Good Fences Make Good Neighbours 

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

Israel's fence exists to prevent deadly attacks on Israeli citizens. The Belfast peace lines exist to prevent large-scale intercommunal disorders … but a barrier is a barrier, whatever its name … their [British and Israeli] policies towards the nationalist areas of Belfast and the Palestinian areas of the Holy Land have one thing in common … to provide security."


When the ICJ ruled on July 9 that Israel's security barrier was illegal, it based its decisions exclusively on interpretation of international humanitarian law. Fourteen of the fifteen judges ruled that Israel should raze its barrier. The one dissenting justice, Thomas Buergenthal, was American. He argued that the court failed to consider all relevant facts. He wrote, "The nature of these cross-Green Line attacks and their impact on Israel and its population are never really seriously examined by the court." While the ICJ claimed that Israel could not invoke "the right of legitimate or inherent self-defence," Buergenthal disagreed. After all, in resolutions 1368 and 1373, the U.N. Security Council reaffirmed the right to combat terrorism without limitation to "state actors only."


And there is little doubt that the security barriers work. Suicide attacks in Israel declined 75 percent in the first six months of 2004 compared to an equivalent period in 2003. The Israeli government is not alone in this conclusion. Many of the most vocal critics of Israel's security barrier have employed the same defence. Their immunity from ICJ and U.N. criticism illustrates both the politicisation of the International Court of Justice and the inherent bias of the United Nations. U.N. secretary general Kofi Annan's criticism of Israel's security barrier, especially when juxtaposed with his silence regarding the region's other security barriers, illustrates the double standard.


Perhaps the greatest tragedy of the ICJ decision, however, is that it creates a precedent that allows terrorism to trump security. Israel will not be the only victim. The Turkish government, which vociferously condemned Israel, unwittingly undermined its own security with regard to Syria. Some Pakistani politicians already seek to use the ICJ's decision on Israel to undermine India's self-defence. While separate peace processes proceed in Cyprus, Western Sahara, and Northern Ireland, it was the dampening of terrorism made possible by the security barriers that allowed the space for diplomats to resume negotiations. On a number of levels, the ICJ decision was a ruling against peace and security, not only in Israel but also across the region and elsewhere.




The demographical annihilation of the European population in the US due to Asian, Mexican and African mass immigration (ROUGH DRAFT)

In the early 1980s the US was considered a Christian and European nation. In fact, it was considered the most powerful European nation. Today, the US is in a rapid state of disintegration fuelled by mass immigration and the doctrines of multiculturalism/cultural relativism.


So what happened exactly and when did it happen?

The story is quite similar to Europe. The Marxists, through applying the doctrines of the Frankfurt school, disguised their ideology and were perceived as “cultural Marxists”, humanists and liberals. Just like in Europe, they gradually contributed to transform to the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist bastion it is today. Most of the methods used are covered already but I will include a few factors not yet mentioned.

The day when the Democrats and Republicans decided that America should no longer be a Christian and a European country


“Happy holidays” and “season greetings” you say? What happened to “Merry Christmas”?


Traditionally, the only holidays included in the "season" were Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day (in some countries), New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and Three Kings Day. But apparently the US political parties have expanded this term quite recently. Did they ask the American people if they wanted this or did they implement this in an undemocratic manner?


Now, thanksgiving, Christmas, Yule, Channukah, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, and occasionally Ramadan or the Eid depending on the Islamic calendar, to name a few are considered equal to Christmas in the US. Because, suddenly the US didn’t have a state religion. You see, the Democrats and Republicans decided on behalf of all US citizens that the US should no longer a European and Christian country. Instead, they decided, through a multitude of undemocratically implemented bills, that they should create a non-European multicultural nation without a united cultural identity. The people were never allowed to have their say.



Demographical development of the US – Europeans vs. non Europeans


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The cultural Marxist war against God and the Church in Western Europe leads to spiritually bankrupt countries lacking civilizational goals (UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND NOT EDITED, feel free to complete this essay)

The greatest achievement in humanity was the moon landing, achieved by our European-American brethren. Since then, cultural Marxism has risen, infiltrated and ravaged both Western Europe and the US. The mass-democracy model of Western Europe has become the norm in the Western world, which has cultivated the principle of mediocrity instead of continuing to pursue excellence.


Marxism is somewhat as crippling as Islam on a civilization so I do not expect we will see a change in direction until we, the conservative visionaries, have seized military and political control. Spiritually bankrupt nations without civilizational visions are nothing more than devastated wastelands of meaningless noise and excessive consumerism, which alone, has no way of satisfying the individuals longing for something greater than the feeding of his or her ego. The cultural Marxist elites of Western Europe will never admit to these facts and they will say that they are in fact allowing Church communities to operate freely. But what kind of Church survived decades of Marxist assault? Firstly, the forced ordination of female priests ravaged the very fundament of the Church, which planted enough Trojans for the European Church to be ridden by internal reforms leading to the Church we see today. The European Labour Church is now completely stripped of any and all influence and has been molded to suit the Marxist agenda. Especially the Protestant Church has been molded into becoming its very own cyanide pill.


The first assault was reforms which involved the forceful ordination of women as priests and bishops. As we all know, women’s emotionally unstable nature quickly lead to the propagation of gay marriage, the ordination of gay priests, ignoring chastity, ignoring peoples duties in relation to procreation, the support for mass-Muslim immigration and even the inter-religious dialogue with the Muslim community. This dialogue is in fact no more than a formal discussion for the terms of total surrender. The divine architecture, richly decorated with sculptures of our most famous and beloved champions and martyrs of the church (who fought past Crusades against Jihadi invasions) has been replaced with the Marxist style red-bricked bunker style churches, which has as much appeal as a public toilet. The divine interior of our beloved churches has been stripped of everything dignifying and replaced with empty concrete walls with perhaps one single abstract mosaic of something that may or may not resemble a cross.


Celebration of Christmas and Easter is now considered offensive to Muslims so it is now inappropriate to actually say; Merry Christmas. Instead we must say; Happy holidays…


And people still doesn’t get it? It can’t be said clearer than this; the Western European cultural Marxist regimes want you to abandon God and the Church. Perhaps you should take the hint already. Because as soon as you acknowledge that there is a very real war being waged by the Marxists through their deliberate objective of completely deconstruction the European Church, the sooner you can rush to its defense.


Currently, we are embroiled in a bitter spiritual war that will inevitably lead to a physical one.

Such vitriol always ends up leading to violence, whether it is a genocidal slaughter, or a civil war – the spiritual war transcends to the physical plane, and God’s people are once again embroiled in a bloody battle.




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