ТОП 10:

Read the text again and say whether the following statements are true or false.


1) There has been a railway across Canada for a long time.

2) Tea and coffee are free.

3) The best place to see the scenery is in the Mural Lounge.

4) The price includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

5) The internal design of the trains is in a modern style.

6) All "roomettes" have their own washing facilities.

7) The beds in the "section" are above each other.

8) The "bedrooms" have private facilities.

9) All seats in coach class have foot rests.


10) Only first class passengers get meals served at their seats.

11) Young people under 24 receive a 10 % discount on some journeys.

12) Children under 2 travel free.

7. Read the text again and find as many positive adjec­
tives as possible (e.g. unhurried and unspoilt in the first
You should be able to find at least twenty. Which
adjectives are used to describe the following things?

— the journey

— the scenery

— the service

— the internal decor and carriages


An unhurried journey through unspoiled terrain or a fast, frequent serviceto cross the country – since the pioneer days, hen the iron road first linked the eastern seaboard to the Ca­nadian Pacific, the ideal way to see this great dominion has al­ways been VIA Rail. Perfected now in VIA Rail, everything from a short journey to a transcontinental adventure is enjoyed in style, aboard transport that blends the comfort and technology of today's world with the romance and service of the past.

No long miles of driving behind you or parking problems ahead, just a leisurely journey on a sleek silver train, from the centre of one city to the heart of the next.

The Canadian

Travel across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver and enjoy the superlative Silver and Blue class service.

Aboard the country's premier train you have exclusive ac­cess to three different salons, all serving complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day. There is the snug Bullet Lounge, the atmospheric Mural Lounge, and the Observation Dome, with its panoramic wrap-around windows. In addition, all meals are included. (Breakfast lunch and dinner — however, this does de­pend upon what time you join and depart from the train.) Sil­ver and Blue class dining is a model of elegance and refinement: china, silverware, flowers, and linen adorn the dining car tables, which give you ample space: the menu matches the wine list in excellence and the service is friendly and efficient.


On the shorter routes across central Canada VIA Rail's Corri­dor Service offers a convenient way to cross such a vast country.

Your accommodation

VIA Rail has refurbished some of its classic trains in all the rich fabrics, subtle colours, and polished wood of the art-deco era. Your choice of route and cabin accommodation is outlined below.

Sleeping cars: you have a choice of three levels of comfort. Roomette: ideal for one person, the little cabin has a comfy seat and turns into snug sleeping quarters at night (private facilities on western routes).

Section: semi-private with wide couch-style seats facing each other; these convert to bunk beds, with heavy curtains for pri­vacy at night.



edroom: ideal for two adults, by day a private living room with two armchairs and a picture window, by night this converts to lower and upper berths. The cabins have a sink and WC.

Coach class: there is plenty of space to move around, com­fortable reclining seats, and chair-side drinks and snacks service. On longer routes, Coach service seats are enhanced by foot rests and there's cafe and glass-domed observation car.

VIA1: VIA Rail's first class service and adds to the coach car comfort with exclusive lounges at Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa, pre-boarding privileges, distinctive decor, a cellular phone on board, delicious meals served at your seat, compli­mentary drinks, and a choice of wine and liquors with your meal.

Discounted fares

VIA Rail offers discounted fares for the economy conscious. Senior (60 plus) and youth (up to 24 years) receive a 10 % dis­count across the VIA network. Applicable at any time, on all VIA services. This can be combined with seasonal fares, giving a possible total 50 % discount — to receive seasonal discounts, advance purchase may be necessary. Children aged 2-11 years are eligible for a 50 % discount on Coach class, and FREE travel is available for each child under two years accompanied by one adult. (A second infant with just one adult pays 50 % of Coach class fare.)

8. Plan a similar rail holiday for a part of your country or an area you know well.Decide: the route, sight and scenery, the facilities on the train, meals and accommo­dation, different classes of passengers, discounts. Write out your plan in the form of a short article.

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