Educating the European patriots who lacks ideological confidence 

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Educating the European patriots who lacks ideological confidence


It is extremely important that the cultural conservatives/patriots/nationalists in Europe who are ideologically confident take responsibility and educate/encourage the non-confident nationalists.


So what is a non-confident nationalist and how do I approach him?


Every ideologically confident nationalist should take note of the following.


DO NOT make this war about race or ethnicity. You have to keep in mind that most people in Western Europe have been systematically indoctrinated for the last 4-5 decades. So opening liners such as the following is guaranteed to push people away:



“hail brother, fight by our side in the ongoing race war, we are going to destroy the ZOG and kill all the Jews, sieg heil brother!



I consider myself to be quite ideologically confident but had anyone said this to me, I would probably run for the hills and ignore any future encounter with that individual. Somehow, internal filters against these words are all hardcoded into the base thought patterns of a majority of Europeans through decades of multiculturalist indoctrination. Statements like that manages to trigger absolutely every red flag and alarm in the average European telling him to get the hell out of there. It is essential to understand this and that many people would rather commit suicide or live under slavery/harsh dhimmitude than to become a Nazi or fight for the Nazi cause. Because today’s Nazism isn’t the sum of the individual doctrines of National Socialism! It has rather become a massively bloated phenomenon - a reincarnation of pure evil itself. Demonising Nazism has through 6 decades of indoctrination (the most unparalleled indoctrination campaign witnessed in the history of man) which has developed into an unconscious established truth. As such, and due to the actual negative and evil aspects of this ideology, it is pointless to try to resurrect it in any way or form. Regardless of this obvious fact, many old school nationalists are still using this crap to try to recruit people.


In order to connect with the ordinary man you must understand that he is a modern man who has travelled a several decade long journey through multiculturalist institutions. He is completely brainwashed so tread carefully and take the required precautions. You have to understand his pain and concerns in his everyday life. The fear of Islamisation is the most pressing concern for most Europeans and Islam is NOT a race. So avoid talking about race. It is a cultural war, not a race war! If you do believe it is a race war, then keep it to yourself as it is un-doubtfully counterproductive to flag those views.


A cultural conservative is a closet nationalist, who is just using different rhetoric to avoid the stigma. It is often a strategic choice. The concept of nationalism appeals to less than 15-20% while the concept of cultural conservatism has the potential to appeal to as much as 35% although there is basically little difference. After all, three decades of multiculturalist indoctrination has taught me to adapt to the currently hostile environment we are living in.


Approximately 70% of Western European males would sacrifice their lives to prevent Europe from being conquered by Islam while less than 10% would sacrifice their life for their race. As such, it isn’t exactly rocket science to foresee which ideology (with given rhetorical strategies) will win over the “modern patriot”.


Waking up enough of our fellow Europeans will take several decades. Do not expect him to accept and embrace the light immediately; especially when we are fully aware of that he has been thought to avoid the light.


Point guide to convert your right wing blog/site to a newspaper/magazine with national distribution


I’ve spoken to numerous successful and less successful right wing blog/news-site/Facebook “reporters” over the years and the general opinion seems to be that the creation and distribution of a paper-magazine/newspaper is so incredibly difficult and problematic. I can honestly not understand why people feel this way. This is why I will present a 3 step guide to how you and anyone can take the step from internet distribution to paper distribution with national coverage. This is not as hard as people might think it is. Also, many people will argue: “paper distribution is dead, internet is the future!” While this certainly seems to be the direction we are headed you cannot and should not underestimate/ignore paper distribution yet. Creating a “paper” presence will be essential to reach a greater number of European patriots.



Illustration case example: is a Norwegian right wing blog/site equivalent in content to,, or


Current distribution in Norway: 9000 unique weekly hits and growing

Content: The site is relatively “academically heavy” compared to the tabloids but the content is excellently written. Approximately 60% are news articles/essays translated from other sites while 40% are essays/stories written by the editors, primarily critique of multiculturalism and the multiculturalist elites of Norway/Western Europe.

Staff: Run voluntarily (unpaid) by 1-2 people.

Finances: currently funded by the owners/staff and by small contributions from the readers.



Paper distribution goal

Annual editions: 12 annual issues

Total distribution/production: 5000 copies

Price for subscribers: 5 Euros

Price in store: 10 Euros (5 Euros profit for store)

Initial distribution goal/method: I believe that a blog with 9000 weekly unique hits should be able to convert this base to at least 500-1000 initial subscribers. The initial goal for national coverage through stores/kiosks should be 2000-4000. The total number of printed copies would be aprox. 5000.



1. Planning phase; prepare for an initial production of 12 annual editions. It is wise to start of slowly with a magazine (monthly edition) and slowly build up your base until you are in a position where you can create a “5 times per week – newspaper”. Total price will be 10 Euros per magazine whereas 5 Euros will be the cut to the seller (the kiosk/store selling it). You will split the distribution into: 1: Subscription (5 Euros per copy), 2: Sold at stores/kiosks (10 Euros per copy).


2. Convert 500-1000 unique readers into paying subscribers. This can be done through “in house” sales methods on the blog/site. Before you initiate your “in house sales campaign” I would recommend that you create a graphical illustration of the front page (jpg) of the first paper edition of the magazine to show people what they can expect (with perhaps a small appendix)

3. When the site/blog-owner has managed to acquire a minimum of subscribers (aprox 500-1000 minimum), they may finallycontact the “director of distribution” in your countries leading retail corporation(s) (the corporation that owns a majority of kiosks/small stores and evaluates which magazines they shall sell). Set up a meeting with him, bring a laptop and a nice PowerPoint presentation and present the editorial content and argue why it will be profitable for his company to allow your magazine to be distributed from their stores/kiosks. Add a graphical illustration of your first magazine to your PowerPoint presentation. You must present credible arguments especially from a business point of view. You should, however, also be prepared to defend the this conservative concept from a moral and democratical point of view. Larger countries such as the UK, France and Germany) will have several corporations like this so you will have to set up meetings with several of these directors. Under normal circumstances, and providing your presentation is good, your magazine will be given a “test period”, where the “sales numbers” will be the deciding factor. End note: definition of hate speech - f example racist magazines will not be accepted but moderate magazines, such as magazines critical of multiculturalism, Islamisation, pro-culture etc. should be able to be accepted unless the director in question is a dedicated left winger. Create an initial/intentional distribution agreement; f example that you are allowed to sell your magazines from 500 stores/kiosks over a 3 month test period.


4. A monthly edited PDF file with articles/essays is to be prepared and sent by email to a commercial publication partner such as A company such as the “07 Group” is a wide range “publication partner” which can handle the following tasks:


Edit/design the initial PDF file template if necessary and edit/prepare it for print. If the staff/editors/journalists at the blogsite lacks basic PDF editing skills the publishing company can handle everything from design, editing, adding/creating graphics and extra text and they can even design a basic template for you. The end result will often be a template where the editor can just fill in content. Companies such as the 07 Group will then print the finished PDF file in the desired magazine format. In our case, this will be a standard magazine format with typically glossy front/back page and put together by two staples.


The publishing company will then apply addresses and send out the 500-1000 completed issues to your subscribers. They will then truck a shipment of 4000 magazines to the distribution central of the store/kiosk corporation.


5. As soon as the above is done, you may formalise (at this point you should already know how much you are going to pay) your agreement with the publishing company. The only thing to keep in mind is to follow point 1 to 4.



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