ТОП 10:

Find the following numbers in the texts. What do they refer to? Make a sentence about each number.

100; 1998; 15; 1000; 30 or 40; 85; 1946.

2. Answer the questions about airports and flights in the UK and the USA.

1.When was it opened?

2. How many people do they carry over?

3. Where are they available?

4. When was it launched with a dedicated non-stop, high­speed service?

5. What do they connect?

7. Are they available?

8. What do they offer?

9. What is it for?

10. Should you book it before arrival in Europe?

11. On what principle are they organized?

12. Has it made flights cheaper?

13. What is another advantage of it?

14. Does it operate in other parts of the world?

Using the information given in the text, complete each of the following sentences.

Model: Ifyou want to get from St. Petersburg to Los Ange­les, you can fly... — If you want to get from St. Petersburg to Los Angeles, you can fly Continental airlines and change planes at Houston, Texas.

a) If you want to avoid flying into LAX (Los Angeles Inter­national), you should ...

b) If your flight is less than an hour late, your connecting flight will...

c) If you fly between London and Vienna via Frankfurt or Paris, instead of direct, the fare...

d) If you are entering the United States from abroad, you should...

4. At an international airport you are sure to see the signs and notices given below.Study and then ask your fel­low-students to explain their meaning.

At the Airport

To the Customs Departure Lounge

Check in Duty Free

Passport Control Withdrawals

Deposits Gate 2

Immigration Security

Baggage reclaim Arrivals concourse

Here are six announcements made over the public address sys­tem of an airport.

As you read, identify the type of message.

—staff announcement —warning

—advertisement — paging a passenger

— flight cancellation — delayed flight departure

— delayed flight arrival — security announcement

— final flight call

Announcement 1

Passengers are reminded that smoking is not permitted in any part of the terminal building.

Announcement 2

Will passenger Eckber from Miami please go to Airport In­formation where your tour leader is waiting. Passenger Eckber to Airport Information.


This is a staff call. Will Roger Broom please go to the Bag­gage Hall immediately. Roger Broom to the Baggage Hall.

Announcement 4

This is the final call flight IB763 to Madrid. Will any remain­ing passengers please proceed immediately to gate number 14 where the aircraft is about to depart.

Announcement 5

British Airways regret to announce the delay of flight BA008 to New York. Passengers should report with their boarding cards to the BA desk where vouchers for refreshments will be given. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience.

Announcement 6

This is a security announcement. Passengers are reminded not to leave baggage unattended at any time. Any unattended baggage will be removed and may be destroyed.

In five of the announcements, specific areas or parts of the airport are mentioned. Note down these places.

Look at this diagram indicating basic airport procedure and layout.

What happens at each point?

What other facilities and services do you find in an airport?




Read the information and then answer the questions.

Give a summary of the information.


Baggage(free allowance)

The free allowance for each adult or child paying fare is:

On International Journeys — Tourist Class 20 kilos, First Class 30 kilos.

On Domestic Services 15 kilos.

There is no Free Allowance for an infant carried at 10 per cent of the adult fare, but infant food for consumption in flight and an infants' carrying basket are carried free of charge. Bag­gage in excess of the Free Allowance is charged for per kilogram at the rate of 1 % of the one way, normal, adult, direct, first class, through fare and on domestic services 1 % of the respective class fare paid.


An infant under two years of age traveling on International Services accompanied by an adult and not occupying a sepa­rate seat is carried at 10 % of the adult fare. Additional infants under two years of age occupying a separate seat and children of two years of age and above, but under twelve years of age are carried at 50 % of the adult fare.

Youth fares

A discount of 25 % of the normal tourist single, return or ex­cursion fare is available to young people under the age of twen­ty-two. Full information obtainable on request.

Airport service charges

Insome countries an airport service charge, payable locally before departure is levied on all passengers embarking on In­ternational Flights.

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