ТОП 10:

Travel, travels, to travel, travelling

(1) His mind ... to his childhood. (2) The news ... fast.(3) This is a book of... . (4) His eyes ... over the picture. (5) Heloves reading ... books. (6) He is fond of... . (7) Nowadays ...has become a highly organized business.

2. Explain the following expressions. Reproduce the sit­uations in which the sentences with these words occur in the text.

(I) to be fond of (2) to take a trip (3) to my astonishment(4) it was no use urging her (5) she was not the person to be ordered about (6) with only an hour to spare (7) to catch the train (8) to be too good to be true (9) there had been no room left to speak of (10) to make a fuss (11) corridors were to walkthrough, not to store luggage in (12) to calm down (13) the peopie were just bursting to tell us a thing or two (14) to go on strike (15) to give in (16) it took the porter three trips to transfer it (17) to have no breath left to speak of.

3. Give Russian equivalents for the following:

one's name
to forgetoneself

one's troubles one's disagreements

a letter for somebody
to leavethe window open

the tickets behind

Write English equivalents for the following words and phrases. Use them in sentences of your own.

Прибыть в Москву; багаж; пересесть на другой поезд; опоздать на поезд; дорожный чемодан; нервотрепка; благовоспитанный; в конце концов; успокоиться

5. Give synonyms from the text to the following words and phrases:

(1)to make up one's mind (2) to persuade (3) to bother one's head (4) to spend money (5) to continue (6) closed

6. Fill in the prepositions where necessary:

(1) He arrived ... his destination in time. (2) The train ar­rived ... Prague early ... the morning. (3) 1 went straight ... the platform to look ... my carriage. (4) As the driver drove ... break­neck speed I felt my heart sink. (5) If you are not pressed ... time, you may travel... water. (6) Mother asked me to book her a cabin ... a ship. (7) I hate seeing people ... . (8) On our way ... Paris we had to change stations. (9) Though 1 did my best I failed to catch ... the train.

7. Match the words with their definitionsbelow:

(1) a cabin (2) a trunk (3) to pack (4) a porter (5) a luggage (a) a man who carries luggage; b) to fill methodically with contents; c) an apartment in a ship; d) a traveller's baggage; e) a thing for containing clothes.


8. Make word combinations according to the text:

muscular wrecking

a dozen traffic

nerve husband

breakneck suitcases

heavy speed

9. Answer these questions. Begin when possible the an­swers with:

/ think/guess/believe... I should say...

The way 1 see it... I reckon...

I consider...

1. The author was fond of travelling, was he not? Why? 2. What was his wife supposed to be doing while he was away to an agency? 3. On returning he found the suitcases packed up, didn't he? 4. Why wasn't his wife through with packing? 5. Was it any use urging her to hurry? Why? 6. Why couldn't John but be impatient? 7. How did he teach his wife a good lesson? 8. Was it easy or difficult to find a taxi? 9. Did the taxi-driver manage to get the travellers to the station alive and in time? 10. Did they have enough time to say good-bye to their acquaintances? 11. What did the author mean saying, "this was no time for me to be genteel"? 12. What made everyone angry in the compart­ment? 13. Did the conductor let the passengers dump their suit­cases in the corridor? 14. Why did the author go on strike when changing stations? 15. Did his wife give in the end? 16. How many trips did it take the porter to transfer all the luggage? 17. How did the porter feel when he finished? 18. What was the beauty of the situation?


1. Translate the following sentences into English:

1. Добрый день. Я бы хотел зарезервировать два авиа­билета в один конец из Москвы в Ростов. — Да, ко­нечно. Первый класс или эконом? — Эконом, пожа­луйста.

2. Будут ли пересадки? — Нет, это прямой рейс. Вы должны быть в аэропорту за 45 минут до вылета.

3. Вы принимаете кредитные карточки? — Да. Спаси­бо. Распишитесь здесь, пожалуйста.

4. Что имеется в новом каталоге путешествий? — Там несколько новых туров и информация об отдельных услугах. — Есть ли какие-нибудь скидки? — Есть скидки на детей до 12 лет. На взрослых туристов никаких скидок нет.

5. Это — билет в одну сторону, т. е. из Милана в Рим. За другой вам следует доплатить.

6. Вам не следует нарушать установленные ограниче­ния. Условия указаны в билете.

7. Мы прибыли на станцию, чтобы проводить друзей. Мы очень торопились, поэтому неслись на безумной скорости.

8. Отдыхающие взошли на борт корабля и поняли, что поступили правильно, забронировав каюту именно на этом лайнере.

9. Некоторые люди предпочитают готовые туры, дру­гим предлагаются индивидуальные пакеты.


10. Ты наверняка часто видишь рекламу этого агентства в средствах массовой информации.

11. Турагент продает также отдельные услуги. Это номе­ра в отеле, экскурсии, страховки тура и т. д.

12. Они, вероятно, издают брошюры, путеводители, раскладывающиеся проспекты и каталоги путеше­ствий.

13. Он, должно быть, организовывает развлекательную программу для пассажиров на круизном теплоходе.

14. Произнесите фамилию по буквам, пожалуйста. Ка­кой вы выбираете рейс? Заполните вот этот бланк, пожалуйста. Не забудьте написать номер телефона.

15. Купе с двумя спальными местами дороже. Вы можете произвести оплату как наличными, так и по кредит­ной карте. — Спасибо, я перезвоню. Я затрудняюсь решить прямо сейчас.


2. You are thinking about visiting either N. or B. Your friend from N. is doing her/his best to persuade you to go to her/his native place. She/he compares the two places and tells the class which one is better and why.


Means of communica- But in ...

tion — various
Climate — warm The climate is wet. It may

rain often.

Beaches — clean and sandy The beaches are dirty.

Water — clean and blue

Restaurants and cafes — ………..


Food — delicious ..............

People — friendly ………..

Discos — exciting ………..

3. Make up monologues.

1. Are you keen on travelling?

2. Do you think travel helps a person to become wiser?

3. Why are many people fond of travelling.


1. Speak about your goingon a holidaytrip once.

2. Tell your friend that he/sheshould or should notgo:


a) to the Crimea in June;

b) to the Baltic Sea in November;

c) to the Black Sea in August;

d) to the country in January.

3. A. Act out the following situation.

A family is discussing where they will go for their summer holidays...

Even though their tastes are different the family wants to go on holiday together. They are looking at the holiday pages in the papers. They are trying to choose a holiday they all can agree to. They are at home in London on a wet Sunday afternoon.

1. Daughter: Holidays are for doing something different — I'd like to work with my hands — weaving or pottery, or some­thing. I can't stand lying on a beach for more than a couple of days.

2. Father:An active holiday for me — I'd like to go horse-riding. I'm stuck in an office all year round.

3. Son:I love exploring and discovering things; old church­es and castles, different ways of life; smth. genuine and off the beaten track. I don't want to get stuck in a crowd of tourists. It's not worth going on holiday if you can't get away from what you do all year round.

4. Mother:I've been working so hard this year that all I want is to sit around on the beach and have a really lazy time. I want to soak in enough sun to see me through November.


(1) South Coast Holidays

Camping — Many good sites, but crowded in July and Au­gust. Book in Advance at Tourist Information Centres.

Cottages — Self catering. Prices: $40—$200 per week. Book early through a travel agent.

Hotels— Family hotels especially good for families with chil­dren. Prices: $4.00 — $8.00.

Activities — Riding/Fishing/Shooting/Golf/Boat hire

(2) Mediterranean/Caribbean/Far East/North Africa/Canaries

Numerous fascinating cruises aboard luxury liners — from 14 nights to more than three months.

(3) You relax, we'llmove the scenery.

CTC Lines, the people who pioneered a new style of cruis­ing at prices that everyone can afford, offer superb holiday cruis­es to the Mediterranean, the Canaries, the Black Sea, Scandi­navia and many other colourful locations. Five one-class modernships, most with cabins with shower or bath and toilet, and excellent on-board entertainment and all facilities. Now a CTC cruise could cost less than your holiday last year.

CTC cruises start at only $265

(4) Siberian adventure
July 28 — August 11

Private group visiting Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and Khabarovsk including 3 days travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Inclusive cost $999

(5) Intourist holidays to Russia...

and beyond; Russia, Japan & Russia, Malaysia & Singapore; Russia & India Seasonal and all year round tours. Departures from Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Cardiff & Newcastle. Reductions for children. Group discounts.

(6) Russia "Holidays of a lifetime"

25lh July — 11th August 15 days from $289

Group 1: Moscow-Riga-Moscow

Group 2: Moscow-St.Petersburg-Moscow

Group 3: Moscow-Odessa-Moscow

Group 4: 15 days from $360 Moscow-Tashkent-Moscow.

(7) Intourist Moscow Limited: Russian business trips

Trans-Siberian Express

Motoring holidays in Russia

Moscow-St.Peterburg Weekend Breaks

For those looking for something different and interesting in holiday field Intourist Moscow Limited now offers the widest range ever of tours to suit all tastes.

Send now for your copies of the Intourist brochures or for more information contact.

(8) Take the plunge in the Black Sea

Included in the free two-week holiday are three nights in the Russia capital Moscow; two nights in St.Peterburg and in the seaside resort of Sochi.

You travel by air, leaving Gatwick on September 1.

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