ТОП 10:

Fill in prepositions or adverbs where necessary.

1)This information is available ... the flight information dis­play or ... the inquiry office.

2) They go ... the Customs ... an examination ... their lug­gage.

3) ... you are through ... all Customs formalities the Customs officer puts a stamp ... your Customs declaration, or ... each piece ... luggage, or chalks it....

4) Each passenger ... two years ... age has a free luggage al­lowance.

5) Passengers are asked if they want to sit... the window, and ... the smoking or non-smoking area.

6) A boarding pass is to be shown ... the departure gate and ... the hostess when boarding the plane.

7) Finally, passengers proceed ... the passport control area.


6. Make up an outline of the text. Write out the key­words for each point of the outline.

Make up questions on the text and discuss them in class with your partner.

Make up a summary of the text.

Make a presentation of the problems posed in the text.

10. Translate into Russian:

Have you ever been up in a plane? How do you get on board the plane? This is the runway along which the plane will take off. We are gathering speed and lifting smoothly into the air. How do you take to flying? How high are we? We'll make a non­stop flight without refuelling. That plane is for service on long­distance lines. How many people does it carry? I can't hear for the roar of the engines.



Check-in clerk:Good morning.

Traveller:Good morning. Can I check in here for the

flight to New York?

Check-in clerk:Yes, I'm afraid it's running late today. It's leav­ing at ten past three instead of one o'clock.

Traveller:Oh, dear.

Check-in clerk:May I have your ticket and your passport?...

Thank you very much.
Traveller:Can I take this briefcase as hand baggage?

Check-in clerk:Yes, as long as it'll go under the seat. Have you

any other baggage?
Traveller:Yes, I've got these two suitcases and this bag.

Check-in clerk: I'mafraid, the baggage allowance to New York is two pieces. It doesn't involve weight, only the number of pieces.
Traveller:So how much excess baggage is there?

Check-in clerk:The extra charge is 20 pounds for each extra

piece that you have.
Traveller:For each piece above two?

Check-in clerk:Yes, so that'll be 20 pounds.
Traveller:Do I have to pay now?

Check-in clerk:Yes, please... 20 pounds. Thank you very much.

Where would you like to sit?
Traveller:No smoking, please.

Check-in clerk:No smoking. Window?
Traveller:Yes, by the window, please.

Check-in clerk:So that's 18A. That's your boarding card and your ticket that you'll need to show again at gate.
Traveller:Thank you.

Check-in clerk:Do you have a valid visa for New York?
Traveller:Yes, Ido.

Check-in clerk:Can I see it?... Thank you. We'll be boarding at

Gate 23 at two forty-five.
Traveller:Gate 23. Right, thank you very much.

Check-in clerk:You're welcome.

Comprehension questions:

1. What time will the flight leave today?

2. What time does it normally leave?

3. What is the baggage allowance on flights to New York?

4. How much must she pay for the excess baggage?

5. Can she pay later?

6. Where would she like to sit on the plane?

7. What is the number of her seat on the plane?

8. What will she need to show at the gate?


9. Which gate will she have to go to? 10. What time will she be able to board the plane?


Peter and Mary Almar have arrived at Istanbul airport to catch a plane to Athens. They register their tickets and check-in their luggage.

Mary:Is this the check-in for the flight to Athens?

Check-in clerk:Yes, that's right. Can I see your tickets and pass­ports, please? And could you put your baggage on the scale?

Peter:Can 1 take this briefcase as hand baggage?

Check-in clerk:Yes, that's all right. Smoking or no smoking?

Mary:No smoking, please.

Check-in clerk:Here are your boarding cards. You'll need to show them again at the gate.

Mary:Can we board the aircraft now?

Check-in clerk:Can you wait until it's announced, please, and then go to Passport Control.

Announcement:Sabena Airways flight SN 862 to Athens and Brussels. This flight is now boarding at Gate 6.

Check-in clerk:Boarding now at Gate 6.

Mary:Thank you.

Read, memorize and practice the dialogue.
11. Read the extracts (dialogues) andcomplete thischart-
extract destination problem solution





Check-in clerk:Good morning.

Passenger:Good morning. Is this the check-in for BA113

to Paris?

Check-in clerk: Itis. Can Isee your ticket?

Passenger:Sure, here you are.

Check-in clerk:Thank you. Can you put your suitcases on the

baggage scales?


Check-in clerk:Three cases. Hmmm. They are a bit heavy.

You'll have to pay an excess baggage charge, I'm


Passenger:Oh, dear. What's the limit then?

Check-in clerk:Thirty kilos on this flight. And you have nearly forty kilos.

Passenger:How much do I have to pay then? Or can I take this one on as hand baggage?

Check-in clerk: Isuppose so — if you put your other bag inside it-

Passenger:OK.Yes, it fits. Is that under thirty kilos now?

Check-in clerk:Yes, just about.

Passenger:Good, that's saved some money! Thank you very much indeed.

Check-in clerk:Now, would you like an aisle seat or window seat...?


Check-in clerk:Unfortunately, I can't put you all together.

Passenger: What!

Check-in clerk: Ican do two in row 6 and two in row 11.

Passenger:Oh no! Can't you do anything else? It's an eight-hour flight to Orlando. We don't want to be separated for that length of time.

Check-in clerk:Well, I don't think there's any other possibility, I'm afraid. As 1 said, I haven't got four seats to­gether.

Passenger: That isn't good enough. Isn't there something else to do?

Check-in clerk:Let me see. Well, what about two together in row 14 — an aisle seat and a middle seat — and two aisle seats in 13 and 15. At least you'd be able to talk to each other.

Passenger: OK, Isuppose that'll do if you've nothing bet­ter, but 1 would have thought that as we'd have been able to sit in the same row....


Check-in clerk:Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat?

Passenger:Could 1have an aisle seat, please?

Check-in clerk:Of course. Seat 15C.

Passenger:Good, because 1 want to keep my guitar with me.

Check-in clerk:Oh, I'm sorry. You won't be able to put anything in the aisle.

Passenger:Really? Yes, of course, I didn't really think. But what do I do with this guitar case?

Check-in clerk: I'llhave to check it in with your suitcase.

Passenger:But 1 don't really want it to get damaged in the hold — it's very valuable to me personally.

Check-in clerk:I'm sure it'll be safe.

Passenger:Hmm, 1 don't know... .

Check-in clerk:Well, what you could do is check it in with one of the ground staff just before you board the plane. They'll put it in a special place in the hold reserved for fragile items.

Passenger:OK, 1 guess that's all right.

Check-in clerk:Right, I'll just put this tag on.

Passenger:Thank you.

Check-in clerk:And here's your boarding pass... .

Which of thepassengers would you describe as:

— angry and a little aggressive?

— vague and nervous?

— polite and passive?





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