A preliminary discussion of a few phases 

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A preliminary discussion of a few phases


If the governments of a European country during the coming decades show an unwillingness to protect its European citizens from the inroads of Islamists, this attitude will sooner or later lead to violent conflicts between the traditional or new political anti-jihad forces, and the radical Islamic movement. It seems highly possible that the development phases 2-3 may last a long time in societies with strong democratic traditions, a good educational system and – from the beginning - a fairly homogenous ethnic population. The infiltration and dissemination of political Islam's values among non-Muslims and moderate Muslims will then during a long period be carried out mainly with non-violent means. The methods of this missionary and pre-Revolutionary work during phases 2-4 show a pattern which will be analysed later. That work is often structured according to principles laid down by e g the Moslem Brotherhood for the expansion of political Islam in European countries.
This growth of Islamic influence can be counteracted by certain laws and policies. The acceptance of such laws and rules by the majority will probably in many countries be dependant on how far a country has advanced towards violent conflict between the population groups. Gullible socialists and anti-Western parties in a western country may decide not to stop the slide down the slope toward more and more violence. They will prevent employment of the firm methods which can stop the journey towards civil war. But sooner or later - if the traditional parties will not protect the European population against the continuous expansion of radical Islamic demands and actions - the European population will shift their political preferences to nationalistic parties. It is a sign of real weakness if traditional political parties are not able to handle the new danger correctly. If they don't and new political forces get into power, protective measures will be realised in those countries. The policy measures will eliminate the possibility of an un-integrated Muslim population group to take over and dominate the country politically and religiously.


So it is not so much a question about if the measures in sect 2 and 4 will be adopted. The main question is instead w h e n. Will a lot of civil strife - perhaps even an insurgency - happen before definite measures are taken? Will a lot of valuable time, a large number of lives, and huge amounts of wealth be wasted before today's politicians understand what really is happening, or they are exchanged and correct measures are taken?


The proposed policies will stop the development towards more and more influence for traditional Islam and violence and – in the end – insurgency and perhaps civil war. They will lead to Muslims integrating into the society with values that resist traditional - and therefore political - Islam.


An exceptional case is that the phases 4-5 are more or less bypassed and Muslims are allowed to grow to become a majority in a country. Feeling its new power, the new government will then soon start to take away the freedoms and human rights of non-Muslims. This breaks the bonds between the citizens of the country, and the original population will defend its ancient values of freedom, and an insurgency and later a civil war will ensue. However, the government will in this case be favourable towards radical Islam, and the army will then be paralyzed. The European officer corps and the non-commissioned officers have not yet been replaced. Non-Muslims will later according to the rules of dhimmitude not be allowed to own weapons, or be part of the armed forces. The fighting will be carried out by militias.


A calm and orderly transformation to dhimmitude for the non-Muslim part of the population combined with widespread emigration of Europeans is improbable. So even in these circumstances with a Muslim majority, civil war will erupt, and Muslims and non-Muslims in different European countries will intervene and help each other.


Each one of the phases above deserves its own detailed description and analysis.








2.43 Islamisation process of Western countries from 1% to 100%


The constant process of the Islamisation of a country sets forward from small issues and the specific demands/requirements develop and increase progressively with the increase of Muslims percentage wise in a country. First batch of demands issues are noticeable already when the Muslim population are at 1% increasing until they become 90 and then 100%


Historical case studies available are Lebanon, Kosovo, Kashmir, Egypt etc.

When the politically correct (cultural Marxists/multiculturalists) agree to 'the reasonable' Muslim demands for their 'religious rights,' they also get the other components under the table. Here's how it works (percentages source CIA: The World Fact Book (2007)).


From 1-5%


As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone. In fact, they may be featured in articles and films, stereotyped for their colourful uniqueness:

At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytise from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs:


From 5-10%

From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.

They will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves -- along with threats for failure to comply. (United States).

At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the entire world.


From 10-20%

When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions (Paris --car-burnings). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats (Amsterdam - Mohammed cartoons).

Guyana -- Muslim 10%
India -- Muslim 13.4%
Israel -- Muslim 16%
Kenya -- Muslim 10%
Russia -- Muslim 10-15%


After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning:


Ethiopia -- Muslim 32.8%



From 40-60%

At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare:

Bosnia -- Muslim 40%
Chad -- Muslim 53.1%
Lebanon -- Muslim 59.7%



From 60-80%

From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:

Albania -- Muslim 70%
Malaysia -- Muslim 60.4%
Qatar -- Muslim 77.5%
Sudan -- Muslim 70%



From 80-100%

After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide:

Bangladesh -- Muslim 83%
Egypt -- Muslim 90%
Gaza -- Muslim 98.7%
Indonesia -- Muslim 86.1%
Iran -- Muslim 98%
Iraq -- Muslim 97%
Jordan -- Muslim 92%
Morocco -- Muslim 98.7%
Pakistan -- Muslim 97%
Palestine -- Muslim 99%
Syria -- Muslim 90%
Tajikistan -- Muslim 90%
Turkey -- Muslim 99.8%
United Arab Emirates -- Muslim 96%


100% will usher in the peace of 'Dar-es-Salaam' -- the Islamic House of Peace -- there's supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim:

Afghanistan -- Muslim 100%
Saudi Arabia -- Muslim 100%
Somalia -- Muslim 100%
Yemen -- Muslim 99.9%


Of course, that's not the case. To satisfy their blood lust, Muslims then start killing each other for a variety of reasons (Arabisation being one reason[1]).

'Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world and all of us against the infidel. – Leon Uris, 'The Haj'

It is good to remember that in many, many countries, such as France, the Muslim populations are centered around ghettos based on their ethnicity. Muslims do not integrate into the community at large. Therefore, they exercise more power than their national average would indicate.


100% All non-Muslims have been annihilated, emigrated from the country or have converted to Islam.





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1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabization



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