Creating a new European military alliance 

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Creating a new European military alliance


The first action any liberated European country should do is to leave NATO and seek a military alliance with Russia and other European cultural conservative countries. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) will optimally end up as a shade of its former self consisting of only the US, Turkey and Albania. At this point (assuming that the US haven’t been substantially weakened by economical recessions and have avoided their own civil war), the US will have no choice but to live in a much more isolated world, excluded from any cooperation with the European Federation, or choose to change its ways.


We, on the other hand, will continue to consolidate a new European military alliance consisting of all newly liberated European countries and Russia. We should then create and consolidate a new European economical, military and cultural alliance consisting of Russia and all European cultural conservative countries.



Why dissolve NATO?

Americans will soon have their hands full with problems of their own and will be in no position to assist anybody even if they wanted to. Europeans can and should maintain good relations and cooperate with ordinary North American citizens, who live under the same Multicultural regime as we do, but we cannot and should not rely on aid from the American elites. They are as hostile as the EU elites, as their support to Turkeys EU membership proves. Pushing for Turkey’s EU membership is the same as pushing for increased Jihad (through Islamic demographic warfare) and deconstruction of European nationhood and is therefore totally unacceptable. Why would we want to have relations with a country who wishes to destroy us?



There are other issues as well:



- An American military presence in Germany is unacceptable.

- The NATO atrocities against Serb forces were unacceptable.

- US intervention in European matters is unacceptable.

- US exports of high tech weaponry to Islamic countries are unacceptable.

- Turkey’s and Albania’s NATO memberships are unacceptable.

- US cultural domination over Europe is unacceptable.


Creating a new global military alliance


A new military alliance will be created with emphasis on the following countries:


The above mentioned countries/territories including:



- India

- China and/or Japan/South Korea/Taiwan



We must attempt to include all Christian, Buddhist and Hindu countries in this expanded military alliance. Russia will have to leave CSTO – the Collective Security Treaty Organisation currently consisting of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyztan, Russia and Tajikistan. Depending on the US, an alternative would be to maintain NATO if the US agrees to invite Russia and to expel Albania and Turkey.


All countries of the new military alliance will have to support the cultural conservative territorial claims (the Middle Eastern/Anatolia crusader campaign) and participate in the campaigns which involve deportation of all Muslims from the Balkans and any remaining entrenched Muslim group in Western Europe.


It is uncertain how Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine will react to a friendly aproach but attempts must be made to include them in the alliance.



Countries excluded


The Muslim world will be completely isolated until the day Islam seizes to exist.


Why we have to break out of the EUSSR/USASSR cultural hegemony


Some people will say; why do we have to seek a federation with Russia? We can just tell the EU/US to stop harassing us and continue business with them as usual after we have liberated our countries?


It is well known fact that russophobia is relatively entrenched in some European countries, in particular the UK, the Nordic region, the Baltic region and some other Eastern European countries. This will of course play a factor in how we chose to move forward. However, the problem is that at this point, 2030-2070 (before the cultural conservatives have seized power), W. European countries will all be close to collapse due to the crimes committed by our elites. There will be Muslim majorities in some countries and our capitals will resemble Beirut in the 1960/70s. The nationalist movements at this time will be hunted and persecuted harshly just like the Nazis persecuted and executed European resistance fighters during WW2. When we eventually win and manage to seize control over our own countries we will not repeat the mistakes from the past (ignoring the Marxists/ multiculturalists/humanists/globalists and letting them re-infiltrate later). We are going to exterminate them all (category A and B traitors only of course) which will result in the execution of tens of thousands all over Europe. When these execution campaigns are completed we will deport all Muslims. It will not be easy as no one will be willing to facilitate us so we will have to use very creative means.


When all this is done, we will be considered as genocidal war criminals by the remaining EUSSR countries and the US. In others words, we don’t really have a choice but to build a new federation/alliance from scratch.

The negotiations between the European Federation and the USASSR/EUSSR block and Muslim countries in the phase 3 transition period (prior to deportations) and the outlook for the European Federation companies’ current investments in the Muslim world


In phase 3 (2060-2090) the cultural conservative tribunals (which at this point is controlling the liberated European countries) will take measures to take the appropriate steps in order to safeguard European Federation economical interests in EF territory and in the Muslim world prior to any permanent resolution of mass deportation of Muslims from Europe.


The reason for this is to ensure that we lay claim to all potential advantages available to us and can act in accordance with perceived outlooks. It is easy to anticipate how the Muslim world will react to any permanent resolution of mass deportations so it is essential to implement certain mechanisms PRIOR to implementation of given doctrines.


So,what will happen to the European Federation companies’ current investments in Muslim countries? This really depends on how the Muslim world reacts when we deport 25 million Muslims (2008 number, 50 million as of estimated 2030 number, 100 million 2060 number). Each and every Muslim nation will react differently and we should expect a synchronised response or an initiation of some sort of attack “campaign” from the Arab League. It is expected that they will halt all petroleum exports and other commodity export to members of the European Federation and anyone neutral to us. When they realise that the deportations will continue they are likely to seize control/nationalise all European Federation assets and infrastructure currently on their territories. This will include luxury hotels, petroleum related plants, and other industry infrastructure. European Federation nationals working in these Muslim countries are likely to be deported to their country of origin or may even be kidnapped and used as an extortion chip which would be the traditional Islamic way.


Needles to say, as a result of these reactionary Muslim nationalisation/deportation campaigns, we will act in the same manner in all European Federation countries. In fact, this would have already be done prior to the first step to ensure that we have a solid position for negotiations with the individual Muslim countries.


The following approach should be followed when negotiating with each Muslim nations:



1. All Sunni nations should be strongly advised to leave the Arab League and apply for the status of a tertiary protectorate of the European Federation. This will mean that they will accept the consequences of our future pre-defined Crusader campaign in the Middle East which will involve liberating Western/Eastern Anatolia, the creation of a Maronite, Coptic, Assyrian and Rom nation and expand Israels border to include Gaza and the West Bank. The so called “Palestinians” will be deported back to Syria.


2. As for the negotiations with each Muslim country; any agreement must include that they are willing to accept a fair share of expelled Muslim individuals from European Federation countries. This will include f example individuals where factors surrounding the repatriation efforts are disputed or are considered exceptional circumstances (may also involve EF Marxist converts to Islam). All Shia nations (Iran) and Shia controlled territories (parts of Jemen, Iraq etc) should be advised to apply for the status of a tertiary protectorate of the EF.


3. Terms offered to Muslim countries should be open for discussion and can be flexible as long as it will benefit the long term goals of the European Federation and each individual European country.



Sunni and Shia countries/territories likely to apply for the status as a tertiary protectorate of the European Federation: Kurdistan (Former Iraq, depending on their support for the liberation of Eastern Anatolia. UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar – might apply due to the fear from Islamic fundamentalists (a majority of these regimes are puppet regimes who fear the wrath of the Ummah).


Kurdistan is the only likely alliance partner (they are hated by both Turks and Arabs). The rest of the nations are much more uncertain. The Western puppet regimes of Egypt and certain other countries are likely to be overthrown by devout Muslim groups who will view us as their sworn enemy.


If negotiations fail with a country all frozen assets of that particular country will be expropriated by the appropriate EF nation unless equivalent resources can be swapped as they are sure to do the same. Any remaining infrastructure in that particular country will be considered lost and subsequently will be bombed by EF fighter jets. The country in question will be considered hostile and as all official and industrial connections now are cut, will be completely isolated.


Any isolated countries can be used as a collective mass dumping ground for deported individuals (see “militarily securing dumping sites/ports temporarily in Muslim countries” in another chapter).


It is likely that the other international block the USASSR/ with remaining EUSSR countries (depending on how strong they are at this point) will attempt to sabotage any agreement by pressuring the Muslim nations (concessions in return for military protection). The US might threaten with military attacks if we attack any Muslim nation. We should consider putting our Anatolia/Middle Eastern crusader campaign on hold until this block (USASSR/EUSSR) has imploded. This might take a few more decades but will happen eventually. However, what we cannot halt is our deportation campaigns (which will involve the securing of ports in order to safely transport the Muslims). The USASSR/EUSSR block will have no choice but to accept this as the alternative would be genocides, something everyone should contribute to prevent.



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