Economical Jihad (Economical warfare) 

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Economical Jihad (Economical warfare)


This varies from direct funding of other variants of Jihad to the ”collection of Jizya” through economical theft of exploitation of non-Muslims.


This can be theft, piracy, human trafficking, slave trade of non-Muslim for the purpose of benefiting financially from sexual exploitation, drug trafficking, drug dealing to non-Muslims etc).


The common factor here is that all crime is directed against non-Muslims often with the purpose of financing other variants of Jihad.


Jihadi economical crimes against non-Muslims for the sake of financing other variants of Jihad. Very often the economical loss of the non-Muslim will be the goal in itself.


A majority of these criminals are not very intelligent or even practising Muslims. Nevertheless, they have very often been given guidance or instructions by other Muslims to ONLY target non-Muslims.


Examples of this type of activity ranges from petty theft aimed against non-Muslims all over Europe to Somali piracy targeting non-Muslim ships.



Other objectives:


1. Take control of as much of the press, TV, radio and the Internet as possible by buying the related corporations or a controlling stock.


2. Open numerous charities throughout Europe, but use the funds to support Islamic terrorism with European funds.


PR and psychological Jihad


9/11, 7/7 London Bombings, Madrid bombings, Mumbai attack etc. The purpose of these attacks is to act as PR for Salafi Islam and/or for propagating Jihad. The main purpose of these attacks is to inflict psychological damage on the enemy and as a recruitment tool to other variants of Jihad.





1. Send intimidating messages and messengers to the outspoken individuals who are critical of Islam with the purpose of silencing them and any other who would dare.


2. Nullify Europe's sense of security by manipulating the intelligence community with misinformation. Periodically terrorise Europeans with reports of impending attacks on bridges, tunnels, water supplies, airports, apartment buildings and malls.


Armed (military) Jihad


These military campaigns often occur very discretely, often through the funding of Muslim groups/leaders in various countries, with the primary goal of exterminating the non-Muslims of that particular country through mass murder, deportation and acts of genocide.


The current Jihad in Sudan is a very good example where 500 000 – 1 million non-Muslims have been massacred the last few decades, funded by Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations/groups.


The purging of non-Muslims in the Sindh area (Currently Pakistan), Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Northern Africa etc are other cases where non-Muslims have been systematically exterminated through armed Jihad, pogroms etc.


Jihad through Dawah (invitation/missionary)


This ranges from peaceful invites to visit Islamic cultural centers to more aggressive invitational campaigns directed against f example people of African decent in the prison system.



1. Convert angry, alienated black inmates (and in some cases native Europeans) and turn them into militants (so far 2,000 released inmates have joined al-Qaeda worldwide). Only a few ''sleeper cells'' have been captured in Afghanistan and on American soil.


2. Reading, writing, arithmetic and research through the European educational system, mosques and student centers (now 1,500) should be sprinkled with dislike of Jews, Christians and democracy. There are currently more than 300 exclusively Muslim schools in Western Europe which teach loyalty to the Ummah, not the national constitution. In January of 2002, Saudi Arabia’s Embassy in Washington mailed 4,500 packets of the Quran and videos promoting Islam to America's high schools – free of charge. Saudi Arabia would not allow the U.S. to reciprocate. It is unknown how common this practise is in Western Europe.


3. Raise interest in Islam on European school campuses by insisting that junior students take at least one course on Islam.


Chemical Jihad (Chemical warfare)


Taliban using Heroin as Chemical Jihad against the West


However, this is not limited to the Taliban. A large majority of Muslim drug traffickers/dealers all across Europe only sell to non-Muslims (this is very often sanctioned by local Imams).


Making their subjects addicted to heroin is also a central factor when ”processing” non-Muslim girls for sexual/financial exploitation. Systematic rape followed by injecting them with drugs is the usual way to break them down making it easier to exploit them.





TERROR chiefs plan to flood our streets with heroin in a terrifying plot to wage “chemical jihad” on Britain. And they have been using hate-filled Muslim gangs as their UK dealers.


Pakistani and Afghan-based al-Qaeda and Taliban warlords are sitting on a £6billion stash of deadly heroin.

And they have ordered their dealers to sell it only to non-Muslims.


The ruthless racket is a two-pronged attack which peddles death and misery with heroin while netting massive sums to pay for future terror attacks.

A senior security source told the Daily Star Sunday: “The Afghan poppy fields are probably the biggest financial contributor to al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

“The UK’s heroin trade is increasing at an alarming rate and most of the cash helps arm terrorists with bombs and guns.”


Between 1990 and 2005 Taliban-linked drug peddler Haji Baz Mohammed raked in a staggering £17billion by pouring heroin into North America.

He told a US court that “selling heroin was a jihad because they were taking Americans’ money and the heroin was killing them”.

Now the fanatics have made the UK their top target. A whopping 30 tonnes of heroin is being smuggled into Britain every year.

The drug is grown in the Afghan badlands and bought for £1,500 a kilo in neighbouring Pakistan.

It’s finally sold on Britain’s streets, often in the backs of cabs or over kebab shop counters, at between £30 and £50 a gram.

Asian [Muslim] gangs are operating in South London, Luton, Preston, Manchester, Leeds, Oldham, Birmingham and Bradford.
Our investigators went on the hunt for heroin in Luton and did a deal in the back of a taxi.

Pulling out a handful of wraps, the ­driver said: “I’ll sort you a fix for £10 but a gram’s £50. It’s knockout gear.” Asked where the drugs came from he said: “Poppy fields between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“The big bosses have Taliban and al-Qaeda connections and we’re often told only to deal it to non-Muslims. They call it ­chemical jihad and hope to ruin lives while ­getting massive payouts at the same time.

“But there are lots of big-­hitters who only sell to non-Muslims – to poison them.”

One of the Asian gangs is the so-called Gambino clan – a 100-strong mob named after the ­notorious US crime family.

A 40-year-old small-time dealer turned Christian told us: “The Gambinos are the Pakistani Muslim gang that control most of the drug trade in Luton – and they’ve all got good connections to al-Qaeda.

“Heroin and crack are on sale 24 hours a day and they get local taxi drivers to drive the gear around and do deals.
“It’s a massive business. They’re untouchable.”






2.42 The Islamisation process in European countries



The Islamic takeover of a country or a region of the country – is dependent on the relative proportion of Muslims compared with non-Muslims, and/or the influence of militant Muslims among the Muslim population. A higher proportion of Muslims among the population - or the growth of the number of militants among Muslims (even though Muslims constitute a smaller part of the population), drive the political development along a certain path. A successful assimilation process may change that path but there seems to be no definite examples yet of such a process.


We need theories that describe (later also explain) the political development in a country with a growing Muslim minority (or a growing militancy among the Muslim population) and which country doesn't carry out a strategy to oppose Islamisation. A preliminary version of a theory (concentrating on parts of the conflict between political (traditional) Islam and domestic non-Muslim forces) is presented below. On the basis of that description of the political process, we then formulate (sect. 2) the structure of a prescriptive theory (a policy model) that can cause this process to be stopped and therefore avoided. In sect. 4.1-12, this model is then filled with contents, and an integrated policy helping to preserve the traditional rights in a European country is described in all its parts and details.


It is our hope that those detailed policy proposals regarding different areas of life in the society will be thoroughly discussed by all interested bloggers at this forum. Perhaps a majority view may form about the specific contents of the various individual policies (each regarding a different area). The results will later serve as parts of a comprehensive policy that can serve as an example for many political parties in Europe which - during the coming decades - will find it necessary to formulate their policies regarding how to preserve a free society.


By showing an extensive and detailed policy proposal, it may be possible to influence the structure of that discussion and set the basic parameters for the debate in hundreds of political parties, or organisations, in Europe.


The process and its phases


The basic development process seems to follow a pattern where eight phases can be discerned. These phases are described below, but just briefly. Later a more extensive description of them will be given. An underlying assumption is that a growing Muslim minority allows radical Islamists to influence a growing part of the population in the country. The contents of the traditional Islamic doctrine which is recognised by all four schools of Islam to be the valid one (various interpretations differ - of course - between them), seems to support the interpretations of the radical Islamists regarding many matters. That is probably a main reason for the passivity and silence of the so called "moderate" Muslims who don't have a comprehensive theoretical doctrine to lean upon. Another reason may be that many, or most, "moderates" share the same goals as the radical Islamists but just oppose some of their methods. Fear of reprisals can also be a cause of their passivity. The radicals also have strong international support, including the financial support.


On the basis of our empirical knowledge about the political development in Muslim countries, the attitudes regarding many matters of Muslims in Europe and other pieces of information e g their reactions during the first five years of the war on terror, a good prognosis can be made. During the coming decades, numerous examples from Europe will illuminate the different phases and their contents.


a. The starting point is a Western society with a normal development Social peace, satisfactory economic growth, ordinary crime levels, and changes in government depending on democratic elections. The number of Muslims in the population is very low, and their influence on society negligible.



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