Teст 14. The Past Simple / The Present Perfect Tense

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Teст 14. The Past Simple / The Present Perfect Tense


Выберите нужную форму глагола в простом прошедшем или в настоящем совершенном времени:


1. I __________ three business lunches this week.
a) had; b) have had.
2. The company’s share prices __________ at the end of last week.
a) bounced; b) has bounced.
3. The company __________ for a 5% increase in sales last month.
a) budgeted; b) has budgeted.
4. The shares __________ a high rate of interest some days ago.
a) yielded; b) has yielded.
5. It __________ a pleasure to do business with you today.
a) was; b) has been.


6. Last year she _______________ her own company and proved to


be a very good businesswoman.                  
a) set up; b) has set up.                  
7. I __________ writing the three-year business plan yet.
a) didn’t finish;   b) haven’t finished.        
8. I __________ a successful business trip last month.
a) had; b) have had.                  
9. I __________ some gas shares recently.      
a) bought; b) have bought.                
10. Many years ago she __________ a slide rule to add up the sales
a) used; b) has used.                  
Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:        


Teст 15. The Passive Voice


Выберите нужную форму глагола в пассивном залоге:


1. Payment __________ yesterday.    
a) is received; b) was received; c) received.
2. The company’s annual accounts __________ by the Chief
a) is prepared; b) are prepared; c) prepare.
3. The agent __________ by the company last week.
a) was accredited; b) were accredited; c) accredited.


4. The accumulated profit __________ forward to next year today.


a) has been carried; b) have been carried; c) was carried.
5. Our budget _______________ already.  
a) have been cut; b) has been cut; c) were cut.
6. Efforts __________ to reduce the prices by 10% now.
a) are being made; b) were being made; c) is being made.
7. Nowadays all the clients of the bank __________ for a financial
advisory service.      
a) are provided; b) were provided; c) provided.


8. The shares __________ on the American Stock Exchange next week. a) will be floated; b) were floated; c) is being floated.


9. Soon the financial results _______________ at the annual general


a) will be announced;   b) will announce;   c) announce.
10. The shipment may _______________        
a) be delayed;   b) was delayed; c) were delayed.
Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:          


Teст 16. The Passive Voice (part 2)


Выберите нужную форму глагола в пассивном залоге:


1. Equipment, tools and computers __________ in the manufacturing


a) is used; b) are used; c) used.  
2. Land, labour and capital __________ to produce goods.
a) are required; b) is required; c) required.
3. A free market _______________ by a government.
a) is not controlled; b) are not controlled; c) not controlled.
4. The US steel industry _______________ by imports of steel.
a) were being injured; b) was being injured; c) injured.
5. The goods ____________________ locally.  
a) are made and sold; b) was made and sold; c) is made and sold.
6. The money _______________ in an account in Hamburg.
a) are lodged; b) were lodged; c) was lodged.
7. All the prices in this shop _______________ down by 10 %.
a) have been marked; b) has been marked; c) marked.
8. The price of petrol _______________ by market forces.
a) are influenced; b) is influenced; c) influenced.
9. The product _________________________ throughout Europe.
a) is being marketed; b) are being marketed; c) marketed.
10. The market – place ____ always __________ on Saturdays.
a) is … crowded; b) were … crowded; c) are … crowded.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Тест 17. The Modal Verbs


Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав соответствующий модальный глагол:


1. You ____ send your resume to several companies. a) can; b) need; c) have.


2. You ____ not start your job search without a resume.

a) can; b) must; c) have.
3. He ____ to get up early.
a) has; b) must; c) can.
4.Do you _____ to travel on business?
a) can; b) must; c) have.


5.This phenomenon ____ be explained by economic laws. a) should; b) need; c) have to.


6.The company had gone bankrupt and _____ pay its creditors.


a) couldn’t; b) hadn’t; c) shouldn’t.
7. You ____ phoned me yesterday.
a) should have; b) may; c) might.


8. Our sales ____ exceed our forecast by 15%.

a) should; b) may; c) must.
9. They ____ deliver on time.
a) can; b) had; c) have.


10. ____ I take a comment at this point? a) Am; b) May; c) Must.


Оформите ответы в виде таблицы:



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


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