ТОП 10:

I. Complete the sentences using the right item

1. There are few jobs that don’t … special training.

a) look for b) decide c) require

2. He always keeps his word, he is very…

a) responsible b) impossible c) flexible

3) We don’t … new people now, we are short of money.

a) fire b) employ c) start

4. If you take up this job it will give you a lot of … for promotion.

a) fringe benefits b) shifts c) opportunities

5. The company is… its exports to more and more countries.

a) increasing b) meeting c) running

6. I’m … the mail now.

a) looking after b) looking up c) looking through

7. The CEO is… the whole company.

a) in need of b) in charge of c) in support of

8. I’m calling about my … for Monday; I’m afraid, I’m busy on Monday.

a) business matters b) appointment c) subsidiary

9. Mr. Stevens works hard and has much experience. He is a very…employee.

a) reasonable b) efficient c) high quality

10. We always order cartridges from them. They are our old…

a) suppliers b) customers c) subsidiaries

11. When the company… its innovative product it immediately became the market leader.

a) reached b) launched c) directed

12. The Managing director … the profit with the clever strategy the company used.

a) linked b) entered c) produced

13. We produce a wide … of health products.

a) network b) production c) range

14. An… … is the place where the workers put together the components of cars.

a) engineering group b) assembly plant c) manufacturing plant

15. … … appeals to Nick as he has classes at the university in the mornings.

a) work in shifts b) full-time work c) part-time work.


II. Open the brackets using the correct form of the verb.

1. John (have) only 20 $ in cash so he offered to pay by credit card.

2. At the moment they (have) talks with their potential customers.

3. I (think) of starting my own business.

4. What you (think) of your new CEO?

5. When people (look for) a job they usually write a CV.

6. Currently the company (consist) of five departments.

7. When Mike (enter) the room he saw a huge table with lots of papers on it.

8. Last year our profits (increase) by 10%.

9. They (recruit) a very experienced computer analyst not long ago.

10. I (be) in charge of this project so please, follow my instructions.

11.You (see) the project of a new assembly plant when you visited our office?

12. Linn (not like) her present job, she (prefer) to work regular hours.


III. Insert the right preposition

1. Jon is looking … a well-paid job with career opportunities.

2. I work … an office and have a nine…five job.

3. Nancy’s job of a reporter appeals …her.

4. Ben is in charge… Production division.

5. The test consists…five tasks.

6. We are ready to give you a 5% discount … the goods.

7. The price…the goods includes packing.

8. The company offered… us a wide range… micro ovens.

9. The R&D department succeeded … developing a new energy-saving device.

10. They agreed to supply us… all the necessary information.

11. … the terms of this agreement you are to pay by cash.

13. The Manager is not satisfied… the results of the talks.

14. Ted is responsible… that mistake.


IV. Form nouns from the following verbs.

1) decide

2) advertise

3) appeal

4) employ

5) offer

6) satisfy

7) appoint

8) expand

9) supply

10) develop



Grammar: Present Perfect, Past Simple

Reading: Travelling on Business.


Mr. Spencer works for Maggate - a multinational companywhich manufacturesmore than 50.000 different products. Mr. Spencer is in the computer business. In fact he is responsible forEuropean business which accounts forabout 40% of the company's worldwide sales. Maggate has had subsidiariesfor almost 30 years and Mr. Spencer has helped to set up research and development centers in Europe. He has already been to many countries all over the world.

Last week Mr. Spencer flew to Germany to discuss businesswith German partners. Maggate has always spent a large part of its annualbudgeton the improvementof its products, and Mr. Spencer's missionin Germany was to exchangeideas and information concerningcomputer software. Constant information exchange and coordination of efforts is a key to Maggate's success. Mr. Spencer has succeededin his mission. He and his German colleague Mr. Brown have known each other for a long time and during the talks they got down to businessimmediately. They didn’t wastetimeon formalities and ceremonies and managed to settlea lot of crucialitems. The partners looked through the latest catalogues and closely studied the models on the market, they agreed on several changes in the planning of the new models. They acceptedseveral new methods to increasetheir sales. They also made an appointmentfor October. Both parties were very pleased with the results of the meeting and are looking forward to seeing each other again.

Such meetings are important to the organization. Mr. Spencer has organized and attended a number of international meetings. He knows their organizers usually take into account a lot of factors. As a business traveller Mr. Spencer also knows that if you do business abroad, it’s useful to find out local customs before you start. Mistakes are often expensive. Mr. Spencer is a successful businessman. He has never made serious mistakes and has gaineda lot of business experience.


Ex.1. Answer the following questions using the text.

1. What type of business is Mr. Spencer in?

2. How long has the company had foreign subsidiaries?

3. What is the share of the European business in the company's sales?

4. Where did Mr. Spencer go on business last week?

5. What was his mission during the talks with German partners?

6. Has he succeeded in his mission?

7. What sort of work did Mr. Spencer and Mr. Brown manage to do?

8. Why did Mr. Spencer and his German colleague get down to business without formalities?

9. Did Mr. Spencer and Mr. Brown make any appointments?

10. Were the parties satisfied with the results of the talks?

11. Why are international meetings important for business partners?

12. Is Mr. Spencer an experienced businessman? Why? Why not?


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