ТОП 10:

Ex.11. Ask questions to the following sentences in Past Simple

1. Henry Ford became famous for its innovative assembly line.


2. They saw the new machinery at the trade exhibition.


3. The huge programme started in 1946.


4. Bill Gates was the person who invented Windows.


5. She was our PR manager two years ago.


6. There were five leading manufacturers of medical equipment at the trade fair.

How many…

7. The company opened a new sales office in Manila.


8. The Managing Director discussed the strategy with the members of the Board.


9. The customers were pleased with the service.


10. The firm gave a two-year guarantee for all the products.


Ex.12. Translate the following sentences into English.
1. Эта компания производит широкий ассортиментразных продуктов. 2. Если Вы хотите посетить завод-изготовитель и увидеть сборочные цеха, мы готовы все организовать. 3. На встрече присутствовали представителимногих крупных компаний. 4. Каковы причины того, что эта компания собирается выйти на внешний рынок? 5. Новый продукт, который они выпустили в прошлом году, имеет большой успех на внутреннем рынке. 6. Я всегда предпочитаю расплачиваться наличными. 7. Когда они начали производство нового машинного оборудования? 8. Я уверен, что переговоры помогают нам быстрее прийти к соглашению. 9. Компания успешно работает под руководством мистера Блейка. 10. Что связывает этих людей? 11. Кто является Вашими торговыми представителями за рубежом? 12. Почему Вы хотите создать сеть сбыта?

Ex. 13. Read the following dialogue:

John Wilson and Jack Brown are talking on the phone. They are old friends. Mr. Wilson works for a large trading company and Mr. Brown is in the electronics business.

John - Jack?

Jack - Speaking. Good morning, John.

John - Good morning. I am glad to hear you.

Jack - You don’t usually call me so early. Are you at work? What are you doing now?

John - I am at home. I have a day off today. It’s my first day off in two weeks.

By the way, Fred is here in London. We are having dinner with him tonight.

Jack - Bring him over here. I want to see him very much too. Who does he work for?

John- Agrimax. It started as a small company only 5 years ago and now it represents itself in 15 countries around the world.

Jack - Oh, really. I heard something about first-class agriculture machinery they produce. As far as I remember their XP-300 model was a great success.

John - In fact, not all their models reached the public. Their XP-400 model was a failure. It took them one year to develop it, they spent a lot of money on this project but sales in the first 6 months were very low.

Jack- This is international business. You don’t always gain, you sometimes lose. When we launched our first laser printer in Europe there were so many restrictions that we decided to stop producing them. But later we set up assembly plants in Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Now we have a large dealer network and our sales are high.

John - I also remember hard time in my business. In the late 1990’s I directed a development and production programme. We decided to integrate e-commerce into our sales strategy and failed.

Jack - OK, John. I hope to see you two tonight. Why don’t you come to my place with Fred to have a cup of tea and discuss everything?



1. failure – неудача, провал

2. to gain – приобретать

3. restrictions - ограничения


Answer the questions to the dialogue:

1. What difficulties did Fred’s company have in business?

2. What difficulties did John’s company have in business?

3. What difficulties did Jack’s company have in business?


Ex.14. Work with your partner. Make dialogues on the following assignments:

1. You are a business person. You have your own small company. It produces kitchen furniture. You want to go international. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this step with your business partner who opened his first international subsidiary in Italy two years ago.

2. You want to produce an impression on your new friend. Give facts and figures about your international business in the sphere of food distribution which you started 5 years ago.



1. assembly plant (n, C) – сборочный цех
to assemble – собирать, монтировать
2. cash (n, U) –наличные деньги
to pay cash/in cash – платить наличными
3. dealer network – дилерская сеть
sales network – сеть сбыта
4. development (n, C) – развитие, разработка
the development of industry – развитие промышленности
develop (v) – развивать(ся), разрабатывать
5. direct (v) – направлять, руководить
to direct a business – руководить предприятием
direction (n, C) – направление, руководство
under the direction of smb – под руководством кого-л.
in the direction of smth. – по направлению к чему-л.
6. enter (v) – входить в, вступать в, поступать
to enter a room – войти в комнату
to enter a market – появиться на рынке
7. huge (adj) - огромный
a huge problem – огромная проблема
8. launch (v) – начинать(новое производство),запускать (новую линию)
to launch a new company – открыть новую компанию
to launch a product – выпустить продукт
9. link (v) – связывать, соединять

e.g. We want to link our business with telecommunications. - Мы хотим связать наш бизнес с телекоммуникациями.
link (n, C) – связующее звено, связь
10. machinery (n, U) – машины, машинное оборудование
to sell machinery –продавать оборудование
11. manufacturing plant (n, C) – завод-изготовитель
to manufacture – производить, изготовлять
e.g. This plant manufactures cars. - Этот завод производит машины.
Syn: to produce
production (n, U) – производство, изготовление
mass production – массовое производство
producer (n, C) – изготовитель, производитель

Syn: manufacturer
12. modest (adj) – скромный
a modest pay – скромная зарплата
13. overseas (adj) – иностранный, внешний
an overseas market – внешний рынок
Syn: foreign
Ant: home, domestic
14. range (n, C) – диапазон, размах
a range of goods – ассортимент товаров

a wide / narrow range of goods – широкий / узкий ассортимент товаров
a price range – колебание цен, диапазон цен
15. reach (v)
– достигать
to reach an agreement – достигнуть соглашения
16. representsmb(v) – представлять кого-л.
representative (n, C) - представитель
a sales representative – торговый представитель
17. success (n, U) – успех, удача

e.g. The company reached success in business. – Компания достигла успеха в бизнесе.
But! to be a success – иметь успех
e.g. He was a great success in music. – Он преуспел в музыке.
successful (adj) – удачный, успешный
a successful businessman – преуспевающий бизнесмен.
succeed (v)-достигать цели, преуспевать; иметь успех

to succeed in doing smth. — преуспеть в какой-л. деятельности

to succeed in business — добиться успеха в бизнесе


Consolidation Units 1 – 3

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