ТОП 10:

Ex.2. Read the following statements and say if they are true or false according to the text.

1. The job of a cleaner requires a lot of training.

2. People look for jobs that offer a good pay.

3. Fringe benefits appeal to a lot of employees.

4. You don’t send a CV when you apply for a job.

5. A CV is a short biography and qualifications.
6. Flexible employment is attractive to everybody.

7. Students don’t like to work part-time.

8. If you are decisive and creative you have the chance to start your own business.

9. Women with children like to work full-time.

10. People don’t start their businesses at home.


Ex.3. Translate the following sentences from English into Russian.

1. My job is to sell different goods. 2. Why do companies decide to recruit new employees? 3. Your results of the test are satisfactory. 4. A lot of companies offer fringe benefits to their employees. 5. Now he needs full-time employment. 6. Is it difficult for you to commute to work? 7. This company always advertises vacancies in newspapers. 8. He doesn’t have any necessary experience. 9. My work schedule is very flexible. 10. A CV is very important when you apply for a job. 11. He often makes wrong decisions. 12. This job appeals to me greatly. 13. It is an impossible situation. 14. He enjoys the opportunity to work part -time. 15. Her pay is very high.

Ex.4. Translate the following word-combinations from Russian into English.

Отвечать требованиям; предлагать дополнительные льготы; работать неполный рабочий день; открыть свое дело; искать работу; полная занятость; набирать персонал; принять решение; большая оплата; найти причину чего-либо; объявлять о вакансии; неудовлетворительная работа; подать заявление о приеме на работу; гибкая политика;

отвечать за отдел кадров; получать удовольствие от работы; решительный характер.

Ex.5. Complete the following sentences using the necessary prepositions.

1. Don’t look …him. He is away on business. 2. My friend isn’t … work now, he is …home. 3. I am not satisfied … your offer. 4. Such policy is typical …him. 5. This job appeals …me. 6. What is your place …work? 7. He has a reason … not working … shifts. 8. How many employees are … the staff … the company? 9. She is responsible … the personnel. 10. This product doesn’t meet the requirements … our customers. 11. When people apply … a job they send a letter … application and a CV. 12. She always pays … herself.

Ex.6. Insert the missing words. Use your active vocabulary.

1. To start… is rather risky. 2. Some jobs don’t … any education. 3. Students prefer to work … 4. What … job titles do you know? 5. He often loses his keys and … them everywhere.6. What kind of job do they … him? 7. This designer is the leader of the group. He … ten people. 8. People change jobs if their … is low. 9. It takes her an hour and a half … to work. 10. This company needs experienced … . 11. Working in … doesn’t … to me. 12. What are your duties? What are you … for? 13. When people …a job they send … and … to a company. 14. The company often recruits new … . 15. A lot of people think that … employment is very convenient.


Ex.7. Paraphrase the following words and expressions using your active vocabulary.

1. to present

2. a chance

3. to call public attention to smth.

4. to search for

5. to attract

6. personnel

7. to solve

8. unable to happen

9. adaptable to change

10.to give money to smb.

Ex.8. Open the brackets using Present Simple.

1. There (be) some fringe benefits that make this company attractive to me.

2. We (offer) you to work in shifts.

3. Our boss always (recruit) professional staff.

4. When Tom (decide) to apply for another job he always says he (not like) his current boss.

5. This company (advertise) sports cars.

6. It (be) impossible to start your own business when a person (not have) money.

7. … this job (appeal) to you?

8. What (be) the typical job titles in a company?

9. … he (commute) to his office in London or he (live) in the city?

10. A doctor’s job (require) a lot of training.

11. What career opportunities this job (offer)?

12. I (not get) any satisfaction from my present job.

13. Why the pay (be) so low for such hard work?

14. What you (think) of his letter of application and CV?

15. How many employees (be) there in your firm?

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