Contract (Time of Delivery, Payment) 

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Contract (Time of Delivery, Payment)

A representative of a British firm, Mr. Smith, contacts Petrov of Soyuzexport to discuss some problems they have had in chartering a vessel for the second consignment of coal.

Smith: I'm glad to say that so far the fulfillment of the Contract has been strictly according to the sched­ule. Today we've received the documents covering the first consignment. We've already checked the documents and we are going to effect payment the first thing tomorrow morning.

Petrov: That's fine. Soon you'll receive your second con­signment.

Smith: I'm afraid here we have some problems in getting a vessel of the necessary tonnage.

Petrov: Do you mean that you may not be able to meet the contractual time?

Smith: At the moment we're in the process of getting the required vessel. But unfortunately, much to our regret, we can get a vessel only for the beginning of October.

Petrov: I'm sorry to hear that.

Smith: If there is no objection on your part, we'd like to postpone the delivery time, issuing an amendment to the present Contract.

Petrov: Well, if that's the case. I believe it could be arranged.

Smith: Thank you very much indeed for your cooperation. We'll get the necessary documents ready for signa­ture by tomorrow.


Text 10


Talking Business


Soyuzimport is interested in buying pumps for a new shop of a large plant in Siberia. The shop is already under construction and the customers require the goods urgently, as they must complete the construction of the shop by the end of the year.

Borisov, a representative of Soyuzimport, who deals in this kind of equipment, got instructions to buy pumps from a British company. As soon as he arrived in London he cont­acted Bond & Co, a leading manufacturer of pumps. Mr. Stanley, the manager of the company, invited him to come to his office.


Borisov: Good morning! I'm Borisov. Here is my card.

Stanley: Glad to meet you, Mr. Borisov. Will you take a seat, please.

Borisov: Thank you.

Stanley: Did you have a good trip?

Borisov: Yes, it was quite nice, thank you.

Stanley: Have you seen any places of interest in London yet?

Borisov: Yes, but not many. I arrived in London only two days ago and it has rained all the time.

Stanley: Oh, I hope the weather will change for the better and it'll stop raining soon. You'll enjoy sightsee­ing in London. Well, Mr. Borisov, let's discuss business now. What can I do for you?

Borisov: We know you've started producing a new model of pumps. The quality of the model meets our requirements and we’d like to place an order with you. Can you make us an offer for 150 pumps?

Stanley: Sure! When would you like to have the pumps?

Borisov: We require the pumps for immediate shipment.

Stanley: Well, you see, Mr. Borisov, we're heavy with orders at the moment and can offer you only 50 pumps for now.

Borisov: And what about the balance of 100 pumps?

Stanley: We can start shipping them six months after we sign the contract. I think we can deliver the pumps in four lots of 25 pumps each at regular intervals within eight months. Is that all right with you?

Borisov: Not altogether. We require the pumps earlier. Could you start the deliveries, say, four months after we sign the contract?

Stanley: I'm afraid not. We can guarantee, however, that there won't be any delay in shipment.

Borisov: All right. I think we could agree to that.

Stanley: Is there anything else you'd like to discuss, Mr. Bo­risov?

Borisov: Yes, there's another point I'd like to clarify. It's about your delivery terms.

Stanley: As we can provide shipping facilities we usually sell our goods on CIF terms.

Borisov: Well, Mr. Stanley, we can accept your delivery terms. When shall we meet to discuss the price and terms of payment?

Stanley: Let's meet in two days' time. I've got a crowded programme tomorrow and the day after.

Borisov: Fine. Good-bye, Mr. Stanley.

Stanley: Good-bye, Mr. Borisov.

2. Read the following letters:


Business transactions usually start with enquiries. As a rule the prospective buyer gets the name and the address of the prospective seller either at an exhibition, from an advertisement in a newspaper, magazine, and thanks to a television or radio commercial. All these channels of infor­mation and advertising are very important. Enquiries can be sent by mail, by telex or by fax. Sometimes enquiries can be made orally, by telephone. In the enquiry the prospective buyer states in what goods exactly he is interested and asks for details on the price and terms of sale.


Here is a specimen enquiry:

The Sales Department 12 May, 20.. Southern Importers Ltd. Dane Street Northam Southampton S09 4YQ   Dear Sirs, We are a large record store in the centre of Manchester and would like to know more about the tapes and cassettes you advertised in this month's edition of Hi Fi News. Could you tell us if the cassettes are leading brand names, or made by small independent companies, and if they would be suitable for recording classical music or only dictations and messages? It would also be helpful if you could send us some samples. If they are of the standard we require, we will place a substantial order. We would also like to know if you are offering any trade discounts. We are looking forward to hearing from you in the near future. Yours faithfully, J. Alien Director A.X.C. Records Ltd.


After considering the enquiry for some time the prospective seller sends an offer in reply.

The offer usually quotes the price and stipulates terms of delivery, terms of payment, time of delivery and some other necessary details.

Here is a specimen reply-offer:


Mr. J. Alien. 16 May 20..


A. C. Records Ltd. 41 Broadway Manchester M2 5BP.

Dear Mr. Alien,

Thank you for your enquiry of 12 May in which you asked about the tapes we advertised in this month’s edition of Hi Fi News.

The cassettes are ferrous based and high quality chromium dioxide which as you know means they would be suitable for any type of recording. They are Kolby products which is a brand name you will certainly recognize. Our prices are low and quite competitive as we are working on a small profit margin, therefore we will not be offering any trade discounts on this consignment.

But we sell a wide range of cassettes and we enclose a pricelist giving you details of trade, quantity, and cash discounts on our other products.

We have sent, by separate: post, samples of the advertised cassettes and other brands we stock. We would urge you to place an order as soon as possible as there has been a huge response to our advertisement. Thank you for your interest and await your reply.

Yours faithfully, B. Lyndon

Southern Importers Ltd.

End, price-list



P. Lynk & Co. Ltd

(Head office), Nesson House, Newell Street, Birmingham БЗ 3EL.

Telephone: 021-327 5385

Cables: MENFINCH Birmingham

Telex: 556241

Fax transmission

Message for: D. Causio

From: K. Pane

Address: Satex S.p.A., Via di Pietra Papa, 00167

Date: 24 January 2006

Fax number: (06) 394 8629

Dear Mr. Causio,

This is an urgent request for a consignment to replace the damaged delivery that we received, and about which you have already been informed.

Please airfreight the following items:

Cat. no. Quantity

PN40 60

AG20 75

L28 100

The damaged consignment will be returned to you on receipt of the replacement.

Yours sincerely,

K. Pane

Chief Buyer


Let's Laugh a Little

* * *

Stewardess: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to American flight to New York. You are on board the super liner of the latest design. We are glad to inform you that our super liner has 2 restaurants, 3 bars, a swimming pool, dance floor, video salon and tennis court. And now, ladies and gentlemen, with all these things we shall try to take off.


* * *

The hotel clerk was astonished to see a guest parading through the foyer in a pair of pyjamas.

"Here, what are you doing?"

"Excuse me," apologized the guest. "I am a somnambu­list."

"Well," sneered the clerk, "you can't walk around here like that, no matter what your religion is!"

* * *

Irate guest: Look here, the rain is simply pouring through the roof of my bathroom!

Summer hotel manager: Absolutely according to ourprospectus, sir. Running water in every room.

* * *

Employee: Sir, can you let me off tomorrow to go to Christmas

shopping with my wife? Employer: Certainly, not! We're too busy! Employee: Thank you very much! You're very kind!


* * *

Customer: I want a cheap coat hanger. Shop assistant: Yes, sir. One dollar.

Customer: A dollar! Is there nothing cheaper? Shop assistant: Yes, sir. A nail.

* * *

Waiter (looking at the window): It looks like rain, sir.

Customer (starting his soup): And it tastes like it too!

* * *


Customer: Ihave only twenty dollars. What can you recom­mend?

Waiter: I recommend you to go to another restaurant.


* * *

A business letter

Sir, my secretary, being a lady, cannot type what I think of you. I, being a gentleman, cannot think it. You, being neither, will understand what I mean.

* * *

Businessman: Yes, when I first came to New York I had only a dollar in my pocket with which to make a start.

Interviewer: Great! And how did you invest this dollar?

Businessman: Used it to pay for a telegram home for more money.







Yes, no insurance. That's too much. As a special concession. It's a deal. Welcome to Moscow.   We'll settle everything. I've seen to that.   My best apologies... May I have... So far... Anyway... Moreover... I've got a point to make.     First thing in the morning Да, 6ез страхования. Это слишком много (дорого). В качестве особой уступки. Договорились. Добро пожаловать в Москву. (Рад вас видеть в Москве.) Мы все решим (уладим). Я уже занимался этим. (Я уже проследил за этим). Приношу извинения... Разрешите взять... Пока (до сих пор)... Во всяком случае... Более того... У меня есть один вопрос. (Я хотел бы обсудить один вопрос.) С самого утра



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