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В конце заключения указывается дата окончания работы и ставится подпись исполнителя. People in business organization Mean business, none of one’s business, go out of business, businesslike, be busy with, have no business to do, be in business, like nobody’s business, mind one’s own business Features of online-marketing TYPES OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Organization, to adopt, carefully, change, input, condition, service, decision making, harmony, turbulent, adapt, output. THE EMERGENCE OF MODERN BANKING THE REGULATION OF INTERNATIONAL BANKING Pursue, credit, property, customer, payment, government, bank, principal, investment, marketplace, responsive, savings, competitive, debt, security Fee, executive, insure, skill, capacity, profile, applicant, charisma, ensure, guideline, superior. PRINCIPLES OF THE MANAGEMENT Boundless, adequate, talk, vigorous, amalgam, succeed, sustained, employee, dimensions, knowledge, operations, sheep, lion, beaver, tortoise. Delegation, fringe benefits, mediation, termination, authority, layoff, efficiency, recruitment, retirement, staffing, responsibility. Consumer, buyer, customer, client, clientele, purchaser. ALTERNATIVES FOR INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS ЭКОНОМИКА И УПРАВЛЕНИЕ В НЕФТЕГАЗОВОЙ ОТРАСЛИ Introduction to Economics and management Exercise 5. Answer the following questions. Exercise 15. Answer the following questions. Exercise 21. Translate the words in brackets into English. Exercise 4. Answer the following questions. Words and phrases to remember Exercise 22. Read the dialogue Exercise 4. Answer the following questions Exercise 8. Make up dialogues of your own Exercise 19. Read the dialogue Oil and Gas in Russia. Development and Financing of Large Projects Opportunities Await U.S. Independents willing to Change Exercise 9. Comprehension check Discuss the following with your partner before listening Halliburton Vision Statement Continued growth and expansion Exercise 19. Answer the following questions. Exercise 2. Think and answer Rent Tax on the Export of Crude Oil Different fiscal systems complicate reserve values Exercise 10. Answer the following questions Exercise 13. Look through the table which represents “Consolidated Balance Sheet” of Transneft Company. Exercise 2. Decide whether these statements are True (T) or False (F) The Benefits of Being Small: Balancing Economies of Scale Against the Advantages of Intimacy Is a Delicate Task What does the model structure of business plan look like? Exercise 2. Study the example of the Engineering Consulting Business Plan Competition and Buying Patterns Exercise 3. Using the information from Business Plan fulfill the following tasks Exercise 10. Give synonyms to the following words and word combinations Ex.2. Read the following statements and say if they are true or false according to the text. Answer the questions based on the dialogue. Mr. Stevens and Mr. Brown are having talks about an advertising campaign for a new product. Ex.11. Ask questions to the following sentences in Past Simple I. Complete the sentences using the right item Ex.10. Translate the following sentences from Russian into English. I. Complete the sentence using the right item Read and translate the text. Get ready to summarise it. TRAVELLING AND MEANS OF TRAVEL Explain the meaning of the following phrases from the text? Summarize the dialogue on behalf of either Peter or his Go for a drive (mountaineering) Explain the parts in italics and reproduce the situations in which the sentences occur in the text. Travel, travels, to travel, travelling B. Phone your friend and tell him/her what you have learned from the ads. Pay attention to the phrases which are used to ask foi information. Compare them with the other similar ones given below. TEXT 2 TRAVELLING BY TRAIN IN BRITAIN (PART I) At the Station: Signs and Notices Retell the text on the part of the porter. Read the letter and use the notes to complete the reply. Read the text again and say whether the following statements are true or false. HIGHLIGHTS OF BRITAIN BY RAIL Find the following numbers in the texts. What do they refer to? Make a sentence about each number. Time of reporting at the airport Fill in prepositions or adverbs where necessary. Prohibited and restricted goods from outside the EU Now read the interview with Kim Whittle to find out if your predictions were correct. Imagine you are the airline's Personnel Officer. Which of these answers would indicate a good applicant? Which would worry you? How would you deal with these worries in an interview? Have you ever travelled in an airplane? Read the dialogues below and make up a short text for a guide book about John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. Four contradictions between different economic schools. CLAIMS AND SANCTIONS. ARBITRATION COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES AND TYPES OF CONTRACTS FORCE MAJEURE CIRCUMSTANCES AND INSURANCE ECONOMIC SITUATION IN RUSSIA FORMS OF INTERNATIONAL BUSIMESS. INTERNATIONAL TRADE FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS: FUTURE AND DERIVATIVES Global business: bridging nations and cultures Management : art or science. The evolution of Management. Management Science/Quantitative Approach BANKING. CENTRAL BANKING. EXCHANGE RATES. Organising: Principles and Design I Two broad categories of product are consumer products and industrial products. The Three Sectors of the Economy. TAKEOVERS. MERGERS. BUYOUTS. The Structure of Incoterms 2000 MARKET STRUCTURE. COMPETITION. Бронирование билетов для поездки. Устная речь по теме: В ресторане. Полезные слова и словосочетания по теме В ресторане. Устная речь по теме. Банки и оплата по банковской системе. Общие сведения об организации, виды деятельности, органы управления Предмет, виды и цели деятельности Качество менеджмента и эффективность персонала Деятельности бизнес - инкубатора Анализ методов оценки персонала, аттестации персонала и степени участия в ней руководителей организации и структурных подразделений, работников кадровых служб. Предложения по развитию инноваций в организации. Характеристика и анализ экономических и управленческих решений, принимаемых в АУ РБИ. Статья 1. Молодежный совет при Одесском городском голове – представительский орган молодежи города Одессы. Статья 2. Правовая основа деятельности Совета. Назначать себе помощника в количестве не более одного человека. Английский язык профессиональный II. МЕТОДИЧЕСКИЕ УКАЗАНИЯ ПО ИЗУЧЕНИЮ Раздел 1. Компании и их клиенты Раздел 2. Деловые поездки и решение проблем бизнеса Раздел 3. История компании и розничная торговля Раздел 4. Продукция компании и человеческие ресурсы Раздел 6. Ответственность компании и конкуренция Раздел 1. Глобализация и структура компании Раздел 4. Франчайзинг и международные стили бизнеса Раздел 6. Бизнес и охрана окружающей среды. Фондовый рынок Образцы заданий, включенных в экзаменационный тест Технические средства обучения и контроля Инновационные методы обучения I.2. DEKADENZ ALS GEGENPOSITION ZUM ZWISCHEN DEKADENZ UND MODERNISMUS I.5. ALLGEMEINE CHARAKTERISTIK DES MODERNISMUS LITERATUR DES POSTMODERNISMUS II.3. Friedrich Nietzsche (1844—1900) II.6. Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874—1929) Im Jardin des Plantes, Paris II.8. Peter Altenberg (1859—1919) II.9. Arthur Schnitzler (1862—1931) Lichter gehen jetzt die Tage Aufgaben und Fragen zum Text II.17. Marie Luise Kaschnitz (1901—1974) II.20. Wolfgang Borchert (1921—1947) II.22. Hans Carl Artmann ( 1921—2000) Seraphim, oder vor einer Reise Your light consumes all doubt and fear. O Shiva, make all demons flee, It truly makes all matter sing, O Saint Germain, what love you bring, Об утверждении Порядка присуждения единовременных грантов Главы Чувашской Республики молодым гражданам на реализацию проектов в сфере развития предпринимательства в 2016 году IV. Мониторинг хода реализации проектов III. Анализ текущего состояния отрасли Для специальности 2-260203 «Маркетинг» для домашней контрольной работы № 1 Customer repeat business facilities Staff code of practice service customer loyalty Competition salary trademark profit Arrangement itinerary jet- lag to experience Unit 4 TROUBLESHOOTING Card 1 Household name advertisement feature to launch Manufacturer door-to-door sales margin chain store IV. Test yourself Translate into English Give the definitions below Management status asset satisfaction Unit 9 Business Environment Card 1 Local community invoice to bargain penalty Recruitment. Job Ads: Reading Between the Lines Определите соответствуют ли нижеследующие предложения тексту (True) или нет (False) Structure of a business letter GRAMMAR: The Sequence of Tenses – Узгодження часів Doing Business on the Internet GRAMMAR: First Conditional – Умовні речення І типу Products, Goods and Services GRAMMAR: Third Conditional – Умовні речення ІІІ типу Permission (дозвіл): can, could, may, be allowed to GRAMMAR: Modals – Модальні дієслова (2) Ex.4. Translate into English: GRAMMAR: Modals with the Perfect Infinitive – Модальні дієслова з перфектним інфінітивом GRAMMAR: The Infinitive – Інфінітив GRAMMAR: The Gerund – Герундій СУЩНОСТЬ ПРЕДПРИНИМАТЕЛЬСКОЙ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТИ КЛАССИФИКАЦИЯ ПРЕДПРИНИМАТЕЛЬСКОЙ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТИ НОРМАТИВНО-ПРАВОВАЯ БАЗА ПРЕДПРИНИМАТЕЛЬСКОЙ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТИ Данная организационно-правовая форма регулируется нормативными документами: 1)Гражданский Кодекс РФ; 2) Федеральный Закон «О крестьянском (фермерском) хозяйстве» от 11.06.2003 N 74-ФЗ.
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