Current and recent Jihads in Asia and Africa 

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Current and recent Jihads in Asia and Africa

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Islam has systematically murdered more than 300 million individuals (Yes three-hundred-million), 3/4 Hindu/Buddhist, Animist/Pagan 1/4 Christian/Jewish/ Zoroastrian and enslaved more than 300 million the last 1400 years. This isnt "history", its continuing while we speak on multiple fronts around the world!

The Jihads and genocides are continuing as we speak all over the world


Jihad in Afghanistan(Muslims vs. Hindus and Sikhs)

Afghanistan ethnic cleansing in 1992. When the Islamic fundamentalist regime of the Mujahadeens came to power in 1992, tens of thousands of Hindus and Sikhs from Kabul, became refugees, and had to pay steep ransom to enter into Pakistan without a visa.

Jihad in Iran(Muslims vs. Christians and Zorastrians)



2.Mary Boyce, Zoroastrians: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices, London, 1979, 2001, and .A Persian Stronghold of Zoroastrianism (based on the Ratanbai Katrak lectures, 1975), Lanham, Maryland, 1989; During the initial jihad conquest of Persia, for example, 40,000 Zoroastrians were killed defending the royal city of Istakhr, where the religious library was housed.

3. Boyce, A Persian Stronghold of Zoroastrianism, pp. 7-8;

Jihad in Chechnya and Dagestan

In August and September of 1999, Shamil Basayev (in association with the Saudi born Khattab, Commander of the Mujahedeen) led two armies of up to 1,400 Chechen, Dagestani, Arab and Kazakh militants from Chechnya into the neighbouring Republic of Dagestan. The purpose was to help local separatist rebels who were attacking Russian Federation forces in the villages of Kadar, Karamakhi, and Chabanmakhi. By mid-September 1999, the militants were routed from the villages and pushed back into Chechnya. At least several hundred people were killed in the fighting; the Federal side reported 279 servicemen killed and approximately 900 wounded.


Jihad against Armenia

Current situation:


One of the biggest problems in Armenia is maintaining a replacement birth rate. Lack of support from Europe. Pressure from Muslim Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Jihad in Turkey




In a way, the Hellenic Genocide still didn't end, as its few survivors are persecuted right now in all territories ruled by the Turks, especially in Constantinople and Imvros. For instance, in Imvros, in 1999, a six years old Greek boy was burned alive by the Turks. The Orthodox Patriarchate, located in Constantinople, which has a similar meaning as the Vatican, is attacked often. The rights of the few survivors of the Hellenic Genocide are shamefully denied. The Treaty of Lausanne is continually disrespected. Even the frequent invasions by Turkey of the airspace and the territorial sea of Greece (which amount to hundreds every year), can be considered reflexes of its extermination policy. If for the Turkish rulers, the Greeks don't have the right to live, they don't have any rights.


Jihad in Iraq(Muslims vs. Christians and Jews)

Attacks on Churches in Iraq (2004-2008)


The first church bombing occurred on June 26, 2004, and drew little attention. Two unidentified men in a silver Opel throw a hand bomb at the Holy Spirit Church in Mosul. Five weeks later, on August 1st, 2004, coordinated bombings struck five churches, four in Baghdad and 1 in Mosul. 52 churches have been attacked from June 26, 2004 until the January 6, 2008.

Other sources:



Jihad in India(Muslims vs. Hindus)




1. The Rediff Interview/ Francois Gautier







Jihad in Pakistan(Muslims vs. Hindus and Christians)

Pakistan is one of just many Muslim countries in Asia who continue to systematically annihilate all non-Muslim communities. Hindu temples and churches are periodically destroyed in Pakistan.



a.According to Discover the Working Child, "On some [brick-kiln] sites as many as 14 children for every 10 adults have been found working," p. 16.

b. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Bonded Labour in the Brick-kiln Industry of Pakistan, p. 2.

c. Religious minorities in Pakistan (Hindus, Christians, Ahmadis, and Parsis) constitute less than 5 percent of the total population.

d. Human Rights Watch interview, Lahore, November 1993.

10. The exchange rate for Pakistani rupees [currency] at the time of publication was U.S. $1= Rs.30.

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Jihad against Kashmiri Hindus(Genocide and demographic warfare)



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Jihad in Bangladesh(Muslims vs. Hindus)

Bangladesh has a population of about 120 million, nearly 88 percent of whom

are Muslim.



The HRCBM, a Santa Clara-based organisation that investigates and exposes human rights violations in Bangladesh, has recorded a few outrages against Hindus in Bangladesh during 2000:


On March 29, 2000, Malarani Roy of Karagola village was abducted by Muslims. She was brutally beaten up and gang-raped. The local police found her, but refused to register a case. On June 26, a group of Muslims directed Smriti Rani Saha of Sirajganj town to migrate to India. When she refused, she was abducted, gang-raped and brutally murdered. On May 28, Debasish Saha of Poradaha was fatally shot by a Muslim gang. On June 4, Mayaram Tripura of Balipara was shot dead by local Muslims. On October 6, 2000, Muslim devotees, after offering namaaz at the Gajipur Jama Masjid, strolled across to the Hindu Kali temple, destroyed the puja pandal, smashed the idols, and looted nearby Hindu-owned shops.

Jihad in Southern-Thailand(Muslims vs. Buddhists)

Areas:Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla

Jihad in Southern Philippines(Muslims vs. Christians)


Areas: Mindanao and Sulu-arkipelet, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi.

Jihad on East-Timor(Muslims vs. Christians)

Indonesian Muslims slaughtered a third of the population of this former Portuguese colony who are Roman Catholics.

Jihad in Indonesia(Muslims vs. Christians)

In Indonesia itself we had religious conflicts in the Spice Islands where the Christian minority are in danger of extinction.

Muslims vs. backpacking tourists in Bali.

Jihad in West-China, Xinjiang(Muslims vs. Buddhists)

Uighur Islamists have waged a low-level campaign against Chinese rule for decades.Turkestan Islamic Party seek to create an Islamic republic for the Muslim Uighur people. Western media have condemned the actions of the Chinese government counter-campaigns against the “poor outnumbered rebels”.


Jihad in Egypt

Jihad against Christian Copts.


Egypt also support the Jihad in Sudan. They see a Muslim Sudan not as anenemy but as an ally in the future conflict with Ethiopia


Jihad in Marocco, Algeria, Tunisia Libya[1]

In Marocco, Algeria and Libya Christianity has died out due to centuries of Genocides, persecutions and harsh forms of dhimmitude. Judaism on the other hand survived but only barely[1].

Racist Jihad is still ongoing(Arabisation).As an illustration; In Libya, there are routinely murderous riots against black Africans (in one of whicha diplomat from Chad was hung from a pole in Tripoli and left dangling forthe edification and delight of spectators)[2].




Jihad in Kenya

Jihad in Sudan(Muslims vs. Christians and Animists)

1.5 million Christians and animists beaten, murdered, raped and starved to death by the Muslim rulers of Sudan since the 1980s.

Jihad in Nigeria


Christians are under assault in every single country where Islam is present. They have been under assault, most famously, in Nigeria, where in 1967 the Christian Ibos, far more advanced and industrious than their Muslim overlords, rebelled and declared the independence of the State of Biafra. The proximate cause were the mass murders by Muslims of Christian Ibo all over northern Nigeria. But the Western world did nothing to help the Christian Ibo, while the Muslims, including Egyptian pilots and planes that strafed Ibo villages, killing tens of thousands of helpless villagers, did provide aid. Only two countries in the world recognised Biafra: Israel and Ghana (Kwame Nkrumah, Osagyefo, if he did not always understand economics, did understand Islam). In 1969, in his famous Ahiara Declaration, the leader of Biafra, Colonel Ojukwu, explained that the main reason for the Biafran fight was to defend the Christians against, as he put it, the "jihad" being conducted against it. That jihad by the Muslims who control the military and have largely stolen the oil wealth of Nigeria (with a little help from some islamochristians willing to collaborate) continues today. Western Europe has done nothing to help the Biafrans in their fight for independence after repeated widespread jihad-massacres of Christians.


More information on the subject


Christian Ljaw and the Niger Delta conflicts:





Jihad in Cote d'Ivoire and Togo


The Christians are under siege in the Cote d'Ivoire and in Togo. The more advanced southerners, the Ewe tribe whose territory cuts across national borders are fleeing from the Islamic menace.

Racist Jihad against blacks in Mali and Mauretania(Arabisation)


Black Africans are enslaved in Mali and Mauritania, but not a syllable of

protest has come from the Arab League about this, though both countries are

members of that league.


Black non-Arab Muslims (or nominal Muslims) are being killed, their cattle destroyed, their huts and houses burned, their women raped, their men all killed. And every single person who has lived to testify has talked of how the various Arab marauders say that "they are black and must be killed." Imagine, just imagine, if there were not a hundred thousand such incidents (as have taken place in Darfur) or a million (as in the southern Sudan) but even one such event, anywhere in the Western world, by a Western government.


Then ask why there is such a different standard, such fear of telling the truth, about how Islam is a vehicle for Arab supremacist ideology, and Arabs among the supreme racists of history, who persuade those they conquer to abandon, forget, despise their own pasts, and to assume pseudo-Arab identities, and to take as their own models some Arabs who lived in 7th century Arabia.



Jihad in Ethiopia

Christian 60.8%

Muslim 32.8% (1994 census)

Demographic warfare (growing Muslim population) and Muslim demands to change the very nature of Ethiopia.

There are also Jihads in the following countries:

- Uzbekistan

- Tajikistan

- Eritrea

- Tanzania

- Chad

- Angola

- Jordan

- United Arab Emirates

- Qatar

- Nepal

- The Maldives

- Australia

- Argentina



...and pretty much wherever Muslims believe their religion tells them to:



"Fight those who do not believe in Allah, ... nor follow the religion of truth... until they pay the tax in acknowledg-ment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection."


Qur'an, Sura 9:29

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