ТОП 10:

Pay attention to the phrases which are used to ask foi information. Compare them with the other similar ones given below.


— Will you kindly tell me ..., (please)?

— I wonder if you could tell me ...

— Excuse me, do you know...?

— I'd like to know...

— Have you got any idea...?

3. Match the words on the left with their definitions oi
the right.

1. accommodation a.a room on a train

2. berth b.an empty place not yet booked

3. fare сa place for sleeping

4. compartment d.money paid for a journey

5. space e.a bed in a boat or in a train



3. Learn the dialogue by heart and act it out in class.

4. TEXT 1


Should you ask me what kind of transport I like best I'd speak in support of the train. With a train you have speed, comfort and pleasure combined.

What place is more interesting than a big station? There is the movement, the excitement, the gaiety of the people going away and sorrow of those who are seeing others off. There are the shouts of the porters as they pull luggage along the platforms to the waiting trains, the crowd at the booking-office getting tickets, the children tightly holding on to the skirts of their mothers, and passengers hurrying to board the train.

At last you manage to make your way through the crowd, closely following the porter, who has taken care of your luggage, and get out on to the platform. There are many tracks and trains there. No need for you to look round and read the signs that tell which train you must take. You follow your porter, and here you are — Car number 2, Train — 64.

You show your ticket to the guard and in you go into a most wonderful carriage. All is bustle and confusion, with people fil­ing in, bumping into each other, and what not. At last you man­age to stow away your luggage and get out on to the platform for fresh air and bid farewell to the well-wishers who have come to see you off.

But you have scarcely time to kiss and hug your friends when the station-master on duty, in a red cap, signals the train. You hear no shrill whistle of the engine — the train pulls out of the station noiselessly and without a jerk.

You are on your way. You start up a conversation with your fellow-passengers (people take to each other quickly when trav­elling) and soon you get to know who is who and what. Now that the excitement of the day is over you begin to feel hungry.

The dining-car steward happens to come along and you take bookings for lunch or dinner, whichever it might be. As you go for the second sitting you have time to wash. By that time the guard has made your bed. You take your towel and go to the toilet.

You feel tired now, after a hearty meal, so you decide to turn in. You get into your upper berth and begin to absorb the beau-

ty of the changing scenes that fly past you — the cheerful fields of wheat and corn, the meadows under amantle of flowers, grass and green moss, the rivers that run through woodland countries, the forests with their delicious sense of peace, and the moun­tains ribbed with sharp steep ridges.

But drowsiness creeps over you. You close your eyes and soon drift away into that vast mysterious world which men call sleep.

Comprehension questions:

1. What have you combined with a train?

2. Why is a big station interesting?

3. What do the porters do ?

4. What is there on the platform?

5. Whom do you show your ticket to?

6. What do you manage to do at last?

7. Who are the well-wishers?

8. Who wears a red cap?

9. Do people take to each other quickly when travelling?


10. What does the dining-car steward do?

11. When do you decide to turn in?

12. How do men call sleep?


1. Phonetic Drill. Transcribe andpronounce correctly.

Guard, carriage, bustle, farewell, scarcely, engine, steward, to absorb, delicious, mysterious.

2. Give synonyms to the following words:

Sign, cheerful, delicious, sharp, steep.

3. Give Englishequivalents from the text and usethem
in sentencesof your own.

Тащить багаж по платформе, касса, садиться в поезд, протискиваться сквозь толпу, железнодорожный путь, по­заботиться о багаже, проводник, сделать предварительный заказ на обед, ложиться спать.


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