XI. Напишите ответ на следующее письмо.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


XI. Напишите ответ на следующее письмо.

Ваш ответ должен содержать следующую информацию:

1.Ссылку на письмо, приведенное выше.

2.Подтверждение Вашего участия в работе конференции.

3.Запрос на получение более детальной информации о ее про­грамме.


XII. Переведите предложения на английский язык.

1. Эта информация должна заинтересовать читателя. 2.Джон действительно компетентен в данной области. 3. Необходимо пе­редавать информацию как можно точнее. 4.Даже в повседнев­ной жизни важно уметь четко излагать свои мысли. 5. Я пишу, чтобы сообщить Вам о приезде делегации. 6. Я хотел бы запро­сить дополнительную информацию о предмете. 7.Моя цель — убедить работодателя предоставить мне работу. 8. Мы хотели бы мотивировать студентов учиться добросовестно. 9. Они всегда до­стигают своих целей. 10.Посмотрим на Ваше письмо глазами чи­тателя. 11. Даже специалистам бывает трудно ясно выражать свои мысли. 12.Каждая новая мысль должна логически вытекать из предыдущей. 13.Тон письма должен отвечать его содержанию. 14.Читатель должен получить как можно более точную и пол­ную информацию о предмете.



XIII. Из четырех предложенных вариантов выберите един-
ственно правильный.

1. I.. . stay home on my day off.

A. recently

B. yesterday

C. next week

D. often

2. ... student must study at least one foreign language at uriiversities.
A Some

B. Most

C. Each

D. All

3. Ann couldn't... her fear of taking exams.

A. overcome

B. avoid

C. get with

D win

4. It would be .Ш if you could answer my fax-message.

A. cheerful

B. glad

C. good

D. kind

5. The cafeteria is open ... for the sale of drinks.
A a day

B. daily

C. daytime

D. in day

6. The initials "PS" . .. "postscript."
A fill in

B. make up

C. mean to
b, stand for

7. I'd rather go to the library. — . ...

A. I would too

B. So would I

C. So had I

D. I had too

& If I had gone to the University, I. . . Jim.

A. would meet

B. will meet

C. met

D. would have met

9. Americans ,to be outgoing and talkative people.

A. said

B. say

C. are saying
O. are said

12. In England the ... on a letter is now about 40 pence.

A. post

B. postage

C. postal

D. posting

13.The committee insisted ... making decision at once A at

B. about

C. on

D. in

14.This decision is not. . . for students.

A. fit

B. like

C. suitable

D. comfortable

15.Thank you for the present. Jt was very ... of you.

A. useful

B. thoughtful

C. useless

D. heartless

16. He failed the test... he had studied hard.

A. despite

B. because

C. as well as

D. although

17."Would you like me to help you?" he

A offered

B. refused

C. warned

D. apologized

18. The secretary ... the documents on her desk.

A. lay

B. lies

G. laid

D. has lain

19.The letters have not been sent to our customers...

A, already

B. still

С else

D. yet

20. Mom let us... an apple pie instead of pizza.

A. eat

B. to eat

C. eating
O. to eating.

Дополнительные тексты/ диалоги

XIV. Следующие образцы деловых писем иллюстрируют держание урока.

Formats of a FormalLetter

Full Block Format Semi-Block Format

Electronic MailHere is the example of an interoffice E-mail message.

E-MAIL: Joan Turner 5/20/01 1:36 p.m.

TO: All staff

SUB: Vacation schedules


I need to know your vacation schedules for summer months. Please send your vacation dates to me by June 1,2004. Send the information to my electronic mailbox: Joan T. Thank you for cooperation.


I 5 Leninskiу Ave., Apt 68 Moscow 127167 Russia




Foreign Student Advisor

Seattle Central Community College


Dear Sir or Madam:I am interested in studying English I at your school next summer as a

full-time student Please send me an application and any other informationI need to apply to your school as a foreign student.

Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you.


Sincerely yours,

George Sokolov .


5 Leninski у Ave., Apt. 68 Moscow127167 Russia


March10, 2001


Foreign Student Advisor

Seattle Central Community College


Dear Sir or Madam: I am interested in studying English at your school next summer as a full-time student.

Please send me an application and any other informationI need to apply to your school as a foreign student.

Thank you for your assistance.I look forward to bearing from you.


Sincerely yours,

George Sokolov _______

Ключи купражнениям

VII. Respond — answer; related — connected; inquire — ask; con­tact — required person; purpose — objective; complicated — difficult; response — answer; knowledgeable — informed.

VIII.lb; 2a; 3b; 4b; 5a; 6b; 7a; 8a; 9b; 10a.

IX. 1. We can set up a meeting any time after March 12. 2. We will process your order as soon as we receive payment. 3. If you have any questions, please call me. 4. We received Form A but need Form В to complete the transaction. 5. Unfortunately we can pay interest only on deposits made by the 1 О* of the month. 6. Your application was received after the deadline.

X. 1. receive; 2. reference; 3. opportunity; 4. pleasure; 5. could; 6. questions; 7. appreciate; 8. tradition; 9. hearing.

XIII. 1. D; 2. C;3. A;4. C;5. B; 6. D; 7. B; 8. D; 9. D; 10. A;11. D; 12. B; 13. C;14. C;15. B; 16. A;17. A;18. C;19. D; 20. A

интервью и посленего велите себявежливо и корректно. 10. Помните, что то, что мы делаем, зачастуюболее важно, чем Ю» что мы говорим.



ХК Из четырех предложенных вариантов выберите единствен­но правильный.

1. Can you make change for two...?

A. ten-dollars bills

B. ten-dollar bills

C. ten-dollar's bill

D. ten-dollars bill

2. Countries may ... large sums of money from the World Bank for
development projects.


B. lent

C. borrow

D. borrowed

3. The English that is spoken in Canada is ... the United States.
"'- A. similar

B. similar to G i similar of t>. ' simitar to that of

4. ... the train delay, we arrived on time.
A In spite of

B. In spite С Spite of D. Spite

5. Pomis not in agreement, and he. .:.

B. isn't either С isn't neither " D. pis neither

6. This suitcase costs ... the other one. A twice as much as

B. twice more than

C. p»fo times more than

D. two times much than

7. The apartments... the Hudson River are the most expensive.
A at

B. on 'C. in D. near of

8. ... in Washington, they saw the Capitol Building.

A. When

B. While

C. They were when

D. While were they

9. This brand of coffee is... expensive to buy.

A. much

B. so

C. too

D. such

10_ for English exam, study thirty minutes every day for four months.

A. Prepare

B. To prepare

C. Preparing

D. Preparing yourself

11. Lee needs to ... his grades if he wants to enter university.

A. raise

B. rise

C. raising

D. rising

12. We have to read passages and .. .the main ideas.

A. underlined

B. to underline

C. underline

D. underlining

13. Tim is... at this telephone number.

A. not longer

B. not long

C. none longer

D. no longer

H.Dan tries to finish his thesis, but he.. .only part of the necessary information.

A. find

B. finds

C. has found

D. had found

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