ТОП 10:

Explain the parts in italics and reproduce the situations in which the sentences occur in the text.

1.Holiday-making people prefer to stick to the same travel agency they have already used before and got their mon­ey's worth.

2. Travel agents are sure to have the most comprehensive in­formation at hand about the destinations they offer.

3. Most of travel companies are to arrange tailor-made tours according to their customers' requests.

Give the detailed retelling of the text.

6. Fill in prepositions or adverbs where necessary:

(l)Normally people plan their holidays ... advance. (2) You are ... a loss which travel agency to choose a large amount ... agencies offering similar services. (3) You want an enjoyable holiday... some reasonable price. (4) Here are some hints... you.(5) Their names should be familiar ... you: their ads regularly appear... travellogues and ... mass media. (6) If you are still not
disappointed, make an appointment ... the travel clerk ... theagency office. (7) Purchasing a tour you should pay ... cash or... credit card. (8) Bear ... mind that ... high season the prices
are 25 per cent higher than ... low season.

7. Give synonyms to the following words:

(1) efficient (2) customer (3) holiday (4) to purchase (5) en­joyable

8. Form antonyms with the help of negative prefixes:

(1) experienced (2) expected (3) regular (4) economic (al) (5) worthy

Active Vocabulary


to book бронировать
berth спальное место, полка, койка
return ticket билет в оба конца
single ticket билет в один конец
adult взрослый
direct flight прямой рейс
outward journey 1) выезд из страны; 2) первая часть по­ездки, отбытие из данного пункта в другой
departure time время отбытия
to accept принимать
apart from кроме
available доступный
conditions of the ticket условия билета
economy class эконом-класс
monthly return открытый билет сроком на месяц
rail ticket железнодорожный билет
restriction ограничение
to sign поставить подпись
to surcharge доплачивать
return journey последняя часть поездки, возвращение в пункт, из которого началось путешествие



Read the following dialogue. Pay attention to the use of words and word combinations connected with the topic "Making travel arrangements".

Sam and Molly Almar decide to go to Athens by air. Molly goes to the travel agency to book the tickets.

Molly:Good afternoon. I'd like to book two return air

tickets from Istanbul to Athens,please.

Travel agent:Certainly. When are you travelling?

Molly:We want to take the flight tomorrow afternoon and

come back next Friday afternoon.

Travel agent:First class or economy class?

Molly:Economy class.

Travel agent:Two adults?


Travel agent:And your name is...?

Molly:Almar. A-L-M-A-R.

Travel agent:Initials?

Molly: M.H.

Travel agent:And the other passengers?

Molly:S.J. Almar.

Travel agent:On the 11th and the 14th, did you say?

Molly:That's right. Do we have to change?

Travel agent:No, it's a direct flight. Here are your tickets, Mrs Almar. These are for the outward journey Istan­bul to Athens on flight SN 862 at 17.50 on the 11th of July. And these are for the return journey Ath­ens to Istanbul on SN 863 at 15.10 on the 14,h of July. Don't forget to be at the airport 45 minutes before departure time.

Molly:Thank you. Do you accept credit cards?


Travel agent:Certainly. Thank you. That's TL 6796. Could you

sign here, please? Thank you very much.
Molly:Thank you.


Read the dialogue. Pay attention to the use of words and word-combinations connected with the topic "Making Travel Arrangements".

Traveller:Do you sell rail tickets?

Travel agent:Yes, certainly.

Traveller: Ineed a return ticket from Leeds to Colchester. I'm going on Sunday and coming back next Fri­day.

Travel agent:That'll be a monthly return actually, which is slightly less expensive than the ordinary return. Colchester, is that via London?


Travel agent:It's 19.00 pounds as far as London and an extra 5.55 through to Colchester.

Traveller:That makes 24.55.

Travel agent:24.55,yes.

Traveller:Can Itravel on any trains I like with that ticket?

Travel agent:Well, there's no restrictions apart from coming back; on Thursday you said, didn't you?

Traveller:No, Friday.

Travel agent:Friday. Oh, well, there are restrictions coming back on Friday. It depends what time you are go­ing to come back — in the morning or afternoon?

Traveller:Afternoon. I'll probably want to come back on ei­ther the 19.00 or the 19.40 from London.

Travell agent:The19.40's OK.

Traveller:But not 19.00?

Travel agent: No.

Traveller:Would I have to pay extra on that one?

Travel agent:If you came back on the 19.00, they'd surcharge you up to the normal fare, which would be approx­imately ... about 4 pounds extra to pay.

Traveller:Oh, well, I'll take the cheaper one then.

Travel agent:There's no restrictions going down, and the only conditions of this ticket are that if you travel ... well, if you travel on Sunday, you're OK 'cause it's available for return on or after the following day, Monday, so you're OK. Where you can't use it is if you were going down on Monday, for example, you couldn't return on Friday, you'd have to wait till Saturday.

Traveller:Well, I'll take the cheaper one then, the one at 24.55 pounds.

Travel agent:Monthly return to Colchester. One adult. 4.55 pounds. And you're travelling on...?


Travel agent:Sunday the 19th?


Travel agent:That's your ticket. That one's for the outward journey, as it says there, Leeds to Colchester, and the copy is to bring you back.

Traveller:Thank you.

Travel agent:Thank you very much. And here is 45 pence change.

Traveller:Thank you.

1. Answer the following questions:

1. Which is cheaper, a monthly return or an ordinary return?

2. What is the monthly return fare for the whole journey?

3. On part of the journey there is a train you can not use with a monthly return ticket. Is it on the outward or the re­turn journey?

4. What time is the train you cannot use?

5. How much extra would it cost to travel on any train you like?

6. If the outward journey is on Sunday, what is the first day that the return journey is allowed?

7. If the outward journey is on Monday, what is the first day you can come back?

8. Is the copy of the ticket for the outward or the return jour­ney?

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