ТОП 10:

Prohibited and restricted goods from outside the EU

Certain goods are prohibited or restricted to protect health and the environment. We cannot list all the goods involved but we have listed some of them below.

Prohibited goods (that is, goods which are banned completely):

Unlicensed drugs,such as heroin, morphine, cocaine, can­nabis, amphetamines, barbiturates, and LSD.

Offensive weapons,such as flick-knives, swordsticks, knuck­ledusters, and some martial arts equipment.

Obscene material,and indecent and obscene material fea­turing children, such as books, magazines, films, videotapes, laser discs, and computer software.

Counterfeit and copied goodssuch as watches, clothes, and CDs, also any goods with false marks of their origin.

Restricted goods (that is, goods which you cannot import with­out authority such as a licence):

Firearms, explosives, and ammunition,including electric shock devices (such as stunguns) and gas canisters.

Dogs, cats, and other animals,including rabbits, mice, rats, and gerbils. You must not bring these in unless you have a Brit­ish import (rabies) licence.

Live birds,including family pets, unless they are covered by a British health import licence.

Endangered species,including birds and plants, whether alive or dead, also such things as fur, ivory, or leather (or goods made from them) that have been taken from endangered species.



Meat, poultry,and most of their products including bacon, ham, sausages, eggs, milk, and long as it is cooked and in air­tight containers.

Certain plants and their produce. This include trees, shrubs, potatoes, certain fruit, bulbs, and seeds.

Radio transmitterssuch as С В radios that are not approved for use in the UK.

Comprehension questions:

1. You are arriving in the UK from Copenhagen. You have 75 cigars which you bought at a shop in the city. Will you have to pay duty?

2. You are flying from Milan to Birmingham. You want to buy perfume without paying duty. How much can you buy at the duty-free shop at Milan airport?

3. You are arriving in the UK from Montevideo, where you live. How many duty-free cigarettes can you bring in?

4. You are going to fly from Marseilles to London. You want to buy some Sauterne (white wine) at a shop in Marseilles before you go to the airport. How much can you take to London duty-free?

5. You are going to London for three weeks. Will you have to pay duty on your camera?

6. You and your family (2 adults and two teenagers of 16 and 18) are going to travel from Moscow to Liverpool to visit friends. How much in the tobacco line, perfume line and spirits are you all allowed to bring in?

7. Which of the two channels would you go through, if you travel from Madrid to London and have ten packs of cig­arettes, three bottles of champagne and 70 grams of per­fume?

Insert words or word combinations given in the brackets.

(the fixed quota, duty, trunks, new, Prohibited Articles List, things, extra, to look through, personal, examine)


Passenger:Will you ... my things?

Officer:Presently, sir, I will ask you ... these lists the mean­time, please.

Passenger: What lists?

Officer:The ... and the Duty-free Quota List. Here they are, please.

Passenger:Thank you.

Officer:What have you to declare, sir?

Passenger:I have nothing that's listed in this first list.

Officer:What have you above ... ? Passenger: Well, I didn't get through the second list, you know. They are both rather long.

Officer:Will you, please, open your ..., sir?

Passenger:Yes, of course. Here you are.

Officer:What are these ... ? Passenger:They are for my ... use.

Officer: Youhave suits above the fixed quota, sir.

Passenger: Butthey are not...

Officer: Allthe same. You will have to pay ...on this ... one.

Passenger:Well, all right






Steward / stewardess = host / (air)hostess = flight attendant


Stewardess:This way, gentlemen. These seats are yours.

N: Have we to strap ourselves with these belts now?

S: No, this is in case of emergency.

N: When shall we begin to tumble down, eh?

S: Complete safety is guaranteed. How do you take to flying, gentlemen?

N: Can't say. I've never been in a plane before. Have you, M.?

M: Neither have 1.1 hope it won't make me feel bad.

S: So do 1. If you should want anything, gentlemen, there's a stewardess call button over there. The individual loud­speaker is at your right.

M: With whom may we talk?

With the captain and me, sir. M: Is smoking allowed here? S: The sign over there will answer your question, sir. M: Oh, yes. Thank you. It'll be a good reminder.


S: The smoking-room is at the rear of the plane.

M: When do we take off?

S: In ten minutes' time. If you feel tired you may adjust the

seat in a reclining position. N: Yes, thank you. How many hops do we make in our flight? S: We are in for a non-stop flight, sir. If you feel hungry, you'll

be provided with a hot meal on the way. N: Oh, that's fine! And when can we have it? S: As soon as we reach altitude. In the meantime you may read

this booklet entitled "The ABCs of Jet Flight." The read­ing light is above you. I hope you will enjoy the flight, gen­tlemen. Both:Thank you.

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