ТОП 10:

I. Complete the sentence using the right item

1. He couldn’t … their mission.

a) find b) find out c) found

2. What department does he … ?

a) manage b) set up c) accept

3. The price isn’t … to us.

a) comfortable b) low c) attractive

4. We have been … with them for three years.

a) dealing b) selling c) ordering

5. What companies do you … with?

a) purchase b) compete c) provide

6. You should … with him immediately.

a) get in touch b) compare c) compete

7. A few foreign companies … in the exhibition last month.

a) performed b) took part c) attended

8. As we are satisfied with our … order we are going to do business with this company.

a) repeat b) future c) trial

9. Any company should have a … .

a) mission b) customers c) subsidiary

10.They have just .. a new company.

a) opened b) set up c) invented


II. Open the brackets using the correct form of the verb.

1. How long you (deal) with them?

2. When they (set up) a new company?

3. They (make) a lot of improvements in this model lately.

4. Last year our company (be) heavy with orders.

5. We (take part) in the conference the other day.

6. They (make) two deals this month.

7. We (carry out) an investigation since September.

8. We (do) successful research two months ago.

9. He (be) on trial for two months.

10.When you (take) him on trial?


III. Complete the sentences with can, could, be able to, must, have to, be to, should in appropriate forms. Use several options and translate the sentences.

1. We … compete with many foreign companies.

2. He is so lazy. I don’t think he will … perform this task.

3. You … carry out a detailed investigation.

4. All the employees … attend annual meetings.

5. We … agree to this price. It is too high.

6. They will … sign an important contract in a week.

7. They … buy new office equipment last month but they didn’t do it.

8. A good Sales Manager … know the market very well.

9. He will … make a deal with them tomorrow.

10.As he doesn’t have much experience we will … take him on trial.


IV. Insert the right preposition.

1. We don’t have access … this information.

2. Let’s get … … business.

3. They have to get … touch … various customers.

4. The company broke … the European market not long ago.

5. We are looking forward … your visit.

6. This offer is very attractive … comparison … the offers from other companies.

7. What goods does this shop deal … ?

8. He has done the work … any special effort.

9. They have been placing regular orders … our company for 5 years.

10.Who works … your supervision?

11.They didn’t agree … our terms of delivery.

12.My job provides me … an opportunity to travel.

13.I never purchase anything … credit.

14.Are you pleased … the results of the negotiations?

15.Have you ever taken part … a meeting?


V. Form nouns from the following verbs.

1. improve 7. distribute

2. manage 8. compare

3. agree 9. compete

4. perform 10. create

5. supervise 11. investigate

6. participate 12. provide



Resource File.

Activate your Grammar.


Grammar: Present Simple

Much/Many/A lot of


Reading: Jobs

Ex.1. Make up the list of the jobs you know arranging them in the following table.

-er -or -ist


Which of the jobs wouldn’t you like to do? Why not?


Ex.2. Guess the jobs.

1. This person catches thieves.

2. This person teachers you English.

3. This person is the boss on a ship.

4 This person works with machines or engines.

5. This person checks your teeth.

6. This person writes books.

7. This person sells meat.

8. This person repairs cars.

9. This person plays a musical instrument.

10. This person looks after patients in hospital.

11. This person treats patients.

12. This person sings songs.

13. This person designs houses.

14. This person studies science.

15. This person paints pictures (or walls).

16. This person works on board a ship.


Ex.3. What’s my job?

Think of some job you don’t really do.

Your partner asks you 10 yes/no-questions to find out what your job is.


For example:

Do you work with your hands?

Do you wear a uniform?

Do you work at weekends?


Grammar: Present Simple vs Present Continuous

It takes…

Possessive Case

Reading: A working day of a Sales Manager


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