Dealing with journalists - authorising your own character assassination by the multiculturalist PC press. 

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Dealing with journalists - authorising your own character assassination by the multiculturalist PC press.


When being confronted, approach all journalists with extreme prejudice. Several overviews confirm that Western European journalists are not representative of the opinion of the people but instead represent a cultural Marxist, humanist and globalist world view. A Norwegian poll conducted in 2009 showed that 98% of Norwegian journalism students supported political parties in support of multiculturalism[1] (whereas only 50% of the native population show support), 70%+ support socialist parties (whereas only 50% of the native population show support). As cultural conservatives and anti-multiculturalists we are by default perceived as enemies and we should be aware of this prior to any encounter. European news agencies are not objective in any way, they are not free. Instead, journalists should be considered as multiculturalist political warriors and overwhelmingly left wing political activists with a clear and defined political agenda working systematically to contribute to safeguard the political doctrines of multiculturalism and political correctness in general. As a cultural conservative, agreeing to interviews unconditionally would be the same as authorising your own “character assassination”. They will cross cut any given interview and label you as a racist, fascist or Nazi. If there are no links to racists, fascists or Nazis they will create these links. F example, they will review all your facebook contacts and actively look for anyone or anything (even small insignificant factors) in order to link you to anything or anyone racist, fascist or nazi. If you are perceived as a political threat they will even go as far as trying to label you as a paedophile or an insane person. When they have decided to kill your character (or rather the credibility of your name) they will most likely succeed. They have done this with tens of thousands of European political dissidents already (cultural conservatives) and they will continue with this efficient method. That is their purpose. Do not forget it and do not allow them to succeed. These are some of the reasons why journalists are so dangerous.


As we all know, Western Europe today lacks the balance of cultural conservative news agencies. A majority of countries do not have any objective agencies but are rather completely monopolised by multiculturalist agencies or rather political entities. Unless you are a master at this game you should never give direct interviews and you should never agree to give interviews unconditionally. In order to protect yourself you should create clear and concise conditions before giving comments to the press. These conditions must be signed on behalf of the news agency (not just the specific journalist) and must apply to all future use of the specific given comments or interview.


An example on the conditions given to a news agency:


The journalist of xxx company can present five question he/she feels are relevant (these questions will most likely attempt to undermine you or your cause or will provoke you to give sensitive comments which can later be quoted out of context). The individual giving the interview will present the digital cover images and five questions (which will indirectly/directly defend his cause or actions). All answers are forwarded in writing (after the questions have been forwarded to the interview object and approved by both parties).


The answers (given by the individual interviewed) to each of the ten questions must be published without alteration. If you allow the news agency to provide the images they will usually select unflattering samples with the goal of acknowledging few or no good aspects of the interview object.


If the journalist does not agree to these terms there will be no interview. These conditions must be signed by the journalist on behalf of the news agency and must be included in the bottom of the interview (comments given in this interview are not allowed to be quoted out of context or given entity will be sued).


This agreement in writing should be confirmed by the individual’s lawyer or any neutral third party.


I see tens of examples of cultural conservatives who annually “trust the good judgment of the journalist and ends up being severely ridiculed and damaged as he/she is being perceived as a bigot. There are too many people out there who indirectly authorise their own “character assassination”.


Learn who your enemies are and learn to play the game!






Understanding the fundaments behind multiculturalism; From Titans To Lemmings: The Suicide of Europe

By Reconquista

Comment on - From Titans To Lemmings – Part 2 (by author of 2083):


The following essay includes an assessment and conclusions around the anti-European or “anti-white” racist aspects of multiculturalism. At first, I hesitated to include anything including the word race, white or ethnicity, mainly because I instinctively dislike writing about anything related to these words. I was brought up that way (indoctrinated in a multiculturalist system for 30 years to be more precise). Partly, I also convinced myself originally that I was first and foremost against Islam, and that writing about skin colour (or multiculturalism for that matter) would only complicate this fight. In this regard I attempted to replace the term with more compromising expressions: the words culture, native European or ethnic group.

However, after thinking about it for some time, I find that very few of the arguments against certain terms hold true. I am tired of ideological censorship. We can’t really ignore some terms entirely if we are to make a completely honest evaluation and understand the anti-European or “anti-white” aspects of multiculturalism. In many cases, it is simply impossible to replace the term with less “offensive” words. Generally speaking though, Europeans usually identify using the word “European” and not white, which is rather the preferred word in the US. The author makes several good points and it’s essential that you read it in order to understand many aspects of multiculturalism (European/white guilt complex). Western nations can never mount a defence against Muslim colonisation/invasion if this is always dismissed as “racism.” But above all, if you believe that non-white racism exists, it is actually immoral not to deal with the problem and its victims. I am convinced that not just non-white, but especially anti-white racism is real and a very underestimated phenomena.


In the first part of this series of essays about the suicide of Europe, I stated that what is happening to the indigenous peoples of Western Europe and our cultures - amounts to a merciless and bloody genocide. Amazingly, it is a genocide in which many members of the native Europeans are playing a willing and active part and I posed a question:

How can a culture that created the greatest and most advanced societies in human history, societies that held the highest hope for the whole of mankind, reach a point where its future survival is now threatened?

The Judeo-Christian religions played an important and influential role in building the once mighty West but we also discovered that these religions contained a serious flaw that has sewed the seeds of the suicidal demise of the indigenous peoples of Western Europe and our cultures. This flaw was identified by the brilliant German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who described it as " an inversion of morality " whereby the weak, the poor, the meek, the oppressed and the wretched are virtuous and blessed by God whereas the strong, the wealthy, the noble and the powerful are the immoral and damned by the vengeful almighty Yahweh for eternity.

Nietzsche, with great insight and perception, stated that Christianity would be abandoned en masse in the twentieth century but that Westerners would still cling to this inversion of morality. I then described how Marxists and Liberals exploit this inversion of morality by creating large numbers of " victim groups ", groups who form minorities in Western society but whose " victim status " is used to dictate morality to the majority. In Western - European - societies, the weak now lead the strong, indeed, the game being played in these societies is not to make the weak strong it is to make the strong weak.

Should any person have the temerity to criticise any one of these " victim " groups, they will be viciously smeared and deemed guilty of numerous hate-crimes, the new heresy of the Liberal-Multicultural religion. The plain fact that this situation is destroying the west because it flies in the face of Mother nature - a catastrophic mistake only the native Europeans are committing - matters not a jot to these new pious inquisitors.

Multiculturalists prosecute their self-righteous moral crusade by proudly championing the cause of anybody who they deem to be weak and oppressed. Blinded by smug piety or driven by hatred for their own, they march the indigenous peoples of Western Europe and our cultures into the abyss as they vigorously and myopically pursue one of the most unnatural, childish and ultimately futile illusions ever created in human history:


Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

The core principle of liberals and multiculturalists is that everybody is equal. In the fluffy bunny la-la land of these vain zealots, the sexes are equal; all ethnic groups are equal; all sexuality is equal; all children are equal and children are equal to adults; animals are equal to humans; all cultures are equal and all religions are equal. For anybody to discriminate against anybody else and assert superiority is to establish inequality and inequality simply must not - indeed will not - be tolerated.

This is the utopian fantasy world of the lion lying down with the lamb in the eternal tranquillity of Shangri La. A futile, self-destructive pursuit of the unattainable that requires a denial of the competitive reality of life on planet earth and a continual inversion of morality in a doomed attempt to put right the " mistakes " committed by Mother Nature.

The pursuit of equality can be accurately summed up in a very short sentence: Pursuing equality is to clash with Mother nature. Nature abhors a vacuum but she also abhors equality and this is easily demonstrated.

Look at males and females. Are all males equal? Some males possess physical strength while others are physically weak. Some are tall, some short and some in-between. Some men possess the courage of a lion, others the courage of a French toy poodle. Some possess great intelligence and inquiring minds, some the gifts of craftsmanship, a lucky few possess both and sadly, many will possess neither. Some men are born to lead, others born to follow.

Equality is just as scarce among the fairer sex. There are beautiful women who can turn the heads of every red-blooded male and others who go about their daily business without raising a single admiring glance. There are women who want to be home-makers and mothers who have many children, others place their careers before all else and do not want a family. We have women who are active and love sport, others who prefer a more sedentary lifestyle. Then there are women who are feisty and bubbly, others who are quiet and shy. Of course, there are many more differences between people but the point is made.

Like it or not, men are in the main, physically stronger than women and nature has evolved the sexes for different tasks that ensure human survival just as nature does with all species. All men are not equal, all women are not equal and the sexes are not and never can be equal. This does not mean that any one is any better or has more value as a human being than any other and to suggest so is disingenuous, spiteful and born from bitter resentment. Inequality among and between species is simply the way life is on planet earth for all species including humans.

Take feminism as an example. Feminists claim that women have been victims of men, that men have oppressed women for centuries and that the sexes are equal. Denying this will result in the smears " misogynist " and " male chauvinist pig ". But equalising the sexes has led to a crippling feminisation of Western society and I will elaborate upon this vitally important issue next time. But portraying women as oppressed victims and the equals of males is one example of how the pursuit of equality is being used to destroy our society and undermine - and therefore be in conflict with - Mother nature.

Trivial Pursuit

The pursuit of equality becomes even more futile when applied to equality of ethnic groups. If I say:

"The black African is, by and large, physically stronger than other races and in sports, blacks generally make the best boxers and the best sprinters and long distance runners, I will get nods of agreement. "

But if I say: "Whites are generally more intelligent and creative than blacks and have, throughout human history, solved the problems presented to the human race by Mother nature far more effectively than blacks have", I will be vilified as a racist.

Yet both statements are firmly grounded in fact.

It's a similar story with religion. If I say: " Judaism and Christianity are two religions whose morality and values took mankind further than any other religion and they are largely peaceful and tolerant religions ", it would be difficult to disagree with me.

But if I say: " Islam is an evil, retarded and supremacist death-cult that refuses to afford women and unbelievers respect and the most basic of human rights because Islam advocates violence to force submission to Allah ", I will be smeared as an " Islamophobe " and a " racist ".

Not only that, I will then be - as I have been many times - subjected to the ordeal of listening to a demented liberal blow hard irrationally shrieking that all religions are equal, that Judaism and Christianity also have their violent fanatics and that it's all a question of " interpretation ".

A pack of lies and distortions follow all to support the childish Liberal fantasy of equality, exactly in keeping with Nietzsche's description of inverting morality so as to always portray the strong West as ignoble by asserting that it only became powerful by oppressing other people. The Crusades in particular being the favoured " trump card" in debates about Islam even though the Crusades came in response to the massacre of Byzantine Christians by Muslim jihadists who were surely " extremists who were not representative of the Islamic faith. "

But facts are discounted at will by devout Liberal-Multicultural disciples. They simply have to be otherwise their utopian fantasy world of equality completely collapses.

Smearing opponents and resorting to outright lies and distortions of history is a necessary tactic to impose equality and it is a strategy that exposes the weakness of those who pursue this asinine fantasy. Attempting to impose equality is a wilful denial of reality as it places ideology before hard evidence. For Liberal do-gooders, the fantasy of equality comes before all else therefore, unable to rely on facts and totally enslaved by their devotion to a deeply-flawed ideology, Liberal-Multiculturalists will outright lie and viciously smear people who dare to question or deny equality and place reality first.

If unsuccessful in their attempt to silence dissenters, the threat of violence leading to actual mob violence will also be deployed as we have seen recently after the BNP's success in the European elections.

Such irrational behaviour is much more than plain stupidity, it is concrete evidence of psychological illness on a grand scale and it is a mental illness only affecting the people of the white race as other races and cultures know full well the entirely natural order of inequality.

Just how mentally ill the Liberal-Multiculturalists really are will now become clear throughout the rest of this essay.

One Way Street

There is a glaring fact about Multiculturalism and its " all races and cultures are equal " mantra:

Why is it that only the West plays the Multicultural game?

If all races are equal, why aren't the Chinese, the Japanese, the Koreans, the Arabs, the Pakistanis, the Indians, the Africans all accepting masses of immigrants into their lands and allowing alien cultures and religions to be of equal importance to their own?

However, they do play the Multicultural game of equality but only when they leave their own lands to invade, colonise and pilfer the affluent West. Back in their countries of origin, their cultures, their religions and their way of life all come first and equality - between the sexes, between the races and between cultures - is as rare as hen's teeth!

If you doubt this, go and look for lobby groups and minority groups demanding that white people be treated as equals in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the Middle East. And talking of South Africa, go see if you can find blacks turning on their own people and demonising them as " racists " for the diabolical way blacks are persecuting whites and massacring the Boers (3060 massacred already – [1]). Odd that such guilt-ridden Liberal groups only exist in the West isn't it?

There's more. Let's ask some more simple questions:

If all ethnical groups and all cultures are equal, why is it black Africans, Afro-Caribbean blacks, Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, and Eastern Europeans want to abandon their own lands en masse to live in the lands of the West?

I mean if we're all truly equal, why does the rest of the world want to live the Western lifestyle, a lifestyle created in the main by white people? Just why exactly, do they want to be part of capitalism, run businesses, work for the white man's industries, claim the white man's welfare and buy and use goods created by the creativity and ingenuity of Western - white - people?

Why flock to another land, abandoning your own people for what the white man has created? It can't be because other races are unable to build strong, advanced societies because we're all equal aren't we? So therefore it must be to enjoy the lifestyle and the culture that the white man has created which is logically to admit human races and their cultures are most definitely not equal.

And what about the people who want to migrate to the West from the third-world but who cannot? This is yet more evidence of the lunacy of " we're all equal" because the strong are leaving the weak behind which just makes these already weak societies even weaker. This is the only equality: That as mass immigration floods the West the West becomes weaker and resembles more and more the weak third-world.

And why-oh-why does the world want to play sports that form an integral part of white Western culture, sports such as football, rugby, cricket, boxing? If all cultures are equal why don't other races stick with their own systems of business and commerce and play their own sports? Surely no one in their right minds would say that their own systems of trade and commerce and their own sports aren't as good as Western sports - that'd be stating inequality exists and that the West is superior and we can't have that, oh no.

Conversely, why isn't there mass immigration from the West to Africa, China, the Middle East? Come on, if all races and all cultures and all religions were truly equal then this would be blatantly obvious to the rest of the world who would be falling over themselves to welcome masses of immigrants from all over the world into their lands to enrich their people with the delights of diversity in the name of equality and multiculturalism.

And besides, mass immigration is fantastically "good for the economy " so surely Africa, The Middle East, China, India, Pakistan and Eastern Europe would benefit enormously from allowing hordes of immigrants from all over the world but especially the advanced UK and Europe to live in their lands, with housing, benefits and information explaining how to claim for their entitlements published in 30 different languages all provided free of charge so they can settle there and enrich native communities with their religions, traditions and cultures and bring a much needed boost to their flagging economies.

This would make their less advanced societies stronger and equal to those of the affluent West too. Can you hear a bell ring after reading this paragraph?

Let me spell it out for you loudly and clearly: If the people - whites - of the West have created the most advanced, affluent and just societies, wouldn't it be bloody obvious for third-world nations to begin programmes of mass-immigration from Europe so immigrants can create in the third-world the very same prosperous societies people from the third-world are flocking to in their millions? But that kinsman, is not the Multicultural game. Not by a long chalk it isn't.

And well, it's funny how people from the West don't appear to be rushing to live the African tribal lifestyle and adopt the African tribal culture. Not so funny when you realise that black Africans have brought this violent tribal lifestyle with its hatred for other tribes to the doorstep of Westerners. Better not mention this somewhat inconvenient fact about African tribal culture though. You don't want the pious, fanatical Liberal-Multicultural inquisitors accusing you of suggesting that black African gangs - sorry, tribes - treat each other in a way that falls a long way short of equality. What are you anyway, some kind of racist?

Let me share something else with you. It is very, very easy to be pious about equality and multiculturalism when you live in an advanced, wealthy society. It is far less easy to eulogise about Multiculturalism and equality when you live in a violent, unjust and less advanced poverty-stricken society. Maybe this explains why we don't see many ranting Multicultural disciples demanding the imposition of equality in countries such as Iran. They know as well as you do what would happen if they tried to. Such is the folly of claiming equality between peoples and cultures.

And there's even more folly about this ridiculous pursuit of equality.


A Very Unequal Equality

Not only is multiculturalism a one-way street with the rest of the world flocking into the West and changing it dramatically whilst the nations of these immigrants retain their identities and cultures, the doctrine of Multiculturalism is only ever applied against Western - make that white - people.

Identity politics is a good example of this. Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Chinese, Pakistanis, Indians - all of these people and more are allowed to form their own special groups with the aim of protecting and furthering their own interests based entirely on race or creed.

Yet if indigenous Westerners form their own special interest group - for example The British National Party or the Belgian Vlaams Belang - they will be outrageously and hypocritically vilified as " racists " and " fascists " yet not once has any other identity group - for example the Black Police Officer's Association or even better, the Muslim Council of Britain, an organisation which promotes one of the most evil and supremacist ideologies ever created by mankind - ever been vilified as " racists " or " fascists ".

And what may I ask, is so equal about the " Music of Black Origin " awards? Strange that sanctimonious Liberals screaming " racists!" are curiously absent at this overtly racist, unequal event isn't it?

Yet the slightest excuse to label whites as " racist " is continually sought. Even toddlers who refuse to eat spicy food in nurseries end up facing the wrath of the puritanical Multicultural inquisitors who will insist the parents make their family more " racially aware and sensitive towards other races and cultures. "

Tellingly, when black gang members stab each other or gang rape a white teenage girl or when Muslim jihadists blow up buses and trains filled with innocent people the first concern of the guardians of multiculturalism will be to minimise the racial aspect of these events - i.e. deny the reality - and lame excuses such as "it's because of poverty " or the Marxist classic " it's because they are oppressed by an institutionally racist society" will be spewed out by these simpering Liberal apologists.

Yet conversely, if a group of white men were to gang rape a black teenage girl - well, you know exactly how this would be depicted as well as I do.

You tell me - how can equality exist in Liberal-Multicultural la-la land if the standards promoted by Liberals are only ever applied towards whites? This blatant and contradictory application occurs because these self-righteous Multiculturalists firmly believe that only white people can be racist because whites are always depicted as strong and powerful and other races are always portrayed as oppressed victims. So Liberal-Multiculturalists knowingly, deliberately and therefore treacherously distort, misrepresent and outright lie about racist or violent acts committed by non-whites.

How obvious does it have to be for them to realise that this is hard evidence, clear proof of the folly of pursuing equality between the races? Because if we were all equal wouldn't other races be upholding, promoting and living by these universally moral Multicultural standards of equality and be keen to see them applied to their own racists and criminals? But as we know, facts don't matter, only the fantasy of equality for all does.

This double standard is also evident on the world political stage. Why is it we see leaders from the West fawning over the third-world, uttering trite and meaningless platitudes along with grovelling apologies for how badly the West has behaved throughout history? Isn't it strange how these leaders, elected in the West on policies of multiculturalism and racial equality never, ever promote these policies to people of the third world? For example, not once has any Western leader made a speech to the Middle East saying:


"We now live in a Multicultural global society. The Arabian peoples of the Middle East must come to realise that all people are equal and must allow people of all colours and all faiths to build communities and settle in peace in your countries. The present attitude of Muslims towards women and peoples of other faiths is racist and oppressive, it is an apartheid that must end and the international community demands an end to this injustice."


Isn't that more or less what the West said about South Africa and Rhodesia? A Marxist-Liberal West who piously demanded an end to apartheid backed up with the imposition of sanctions from the UN and exclusion from the world's sporting community.

If we're all truly equal, then shouldn't the Middle East - and other non-multicultural nations - also be treated in the same way? And in such nations I include the modern South Africa, "The Rainbow Nation", where under black rule the Marxist ANC are viciously persecuting whites and where the Boers are facing a murderous genocide and where poignantly, let's not forget, many black people are now suffering far more than they ever did under apartheid.

It is so obvious even a blind man from planet blind could see it: Multiculturalism and the fantasy world of equality only apply to the West and it is applied using exactly the moral inversion predicted by Nietzsche that we have been discussing in these essays. It is a widespread madness that is, without doubt, leading the entire white race into the abyss.

A Grand Deception

The folly of multiculturalism and its mantra of equality is one of the biggest con-tricks ever played on a people. All of the main political parties promote Multiculturalism, the corrupt EUSSR is working to enforce equality and multiculturalism by law, all of the Western media with very few exceptions endorse Multiculturalism and of course, most of the worshipped, fame-craving celebrities in the West also support multiculturalism and this really should clue one in as to how absolutely ridiculous the pursuit of equality is.

Here we have an elite group of people who are waxing lyrical about Multiculturalism and equality yet they do not live or act as equals. From corrupt, thieving politicians who abuse the trust of the very people who voted for them by stealing tax payer's money to line their own greedy pockets, to self-righteous, condescending idiots like Billy Bragg and Ross Kemp who continually brand BNP supporters as "racists and fascists " yet do not live in " enriched " Multicultural towns such as Glodwick, Leicester or Brixton. These hypocrites are the modern day " do as I say not as I do " ranting preachers of the Liberal-Multicultural religion. They are living proof that some people not only are more equal than others but firmly BELIEVE they are more equal than others.

They talk the talk to get what they want, they sure as hell do not walk the walk and they have no intention of so doing. Equality is not for them and they have made that abundantly clear.

And the gullible and the naive masses lap up every drop of this putrid Multicultural vomit spoon-fed to them by an elite who hold their own people in utter contempt and who see the people as useful-idiots and cash-cows to be milked for all they're worth. But delirious Liberal-Multiculturalists blinded by their own self-righteousness fall for the con and enslave themselves to the Liberal-Multicultural ideology and engage in a futile, childish and self-destructive pursuit of equality at the behest of their profiteering, deceitful masters. They'd have more success finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Such is the questionable mental state of Liberal-Multiculturalists and their conviction in equality of races, cultures and sexes. They are completely blind to the fact that those who are promoting and preaching the virtues of multiculturalism and equality simply don't live it. The privileged elite who have brought Multiculturalism to the West could afford to conduct an experiment on society and not suffer the consequences of their stupidity and hypocrisy. Many of them have made fortunes by promoting and enforcing this evil, unnatural ideology that is dismantling British communities and destroying Western societies.

It simply doesn't occur to the devout Liberal disciples that it's ever so easy to feel pity for other people and spout equality and multiculturalism when you live in a country mansion, eat the finest foods, drive a Bentley and luxuriate in the celebrity lifestyle.

It's also easy for upper middle-class Liberals living in leafy suburbs and safe, decent neighbourhoods, who drive nice cars, wear the trendiest designer clothes and eulogise about the wonders of Multiculturalism at dinner parties because they've dined at Armenian and Japanese restaurants, regularly order home-delivered curries from the nearest Pakistani sweet shop and send fifty quid to " Africans In Need Yet Again " charities twice a year. For these mollycoddled strangers to reality, that is the meaning of multiculturalism and equality.

They are blissfully unaware of the benefits of diversity being endured by their less-fortunate kin living in enriched British cities where they have to compete with swarms of immigrants to obtain work at the lowest possible wage. Britons whose kids are bullied and pressed into gang culture where their teenage years will be spent in a fog of intoxication, either blind drunk on cheap alcohol or high-as-kites on heroin, weed or worse, crack cocaine.

Britons whose teenage daughters are being sexually abused and gang raped by various races who hate whites. These are the expendable indigenous Britons, an unequal underclass who are living the nightmare reality of Multiculturalism that was imposed upon them without their consent and who know precisely what the benefits of enrichment and diversity truly are.

Such Britons are the lab-rats of the Marxist-Multicultural social experiment. Many of them have not had the opportunity to benefit from a good education and they have been repeatedly betrayed by traitors whom they trusted with their precious vote to speak up for them and protect their communities.

For these Britons, the harsh reality of multiculturalism hits hard and they most definitely are not treated or regarded as equals. They suffer the consequences of the hypocrisy and the stupidity committed by hypocritical elites who can afford the luxury of avoiding the disastrous consequences arising from their pernicious social experiment.

These unequal Britons who endure the horrors of Multiculturalism every day also know all too well the real meaning of diversity: It is nothing less than the deliberate destruction of their way of life and the systematic breakdown of their communities by state-sponsored ethnic cleansing combined with a bloodthirsty genocide committed by hate-filled, anti-white, racist immigrants.

These are the British people who suffer the consequences of multiculturalism so those who do not can appear virtuous and righteous with their "we're all equal" mantra whilst acting as superiors who feather their own nests and lie and deceive at every turn to protect their own selfish interests.

All people are equal? Please. Don't make me laugh. Or weep.


Just as Nietzsche foresaw, the Godless religion of Marxism, with its evil twin spawns Liberalism and Multiculturalism, works by creating " victim groups" who are then used to destroy Western society by inverting morality and demanding more and more from society to compensate for their unjust oppression.

Equality is used to support the cause of these victims. From equality of the sexes to equality of the races, Marxists need victims for their rotten ideology to flourish. It is a sick dependency that brainwashes people to believe they are weak victims whose "injustice" and "unequal status" is morally wrong and that the strong oppressors - the white race - must be made to pay for their immoral, unfair superiority. To say it is " The Mother of all guilt-trips" puts it mildly.

Yet this pursuit of equality only occurs in Western, Liberal-Multicultural societies and the rest of the world only plays the equality game when masses of third-world immigrants flood the West or when former first-world African nations become third world nations under black rule who demand more and more from white communities to pay for the " injustice " of apartheid and white colonial rule.

The attitude of the third-world to the West - make that white people - is simply this: What's yours is ours and what is ours is our own. It is a despicable attitude that is reducing the West to a life-support machine for other less advanced races yet if the indigenous people of the West were to adopt this unequal attitude, they would be vilified by other races along with self-loathing Liberal-Multiculturalists from their own race as " racists " and " haters ".

Such a hypocritical and weak attitude just encourages millions of blacks, Orientals and Asians to become parasites who dine at the abundant table of the West for free. They jealously want what the white man has created, they deem it their right to have what the white man has because he only got it by oppressing other races and yet they continue to contribute little - if anything - of any real worth to advance the entire human race.

And the more the pious Liberal-Multicultural disciples scream "we're all equal " the more glaringly unequal nature reveals us to be. Such arrogant, misguided fools are akin to King Canute who tried to halt the tide but who came to realise his folly and was humbled by his attempt to battle Mother nature:


"Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings, for there is none worthy of the name, but He whom heaven, earth, and sea obey by eternal laws."


For the last fifty years, the white race has arrogantly refused to obey these eternal laws and it will pay a heavy price unless it comes to realise the futility of continually fighting against Mother nature. King Canute realised it and other human races continue to realise it but whether or not the crack-brained Liberal-Multicultural disciples have the humility to realise their folly of battling with Mother nature is quite another matter.

But be in no doubt whatsoever that Mother nature will demand they pay the heaviest price for their arrogance and she will not care one iota if the entire white race has to pay too. Mother nature knows not pity as even self-righteous Liberal-Multiculturalists will find to their cost, you can be completely assured of that.


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