ТОП 10:

Explain the meaning of the following phrases from the text?

(1)to try somewhere new

(2) well-off people

(3) in the end

(4) to put smb. up

(5) to be hard up

Memorize Dialogue 1.

Work in pairs. Make your own dialogue and find out about each other's holiday plans.


Paul Green went into a London travel bureau. He went up to the counter while his wife sat down at a low table and started looking at the seaside holiday guides. It was a slack time so Paul had only three minutes to wait before a clerk was available to deal with his inquiries.

Paul:Good morning! My wife and I are from Canada. We are looking forward to having one week free in En­gland for a complete rest.No sightseeing, no shopping, not even a cinema: just a relaxation and sunbathing. Golf and perhaps some salmon or trout fishing for me, and my wife enjoys water-skiing, though that might not be available. You see, we'd like a really small quiet place with nearly empty beaches while on holiday. Plenty of sunshine. if that can be ordered. Oh, and we'd like to stay in a small boarding house or perhaps on an isolated farm. Can you suggest a good place to go to?

Clerk:You'll find the quietest seaside places in Scotland or Ireland.

Paul:They'd hardly do. I think. We'd like a place not more than 70 miles from London — just in case we want to run up for a day or two to look around. How about this place called Brighton? Is there a good sandy beach?

Clerk:I'm afraid not. It's a pebble beach. And Brighton is a big very lively seaside resort. Hardly for quiet holiday day. Perhaps a small hotel in a country village. We could probably fix up something like that for you. But it might be a job to arrange anything else.

Paul:That should do very well. Provided it's a quiet area off the beaten track and awav from the crowds. (At that moment Mrs. Burch joined her husband at the counter)

Mrs. Green:Do you know what I've been thinking? You re­member the Joneses were in England last year?

Paul:That's something I'll never be allowed to forget. They've never stopped talking about it ever since.

Mrs. Green:Now, they were touring and they spent a night in a place called Blackpool. They had a room in a five-star hotel on the front and said that everything was quite marvellous. Just imagine their faces when we go back and say that we've spent a week there!

Paul:That's all very well, but from what they said it didn't sound a particularly quiet place.

Clerk:It isn't, sir. It's a very popular resort, packed with peo­ple at this time of year. It's got two piers with amuse­ment arcades, hundreds of hotels and boarding hous­es and thousands of visitors. It's over 200 miles from London, and I've heard they've been having awful wet weather all this season

Mrs. Green:Oh, Iexpect there are lots of cinemas we could go to if it's wet. And plenty of shops to look around. You can do all the fishing vou want at home. This could be fun, Paul. A swimming pool and concert hall, a wonderful dance floor, hairdressers, sunbathing and gift shops. Oh, Peter, wait until we tell the Joneses. They'll be green with envy.

Paul: Isuppose you'll get your own way. So much for a qui­et holiday! Why did I bother to bring mv fishing rod? (As the clerk turns away he shrugs his shoulders slightly and whispers to one of his colleagues)

Clerk:You do meet some funny types in this game!

Comprehension questions:

1. Did Mrs. Green go up to the counter immediately?

2. Were there many people in the travel bureau?

3. What kind of holiday is Paul Green looking for? Is he looking for plenty of excitement?

4. Is Paul hoping for good weather?

5. Must the weather be perfect for you to enjoy your holi­day?

6. Why does Paul find the idea of a quiet holiday at the sea­side attractive?

7. Can you find many quiet seaside places near London?

8. Would Paul be willing to stay in the country?

9. Will Mrs. Green be going with him?


10. Would she enjoy fishing?

11. What does she enjoy doing when on holiday?

12. Why is she eager to stay in Blackpool of all places?

13. Should Mrs. Green get her own way?

14. Should Paul have brought a fishing rod?

15. Do you think Paul is a henpecked husband?

16. Does the clerk admire the Greens?

17. Do you enjoy water skiing?

18. Should you be able to swim before you try this sport?

1. Give English equivalents and use them in sentences of your own:

(1) посвятить неделю полностью отдыху (2) поехать ненадолго в Лондон (3) устроить что-нибудь вроде маленькой гостиницы (4) совершить поездку по стране (5) осмат­ривать магазины (6) поступить по-своему (7) прославить­ся как морской курорт (8) просто отдых и загар на солнце (9) ловля семги и форели (10) катание на водных лыжах (11) магазины подарков (12) вдали от избитых троп (13) это не похоже на тихое местечко

2. Explain the following expressions. Use them in sen­tences of your own:

(1)slack time

(2) to sound a quiet place

(3) packed with peo­ple

(4) plenty of swimming

(5) take a vacation

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