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Передумови розвитку американської літератури другої половини 19 ст. Пізнійромантизм, трансценденталізм. Розвиток реалістичних ідей в американській літературі 19 ст. The Theory of Natural Selection По специальности «Зоотехния» по специальности «Зоотехния» ПЕРЕЛІК ПОЗНАЧЕНЬ ТА СКОРОЧЕНЬ Мотивований вибір СУБД для реалізації проекту Received results of working with database Проектування збережених процедур Розробка механізмів управління даними в базі за допомогою тригерів РЕКЛАМА И СВЯЗИ С ОБЩЕСТВЕННОСТЬЮ I. Методические указания и материалы к лекциям и практическим занятиям Подготовительный этап (внеаудторно) Оценка личности Ивана IV и его деятельности. Российское государство в 1918–1921 гг. СССР в условиях «холодной войны» (сер. 1940-нач. 1990-х гг.) Максимальный балл на экзамене – 25 баллов Материалы принимаются до 1 декабря текущего года Wyznaczniki roli USA jako jedynego mocarstwa globalnego. Definicja integracji europejskiej Szczyt NATO w Bukareszcie 2-4 kwietnia 2008 Polityka USA, jej cele, strategia i taktyka, n mechanizmy usprawniania reakcji OBWE na kryzysy poprzez przyspieszenie formowania nowych misji w terenie (system REACT). Read the text and match the headings (A-F) to the paragraphs (1-5). There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. HOW THE INTERNET HAS CHANGED BUYING AND SELLING Read the text and decide if the statements (1-10) are true (T) or false (F). Read the text and match the headings (A-G) to the paragraphs (1-6). There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. The geographical position of the USA, its climate, the major rivers, lakes, mountain ranges; some general information about the country. The European exploration of the North American continent (Spanish, Dutch, French, German territories). The Great Depression and the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The structure of the Federal Government. The system of checks and balances. Regional division of the US: The South (general characteristics, major cities, economy, culture, etc.) What was this person’s contribution to American or world culture or science? Why we Love Junk Food to Healthy Food? Online shopping vs traditional shopping Geographical position of Great Britain Parts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Oliver Cromwell and the Commonwealth Place to visit in the United Kingdom Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768-1834) Heidegger's hermeneutic circle Three dimensions of intention Environment of the Demon Realms Varieties of the Demon Realm Elementalists and Elemental Magic Demon Realms / cultivated in fields The Demon Realm's Farming Situation Demon Realm / humid forests and caves The Demon Realm's Cooking Situation Collected/received from Arachne monsters The Demon Realm's Sightseeing Situation Collected from “Fairy” monsters, and “fairy hugger” Tentacle Plants The roots of the union between England, Scotland, Wa1es and Northern Ireland. Elizabeth I and her Golden Era. Jacobite Revolt and the destiny оf Scotland. Let’s talk about shopping and money. What do you know about the history of money? Do you like shopping? Why (not)? II 1.Let’s talk about shopping. Who does the shopping in your family? Facts and stereotypes about Vikings in brief. APPENDIX A: Princes of Kievan Rus (acc. to Historical Atlas of the Vikings) I. Укажите номера предложений, в которых сказуемое стоит в группе простых времен VI. Укажите номера предложений, в которых инфинитив переводится на русский язык определительным придаточным предложением, вводимым союзом «который» Раздел III. Укажите соответствия Conflict is normal in human relationships, and conflict is a motor of change. The Lenses of Conflict Transformation Defining Conflict Transformation Connecting Resolution and Transformation Figure 1: The Big Picture of Conflict Transformation Figure 2: Change as a Circle Figure 4: Transformational Platform Develop the capacity to pose What questions do these lenses raise? Вторая половина XVII в.: церковная реформа Revision of TOK Year 1 Areas of Knowledge Natural sciences, human sciences, mathematics, the arts Complete the lead-in text using the words and phrases given. How far do you agree or disagree with the statements? Complete the lead-in text using the words and phrases given. Who made these remarks on superstitions? Напишите эссе на тему «Конфуцианство – религия или идеология?». Stylistic classification of the English vocabulary. Лексические средства создания образности и выразительности речи. Синтаксические средства повышения выразительности речи. THE PRONOUN AND ITS STYLISTIC POTENTIAL The aim: to reach an agreement and to state the conditions binding 2 parties in an undertaking. Criteria of borrowings in English. Объем и границы фразеологии. Предмет Ф. Лексикография и её связь с лексикологией. Исторические и экономические причины распространения английского языка за пределы Англии. Relations between Phonetics and Phonology Stress Tendencies in Modern English та кемалістська модернізація країни (1920-30-і рр.) And their languages laid the foundation of the English language and their literature was the beginning of English one. The period of late enlightenment The 2nd half of the 19th century-the beginning of the 20th cent. При обсуждении диссертации выступил научный руководитель, д.ф.н., к.и.н., проф. А.Л. Вассоевич. Раздел 11. Глагол и его формы. Омельченко Е.Л., Сабирова Г.А. Личное и коллективное историческое сознание, субъективность и эмоции. Оценка значимых исторических событий Великая Отечественная Война и массовое историческое сознание Ежегодный сборник с 2003 года, в котором есть раздел – памятные даты. Историческая память – оценки прошлого, ожидания будущего. В Особенности турецкого языка В Суффиксы множественного числа: -lar (-ler) А У вас есть братья или сестры? Б В магазине фруктов и овощей Б Какая сегодня будет погода? Желать скорейшего выздоровления Unit I GEOLOGY AND THE EARTH Mechanical weathering can occur by frost wedging, abrasion, organic activity thermal expansion and contraction, and pressure-release fracturing. TYPES OF METAMORPHISM AND METAMORPHIC ROCKS Main Periods in the History of the English Language Classification of the Germanic Languages Linguistic Features of the Germanic Languages Historical Background and Linguistic Situation Middle English Period in the History of the English Language The Development of Consonant System in Middle English and New English The Development of the Adjective Read and learn the following words. Translate these international words, pronounce them property with the help of dictionary. Transform the following sentences from Active into Passive. Translate the sentences. Translate these groups of words (derivatives). Pay atten- tion to the suffixes and prefixes Составитель: Матвиенко Л.М., What do you know about Great Britain? Here is a short test. Choose the correct answer. Read the two texts again and circle the correct answer. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (3) In this unit you’re going to learn about a turning point in American history, but there are lots of famous dates in the history of the USA. Match the date to the important event. Mark the sentences as T (true), F (false) or D (don’t know). Find out 21 words. The definitions below will help you. Match the definitions and the people in the court. If you ran into difficulties, look through the text above. Read the text again and circle the correct answer. Complete the sentences with one of the words given below. Text 2. THE SUFFRAGETTE MOVEMENT Text 5. THE ENGLISH AND AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONS V. Choose the right word or word-combination. Political Parties of Great Britain VI. Переведите предложения, содержащие модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты. Section III. Lexical – grammar tests II. Письменно переведите 4-й и 5-й абзацы текста. At the Crime Scene: Scene Recognition At the Crime Scene: Scene Documentation At the Crime Scene: Finding the Evidence Footwear Impressions and Tool Marks How Facial Recognition Systems Work Current and Future Uses of Facial Recognition Systems How Witness Protection Works Falling Off the Face of the Earth Doesn't the DNA evidence raise new questions? International Labour Organisation Property rights and contractual rights Differences between civil law and common law systems Types of judicial jurisdiction Jurisdiction in the United States Part One THE ENGLISH WORD AS A STRUCTURE THE THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL VALUE OF ENGLISH LEXICOLOGY THE CONNECTION OF LEXICOLOGY WITH PHONETICS, STYLISTICS, GRAMMAR AND OTHER BRANCHES OF LINGUISTICS AND SEMANTIC MOTIVATION OF WORDS THE LEXICAL MEANING VERSUS NOTION DENOTATIVE AND CONNOTATIVE MEANING EXTRALINGUISTIC CAUSES OF SEMANTIC CHANGE MORPHEMES. FREE AND BOUND FORMS. MORPHOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION OF WORDS. WORD-FAMILIES ANALYSIS INTO IMMEDIATE CONSTITUENTS DERIVATIONAL AND FUNCTIONAL AFFIXES THE VALENCY OF AFFIXES AND STEMS. WORD-BUILDING PATTERNS AND THEIR MEANING DEFINITIONS AND INTRODUCTORY REMARKS SPECIFIC FEATURES OF ENGLISH COMPOUNDS REDUPLICATION AND MISCELLANEA OF COMPOSITION THE HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF ENGLISH COMPOUNDS NEW WORD-FORMING PATTERNS IN COMPOSITION GRAPHICAL ABBREVIATIONS. ACRONYMS MINOR TYPES OF LEXICAL OPPOSITIONS. SOUND INTERCHANGE CONVERSION AND OTHER TYPES OF WORD-FORMATION SIMILARITY AND DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SET EXPRESSION AND A WORD FEATURES ENHANCING UNITY AND STABILITY OF SET EXPRESSIONS HOMONYMY TREATED SYNCHRONICALLY LEXICAL VARIANTS AND PARONYMS THE ENGLISH VOCABULARY AS AN ADAPTIVE SYSTEM. NEOLOGISMS MORPHOLOGICAL AND LEXICO-GRAMMATICAL GROUPING THEMATIC AND IDEOGRAPHIC GROUPS. THE THEORIES OF SEMANTIC FIELDS. HYPONYMY THE OPPOSITION OF EMOTIONALLY COLOURED AND EMOTIONALLY NEUTRAL VOCABULARY COLLOQUIAL WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS STANDARD ENGLISH VARIANTS AND DIALECTS British spelling American spelling CANADIAN, AUSTRALIAN AND INDIAN VARIANTS SOME OF THE MAIN PROBLEMS OF LEXICOLOGY HOMEWORK PACK for the GROUP of TOURISM STUDENTS Use the prepositions below to complete the prepositional phrases that are used in the following sentences. Some of them are used more than once. Miami – the place to be seen Complete the text with a suitable relative pronoun in each space (including of which). Leave the space blank if this is possible. Match a word in A to a word in B to make noun phrases, then complete the sentences. Armour arrowhead landscapes pottery canvas shields sketches statues watercolours portrait Can you add two or more words to each list ? Geodesy and Cartography for Cadastral Engineers Part 1. Geodesy as a Science From the History of Geodetic Tools Part 2. Mapping and Surveying Classified roads, contour lines, elevation, mean sea level, projection, relief, topography, unclassified roads, UTM grid Исторический источник и его роль в процессе познания. Законодательные акты на различных этапах существования советского строя. Их разновидности и методика анализа. Основные направления и этапы развития советской периодической печати. Основные исторические и социологические проблемы в историографии различных направлений Отечественная историография последней трети ХIХ – начала ХХ в. Периодизация развития отечественной историографии Отечественная историография первых двух третей ХIХ в. Отечественная историография первых двух третей XIХ в. Вопрос 2. Становление архивного дела в Киевской Руси Порядок учета и хранения архивов в петровскую и постпетровскую эру Професія моєї мрії. Часові форми теперішнього часу The Search For the Perfect Job Features of a control system for enterprises with potentially explosive (1.14, с. 103) Classification of explosion dangerous areas Fig. 1 - 52. Scheme of intrinsically safe I / O on the basis of IS RIO Fig. 1 - 55. Delta-archiving by process variable
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