государственной регистрации юридических лиц Составьте структуру содержания внешнеторгового контракта. и опишите предмет договора Составьте структуру содержания договора аренды. Этап первый: Зарождения 2002 – 2009 годы Слово для приветствия предоставляется На сцене активисты МОО «Рост» с постановкой «Он был старше ее, она была молода» / «Вены реки» Преподаватель: Жулдыбина М.П. Тема: «The Presentation of the Firm» Presentation of a Company (Organization) Michael G. Topalov, Managing Director V. Answer the questions to discuss the details of the text. Use the text for reference. METHODS OF RAISING NEW CAPITAL II. Match the questions to their answers (below). И выполнению контрольных работ № 1, 2, 3, 4 Тема 1.1. Коррективный фонетико-орфографический курс Тема: Управление социальными программами компании Сущность и формы семейного предпринимательства Малое и семейное предпринимательство как стратегия борьбы с бедностью Газета Financial Times совместно с Лондонской фондовой биржей публикует индекс FTSE4Good, предоставляющий оценку эффективности компаний в области КСО. Автоматизированные системы управления персоналом (Human Resource systems). Системы электронного документооборота. Теоретико-методологические основания формирования и развития корпоративной социальной ответственности Тема: Рынок ценных бумаг. Акции компаний. Фондовые рынки Сущность ценных бумаг. Понятие ценных бумаг Кодексы корпоративной социальной ответственности Экономическая обоснованность Различные государственные и общественные организации
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