From liberation to consolidation towards the European Federation 

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From liberation to consolidation towards the European Federation


Russia has the potential to become our worst enemy or our best friend. I believe the latter even though multiculturalism (anti-nationalism) still is a factor Russia.

As for the realistic outlooks in phase 2, it will be too hard for small countries to be the first to break out of the multicultural (EUSSR/US) hegemony. Many of the smaller countries aren't self sufficient on food production so they will suffer hard when the EU/US responds with a full boycott and psychological warfare campaign by the hand of the MSM (and they will for sure, remember how Austria and Serbia was demonised a few years ago).

Russia will not reveal its intentions for a small European country due to tactical reasons. The reason is that Russia knows that in order to fulfill the minimum of the requirements as a trustworthy cultural and military partner it has to at least partly seize its union with Muslim nations like Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Russia must either chose between its Muslim Siberian course or the newly liberated W. European allies. Russia will be unwilling to do this for anything less than “an attractive” option. A small European country alone does not fulfill Russia’s minimum demands to change its current path. Thus we are depending on that France, Germany or UK breaks out of the current hegemony first.

I have little faith in the cultural and political self confidence of Germany. They are still suffering from severe psychological trauma from WW2 which leaves either France or the UK. Neither country has managed to successfully convert anti-Marxist/Islamic/mass immigration sentiment into successful political opposition yet although this is slowly changing.

Italy and Denmark have managed to do this to a certain degree so the potential is there. However, they may feel they are too small/insignificant alone to take the full step. They currently lack the self confidence to break out of the hegemony because they are not yet ready and they will thread carefully and avoid taking unnecessary chances.

One of the three larger European nations will and must break out eventually, I estimate within 20-70 years. As soon as Germany, France or the UK does, we will see a few smaller nations breaking out with them as well. At this point, Russia will be ready with support. A new type of cultural and military alliance will be born (not necessarily political as all nations involved will have complete sovereignty). A cultural conservative “European Federation” will be born.


I believe Russia will be an essential partner in this future process as the first country breaking out will rely heavily on Russia.

The first country breaking out of the current EUSSR/US hegemony will encounter numerous problems. This is the reason why I don’t think Italy or any small country will have the courage to go first. Even Serbia chose submission to the EUSSR/US hegemony rather than take the risk of ending up as a new Belarus.

The outlook of breaking out first as a mini-country is too horrid. Because the current EUSSR/US will consider this act as a potential existential threat and will do ANYTHING to prevent it from happening. They will hit hard and use all the available tools in their arsenal. They are likely to initiate the most devastating media campaign in history (psychological warfare) against that country in order to manipulate the public consensus. They will use all diplomatic, economical and perhaps even eventually military measures to state an example and prevent the process from completing and spread to other countries. This is the reason why a country cannot do this alone and will rely on other countries. Because if that first country succeeds it will be the beginning of the end for the EUSSR/US hegemony. That country will in the beginning be completely isolated from the EU/US, it will be kicked out of NATO and every relevant international organisation. It will be overwhelmingly ridiculed, demonised and abused. It’s a nightmare scenario for any country and the people will suffer to a certain degree during this transitional period.


It will take a very long time before we are at this crossroad but it will happen eventually – because multiculturalism (especially when Islam is involved) is a self-defeating ideology. As soon as the first big country breaks out the EUs fate will be sealed. It will either implode or it will have to become stalinistic.

I wouldn't count on the US. They have too many problems of their own and Obama is turning the country into the USASSR. The US became a victim of self defeat the moment (this happened during the 80s) the Democratic and Republican Party decided (against the wishes of the people) that they were not going to be a European Christian country anymore.

Many will claim that even France and the UK are already doomed and that there is no hope. Those pessimists should study history, especially the Lebanon scenario more closely. Remember the Lebanon example, once a Christian country (80% Christians in 1911). When Islam became dominant (60% Muslims in 1970) they became so confident that they (the Ummah) indirectly declared war, for allegedly conspiring with the Israelis. The Christians lost in 1990 and now there is less than 25% left.


Prior to the civil war in Lebanon, much like Europe today; the country was controlled by Marxist/humanist appeasers of Islam. Just like in Europe they allowed Islamic demographical warfare to a point which lead them to civil war when Islam reached 60% in the 1970s. The only reason why the “Christian nationalists” lost was because the neighbouring Muslim countries helped their fellow Muslims while Europe (especially France, who was now in bed with the global Ummah) did little to help their eastern Christian cousin. Another reason why they lost was because too many who should have fought ran away and emigrated to Europe and the US.

Just like in Lebanon, the Muslims will become overconfident in Germany, the UK and France eventually (we are already seeing clear signs of this). Germany, France or the UK will come to their senses. Europeans will gradually understand what our elites are doing and will begin to wage a guerilla war. There will be sporadic attacks in phase 1 (1999-2030) but the attacks will intensify until the point where a window of opportunity will arise during phase 2 (2030-2070) where the European nationalists will successfully seize power. This is how the Europeans will win. We will win due to the simple fact that we have nowhere to go, while our colonisers still have their homelands intact.

France is likely to be the first country breaking out. Remember that they are the epi-center of Islamisation in Europe with 12% Muslims (as of 2008). Marseilles is THE epicenter, with 38% Muslims now (2008).

So, in aprox 20-70 years the first major W. European country will break out and seek a federation with Russia. If this country will be the UK, Germany or France is to early to determine at this point (although France is the likely choice). Italy, Serbia, Austria, Chech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia and a few other countries will join, followed by others.

This will result in a similar process in the US. Several states are likely to break out at one point although it is much harder to predict an American outcome. These new states may join this new nationalistic European Federation providing they support the ideological doctrines. Australia and other European countries are likely to join at one point as well.

Hopefully it will be the beginning of the end for multiculturalism countries formerly known as the EUSSR/USASSR cultural hegemony.



Possible timeline for the creation and growth of the European Federation:



2040-2083: France or the UK + Italy + 5 smaller countries + Russia


2083-2110: The rest of Europe + Russia


2110-2150: Europe (with Russia) + parts of the former US (after the civil war) – Western and eastern Anatolia territory liberated by European Federation forces and annexed and reunited with Armenia and Greece, + Middle Eastern strategy



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