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РОЗДIЛ I СУТНIСТЬ ПIДПРИЄМНИЦТВА Підприємництво- передумови виникнення . Виробниче підприємництво, його значення для розвитку економіки України Виробниче підприємство ЗАТ «Сервіс-Агро» РОЗДІЛ III. ШЛЯХИ РОЗВИТКУ ВИРОБНИЧОГО ПІДПРИЄМНИЦТВА Тому, крім абсолютного показника – прибутку, визначається відносний показник прибутковості – рентабельність. This, when it was brought to him, he drank slowly, like a connoisseur, lingering on the taste, and still looking about him at the cliffs and up at our signboard. He never wrote or received a letter, and he never spoke with any but the neighbours, and with these, for the most part, only when drunk on rum. The great sea-chest none of us had ever seen open. Then followed a battle of looks between them; but this captain soon knuckled under, put up his weapon, and resumed his seat, grumbling like a beaten dog. I told him he was out walking. At last in strode the captain, slammed the door behind him, without looking to the right or left, and marched straight across the room to where his breakfast awaited him. He bade me go, and leave the door wide open. 'None of your keyholes for me, sonny,' he said; and I left them together and retired into the bar. Jim,' says he, 'rum;' and as he spoke, he reeled a little and caught himself with one hand against the wall. That's not my name,' he interrupted. And he ran on again for a while with curses. When I brought it to him, he seized it greedily, and drank it out. Before I could do much to help him he had fallen back again to his former place, where he lay for a while silent. But what is the black spot, Captain?' I asked. Once, for instance, to our extreme wonder, he piped up to a different air, a kind of country love-song, that he must have learned in his youth before he had begun to follow the sea. And he gave it, as he spoke, a wrench that made me cry out. We both obeyed him to the letter, and I saw him pass something from the hollow of the hand that held his stick into the palm of the captain's, which closed upon it instantly. I LOST no time, of course, in telling my mother all that I knew, and perhaps should have told her long before, and we saw ourselves at once in a difficult and dangerous position. Give me the key,' said my mother; and though the lock was very stiff, she had turned it and thrown back the lid in a twinkling. I'll take what I have,' she said, jumping to her feet. Here, you below there, is it on Bill?' cried the blind man again. These, in their turn, cursed back at the blind miscreant, threatened him in horrid terms, and tried in vain to catch the stick and wrest it from his grasp. Just then the noise of horses topped the rise, and four or five riders came in sight in the moonlight, and swept at full gallop down the slope. I thought, perhaps, Dr Livesey — — ' I began. Mr. Dance told me to jump down and knock, and Dogger gave me a stirrup to descend by. The door was opened almost at once by the maid. At last Mr. Dance finished the story. And now, squire,' said the doctor. That was all; but brief as it was, and, to me, incomprehensible, it filled the squire and Dr. Livesey with delight. DEAR LIVESEY, — As I do not know whether you are at the Hall or still in London, I send this in double to both places. At that I gave up all attempt at commentary, and read straight on: — Long John even got rid of two out of the six or seven had already engaged. He showed me in a moment that they were just the sort of fresh-water swabs we had to fear in an adventure of importance. P.P.S. — Hawkins may stay one night with his mother. And then, as Morgan rolled back to his seat, Silver added to me in a confidential whisper, that was very flattering, as I thought: — This last was a sharp-looking man, who seemed angry with everything on board, and was soon to tell us why, for we had hardly got down into the cabin when a sailor followed us. Livesey, that must have been you or Hawkins,' cried the squire. And with that he took his leave. The old one,' cried another. Yet some of the men who had sailed with him before expressed their pity to see him so reduced. Stand by to go about,' the parrot would scream. The squire, at this, would turn away and march up and down the deck, chin in air. Well, it aint much use, after all,' said the young seaman. Dick's square,' said Silver. Why, we're all seamen aboard here, I should think,' said the lad Dick. Terrified as I was, I could not help thinking to myself that this must have been how Mr. Arrow got the strong waters that destroyed him. The anchorage is on the south, behind an islet, I fancy?' asked the captain. And clapping me in the friendliest way upon the shoulder he hobbled off forward and went below. The cheer followed — that was a matter of course; but it rang out so full and hearty, that I confess I could hardly believe these same men were plotting for our blood. As upon myself,' declared the squire. I thought this was a very bad sign; for, up to that day, the men had gone briskly and willingly about their business; but the very sight of the island had relaxed the cords of discipline. We held a council in the cabin. At last, however, the party was made up. Six fellows were to stay on board, and the remaining thirteen, including Silver, began to embark. I WAS so pleased at having given the slip to Long John, that I began to enjoy myself and look around me with some interest on the strange land that I was in. The sun beat full upon them. Silver had thrown his hat beside him on the ground, and his great, smooth, blond face all shining with heat, was lifted to the other man's in a kin' of appeal. And at this poor Tom flashed out like a hero. At that I once more stopped. I told him the squire was the most liberal of men. Ah,' said he, 'so you would.' And he seemed very much relieved. Another pause, and then, not a quarter of a mile in front of me, I beheld the Union Jack flutter in the air above a wood. I had not gone a hundred yards when I reached the stockade. By good fortune Hunter pulled a good oar. We made the water fly; and the boat was soon alongside, and I aboard the schooner. And the head popped back again; and we heard no more, for the time, of these six very faint-hearted seamen. The captain made us trim the boat, and we got her to lie a little more evenly. All the same, we were afraid to breathe. Look astern, doctor,' replied the captain. Who's the best shot?' asked the captain. But it was plain that they meant nothing should delay their shot. They had never so much as looked at their fallen comrade, though he was not dead, and I could see him trying to crawl away. After reloading, we walked down the outside of the palisade to see the fallen enemy. He was stone dead — shot through the heart. The squire dropped down beside him on his knees and kissed his hand, crying like a child. At the second trial, the aim was better, and the ball descended inside the stockade, scattering a cloud of sand, but doing no further damage. Then I skirted among the woods until I had regained the rear, or shoreward side, of the stockade, and was soon warmly welcomed by the faithful party. From time to time the doctor came to the door for a little air and to rest his eyes, which were almost smoked out of his head; and whenever he did so, he had a word for me. First ship that ever I lost,' said Captain Smollett. Long John answered for himself. This little whiff of temper seemed to cool Silver down. He had been growing nettled before, but now he pulled himself together. Not a man among us moved. Growling the foulest imprecations, he crawled along the sand till he got hold of the porch and could hoist himself again upon his crutch. Then he spat into the spring. The doctor's watch were all back at their loopholes, the rest were busy loading the spare muskets, and every one with a red face, you may be certain, and a flea in his ear, as the saying is. The iron fire-basket was carried bodily out by Mr. Trelawney, and the embers smothered among sand. And just at that moment came the first news of the attack. Did you hit your man?' asked the captain. The head of Job Anderson, the boatswain, appeared at the middle loophole. Have they run?' asked Mr. Smollett. My own accidental cut across the knuckles was a flea-bite. Dr. Livesey patched it up with plaster, and pulled my ears for me into the bargain. The next thing I laid hold of was a brace of pistols, and as I already had a powder-horn and bullets, I felt myself well supplied with arms. Soon after the jolly-boat shoved off and pulled for shore, and the man with the red cap and his comrade went below by the cabin companion. At last the breeze came; the schooner sidled and drew nearer in the dark; I felt the hawser slacken once more, and with a good, tough effort, cut the last fibres through. The endless ballad had come to an end at last, and the whole diminished company about the camp fire had broken into the chorus I had heard so often: — There was a great, smooth swell upon the sea. The wind blowing steady and gentle from the south, there was no contrariety between that and the current, and the billows rose and fell unbroken. Clumsy fellows,' said I; 'they must still be drunk as owls.' And I thought how Captain Smollett would have set them skipping. For the last little while I had even lost; but now, redoubling my efforts, I began once more to overhaul the chase. This had nearly tossed me off into the sea; and now I lost no time, crawled back along the bowsprit, and tumbled head foremost on the deck. At the same time, I observed around both of them, splashes of dark blood upon the planks, and began to feel sure that they had killed each other in their drunken wrath. Why, yes,' says I, 'with all my heart, Mr. Hands. Say on.' And I went back to my meal with a good appetite. I'm not strong enough, and I don't like the job; and there he lies, for me,' said I. For the life of me, I could not think what it might be. And one of the men left the log-house, and presently returned with a lighted brand. Silver took a whiff or two of his pipe with great composure, and then ran on again. And now you are to choose, and you may lay to that,' said Silver. He drew some cognac from the cask into a tin cannikin. But here the long man with the yellow eyes struck in. В конце заключения указывается дата окончания работы и ставится подпись исполнителя. People in business organization Mean business, none of one’s business, go out of business, businesslike, be busy with, have no business to do, be in business, like nobody’s business, mind one’s own business Features of online-marketing TYPES OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Organization, to adopt, carefully, change, input, condition, service, decision making, harmony, turbulent, adapt, output. THE EMERGENCE OF MODERN BANKING THE REGULATION OF INTERNATIONAL BANKING Pursue, credit, property, customer, payment, government, bank, principal, investment, marketplace, responsive, savings, competitive, debt, security Fee, executive, insure, skill, capacity, profile, applicant, charisma, ensure, guideline, superior. PRINCIPLES OF THE MANAGEMENT Boundless, adequate, talk, vigorous, amalgam, succeed, sustained, employee, dimensions, knowledge, operations, sheep, lion, beaver, tortoise. Delegation, fringe benefits, mediation, termination, authority, layoff, efficiency, recruitment, retirement, staffing, responsibility. Consumer, buyer, customer, client, clientele, purchaser. ALTERNATIVES FOR INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS ЭКОНОМИКА И УПРАВЛЕНИЕ В НЕФТЕГАЗОВОЙ ОТРАСЛИ Introduction to Economics and management Exercise 5. Answer the following questions. Exercise 15. Answer the following questions. Exercise 21. Translate the words in brackets into English. Exercise 4. Answer the following questions. Words and phrases to remember Exercise 22. Read the dialogue Exercise 4. Answer the following questions Exercise 8. Make up dialogues of your own Exercise 19. Read the dialogue Oil and Gas in Russia. Development and Financing of Large Projects Opportunities Await U.S. Independents willing to Change Exercise 9. Comprehension check Discuss the following with your partner before listening Halliburton Vision Statement Continued growth and expansion Exercise 19. Answer the following questions. Exercise 2. Think and answer Rent Tax on the Export of Crude Oil Different fiscal systems complicate reserve values Exercise 10. Answer the following questions Exercise 13. Look through the table which represents “Consolidated Balance Sheet” of Transneft Company. Exercise 2. Decide whether these statements are True (T) or False (F) The Benefits of Being Small: Balancing Economies of Scale Against the Advantages of Intimacy Is a Delicate Task What does the model structure of business plan look like? Exercise 2. Study the example of the Engineering Consulting Business Plan Competition and Buying Patterns Exercise 3. Using the information from Business Plan fulfill the following tasks Exercise 10. Give synonyms to the following words and word combinations Ex.2. Read the following statements and say if they are true or false according to the text. Answer the questions based on the dialogue. Mr. Stevens and Mr. Brown are having talks about an advertising campaign for a new product. Ex.11. Ask questions to the following sentences in Past Simple I. Complete the sentences using the right item Ex.10. Translate the following sentences from Russian into English. I. Complete the sentence using the right item Read and translate the text. Get ready to summarise it. TRAVELLING AND MEANS OF TRAVEL Explain the meaning of the following phrases from the text? Summarize the dialogue on behalf of either Peter or his Go for a drive (mountaineering) Explain the parts in italics and reproduce the situations in which the sentences occur in the text. Travel, travels, to travel, travelling B. Phone your friend and tell him/her what you have learned from the ads. Pay attention to the phrases which are used to ask foi information. Compare them with the other similar ones given below. TEXT 2 TRAVELLING BY TRAIN IN BRITAIN (PART I) At the Station: Signs and Notices Retell the text on the part of the porter. Read the letter and use the notes to complete the reply. Read the text again and say whether the following statements are true or false. HIGHLIGHTS OF BRITAIN BY RAIL Find the following numbers in the texts. What do they refer to? Make a sentence about each number. Time of reporting at the airport Fill in prepositions or adverbs where necessary. Prohibited and restricted goods from outside the EU Now read the interview with Kim Whittle to find out if your predictions were correct. Imagine you are the airline's Personnel Officer. Which of these answers would indicate a good applicant? Which would worry you? How would you deal with these worries in an interview? Have you ever travelled in an airplane? Read the dialogues below and make up a short text for a guide book about John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. Four contradictions between different economic schools. CLAIMS AND SANCTIONS. ARBITRATION COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES AND TYPES OF CONTRACTS FORCE MAJEURE CIRCUMSTANCES AND INSURANCE ECONOMIC SITUATION IN RUSSIA FORMS OF INTERNATIONAL BUSIMESS. INTERNATIONAL TRADE FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS: FUTURE AND DERIVATIVES Global business: bridging nations and cultures Management : art or science. The evolution of Management. Management Science/Quantitative Approach BANKING. CENTRAL BANKING. EXCHANGE RATES. Organising: Principles and Design I Two broad categories of product are consumer products and industrial products. The Three Sectors of the Economy. TAKEOVERS. MERGERS. BUYOUTS. The Structure of Incoterms 2000 MARKET STRUCTURE. COMPETITION. Бронирование билетов для поездки. Устная речь по теме: В ресторане. Полезные слова и словосочетания по теме В ресторане. Устная речь по теме. Банки и оплата по банковской системе. Общие сведения об организации, виды деятельности, органы управления Предмет, виды и цели деятельности Качество менеджмента и эффективность персонала Деятельности бизнес - инкубатора Анализ методов оценки персонала, аттестации персонала и степени участия в ней руководителей организации и структурных подразделений, работников кадровых служб. Предложения по развитию инноваций в организации. Характеристика и анализ экономических и управленческих решений, принимаемых в АУ РБИ. Статья 1. Молодежный совет при Одесском городском голове – представительский орган молодежи города Одессы. Статья 2. Правовая основа деятельности Совета. Назначать себе помощника в количестве не более одного человека. Английский язык профессиональный II. МЕТОДИЧЕСКИЕ УКАЗАНИЯ ПО ИЗУЧЕНИЮ Раздел 1. Компании и их клиенты Раздел 2. Деловые поездки и решение проблем бизнеса Раздел 3. История компании и розничная торговля Раздел 4. Продукция компании и человеческие ресурсы Раздел 6. Ответственность компании и конкуренция Раздел 1. Глобализация и структура компании Раздел 4. Франчайзинг и международные стили бизнеса Раздел 6. Бизнес и охрана окружающей среды. Фондовый рынок Образцы заданий, включенных в экзаменационный тест Технические средства обучения и контроля Инновационные методы обучения I.2. DEKADENZ ALS GEGENPOSITION ZUM ZWISCHEN DEKADENZ UND MODERNISMUS I.5. ALLGEMEINE CHARAKTERISTIK DES MODERNISMUS LITERATUR DES POSTMODERNISMUS II.3. Friedrich Nietzsche (1844—1900) II.6. Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874—1929) Im Jardin des Plantes, Paris II.8. Peter Altenberg (1859—1919) II.9. Arthur Schnitzler (1862—1931) Lichter gehen jetzt die Tage Aufgaben und Fragen zum Text II.17. Marie Luise Kaschnitz (1901—1974) II.20. Wolfgang Borchert (1921—1947) II.22. Hans Carl Artmann ( 1921—2000) Seraphim, oder vor einer Reise II.25. Ingeborg Bachmann (1926—1973) II..26. Hans Magnus Enzensberger (1929) II.27. Thomas Bernhard (1931—1989) II.29. Elfriede Jelinek (1946) Sonettenkranz, allegro molto Bildungs-, Entwicklungs- bzw. Erziehungsroman (m.) Inhalt und Form eines Kunstwerkes Klangmalerei (f.), Lautmalerei Mythos, Mythus (m.), Mythe (f.) Parallelismus (m.), grammatischer Schmutz- und Schundliteratur (f.) Strophensprung (auch Zeilensprung) Umstellung (f.), chronologische Vierzeiler (m.)(das Quartett) VERZEICHNIS BENUTZTER UND ZU EMPFEHLENDER LITERATUR III. Дополните эти комбинации слов глаголами. Все они встречаются в тексте. V. Раскрыв скобки, употребите глагол в страдательном залоге в форме простого будущего времени. IV. Переведите на английский язык. Grammar: to be in the Present Simple Grammar: to be in the Past Simple Grammar: the Present Continuous What are microeconomics and macroeconomics?
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