From Titans To Lemmings Part 7 

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From Titans To Lemmings Part 7



2.24 Ignorance and Multiculturalism must be destroyed

By D.L. Adams

There are two critical impediments that prevent the West from engaging effectively, or at all, in this existential conflict with Islam. Ignorance and multiculturalism (proto-legitimised moral relativism) must be deconstructed and delegitimised.

It is a moral and ethical failure to be ignorant of the purposes and doctrine of political Islam. Ignorance of an existential enemy is shameful and indefensible. Multiculturalism must be exposed for the disastrous pseudo-philosophy of ignorance that it is. Founded upon ignorance and silly utopian anti-intellectualism, multiculturalism prevents us from responding to political Islam because to do so in our morally bankrupt multicultural world is seen as intolerance. Defending your nation from cultural and literal annihilation is not “intolerance” it is the height of patriotism and rationality.

The fundamental dual concepts of multiculturalism are “tolerance” and “inclusiveness”. These very “nice” concepts are founded upon the idea that all cultures are of equal value and that differences between cultures are to be applauded and “accepted” rather than condemned when such condemnation is appropriate. The idea that a culture can be corrupt or even evil is dismissed as “bigotry” in the multiculturalist’s broken anti-knowledge world. Multiculturalism is the soiled garden in which Islam grows.

People who know the doctrine of political Islam and have the effrontery to discuss it in public are accused of bigotry by multiculturalists and the ignorant. The doctrine of political Islam as found in Sira, Koran, and Hadith is inherently intolerant and exclusive but this does not deter the multiculturalists. There is an unspoken superiority in their world; they believe themselves superior because they are so inclusive, accepting, and “nice”. The forces of evil see this welcoming inclusiveness from the cultures of the West as the actions of fools. These foolish actions are of great value to political Islam because in their false feelings of superiority multiculturalists are the perfect “dhimmis” for Islam, perfect servents of a totalitarian ideology whose purposes are entirely destructive of inclusiveness and tolerance. Multiculturalists are anti-knowledge useful idiots for the forces of cultural and literal annihilation that is Islam.

There has long been a concept very popular in the United States regarding immigration and assimilation which is that if we show new-comers to our shores how nice, welcoming, and good we are, they will all become Americans. This model has worked for generations with European, Asian, South Americans and immigrants from across the world. Islam does not fit this model.

The model has failed because Islam does not assimilate. Islam does not assimilate because Islam is about submission. The word “Islam” translates to “submission”. Adherents of the so-called “religion of peace” are not interested in assimilation, they are interested only in bringing the entire world under Allah’s “religion”. For adherents of this miserable and cruel political ideology of hate and conquest only one religion, one political system, and one culture is allowed – that of Allah and Mohammed. All other religions, cultures, and political systems are to be annihilated.

Because multiculturalists are willfully ignorant about the cultures that they defend – to them all cultures (no matter how abysmal they may be) are worthy of defence simply because they are “different” – Islam sees that the cultures of the West cannot defend themselves against them.

In fact, multiculturalism is the tool by which Islam infiltrates our institutions and political systems. Islam is at war with all non-believers everywhere and forever, this is called “jihad” or “fighting in Allah’s cause”. Jihad is so foundational to Islam that it is mentioned over 150 times in the text of the Koran. Because multiculturalists have no need to know anything about any culture (after all, all cultures are “equal” therefore knowledge of any one culture is of little necessity, value, or import) they do not understand that they are under attack.

Multiculturalism and ignorance, the two walk hand in hand together, are the greatest weaknesses of the cultures of the West.

The model of assimilation has failed. It has failed because resurgent Islam and its jihad has no interest in assimilation. Multiculturalists do not know this, and when they are told the truth, they refuse obstinately to believe it. Acceptance of the truth of Islam is to accept the failure of the fundamental concepts of multiculturalism.

We in the West must judge cultures and adherents to such cultures when we make immigration decisions. We must accept the literal truth that some cultures are unpleasant and have belief systems that are contrary to ours. The idea that everyone loves freedom is a broken and confused concept. It is a ruined shell because in Islam the only freedom that is considered of value is the complete submission to Allah and Mohammed (and the doctrine of Islam). Islam sees freedom in total submission to the doctrine of Islam.

When we open our doors to Islam, we open ourselves and our nations to forces that reject our concepts of tolerance and inclusiveness. This is the absurdity and horror of multiculturalism- it is a failed philosophy of self-destruction.

We must learn the doctrine of Islam. Knowledge of the doctrine is akin to having the “playbook” of the opposing team in a sporting match. But this is not sport for us, it is about nothing less than our existential survival as non-Islamic countries and cultures. We must learn the doctrine of Islam to dispel our ignorance of Islam. Without knowledge of Islam we cannot oppose it; without knowledge some do not even realise that they are at war with us and therefore we are at war with them.

The banishment of ignorance through knowledge is critically important if we are to survive as freedom-loving, tolerant, and “nice” cultures. It is a patriotic duty to learn the doctrine of Islam and educate others about it.

We must destroy multiculturalism; deconstruct it, delegitimise it, and acknowledge it as the Utopian self-destructive fantasy that it is. All cultures are not equivalent. Some cultures are better than others, and some are our enemies and some our friends. This is reasonable, rational thinking. The foundational concept of multiculturalism is that all cultures are of equal value and worth. This is inclusiveness, tolerance, and “niceness” taken to the extreme. This is anti-intellectualism and irrational thinking that will result in the entire loss of our civilisations. Multiculturalism must be destroyed and swept into the dustbin of absurdity where it belongs.

Failure to destroy multiculturalism, delegitimise it and its adherents as the intellectual imposters and fools that they are is a national failure whose consequences are beyond unpleasant. Multiculturalism is the tool by which Islam gains access to our countries for the purpose of the destruction of the host culture.

The doctrine of Islam is clear on these points as are the adherents of the so-called “religion of peace”. Jihad is a responsibility for all Muslims. It is the command of both Allah and Mohammed. Mulsims who do Jihad are “good” Muslims because they follow the commands of Allah and Mohammed; those who do not do jihad are “extremists” because they reject the commands of the doctrine of Islam. Those who reject jihad are perfect fodder for jihadists because they are not “good” Muslims. This concept must be understood clearly. Our conceptions of good/evil, right/wrong do not apply in the Islamic worldview.

Multiculturalism must be destroyed. Multiculturalists must be mocked and criticised for the self-destructive fools that they are. Their philosophy is used by our enemies to gain entree and power in our institutions and cultures. Multiculturalists, in their Utopian ignorance, are tools of the enemy – their philosophy must be rejected, repudiated, and deconstructed so that rational thought can again be the dominant mode of thought across the West. To do any less is failure.

When we know nothing of Islam, we lose. When we say that all cultures are equivalent and we can no longer identify good and evil, right and wrong, we lose. Ignorance of Islam is not acceptable; it is a moral and ethical failure.

Multiculturalism is a tool of Islam; it is a disastrous ideology of false “nice” that is used to stifle critical thought and open debate. Multiculturalism is a complete failure as it is used by our enemies to destroy us. It is a failed fake intellectual concept for “nice” people to abjure their responsibilities to themselves, their cultures and countries. Multiculturalism must be destroyed.




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