Overconsumption, pollution and overpopulation 

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Overconsumption, pollution and overpopulation


Overconsumption, pollution and overpopulation are the three problems that threaten the future of life on Earth. The three problems intersect and are interactive, but they are also separate and distinct.



The cultural conservatives guide to reduce pollution:



1. All 2nd and 3rd world countries (where the average birth rate is above 2,1) are to implement 1 child policies until their country is stabilised in regards to financial outlooks and overconsumption, saving their forests etc. This will both solve their poverty problem and result in drastic cuts in global pollution due to the fact that the population (consumer) explosion will be reversed. You cannot have any hope of reducing global pollution unless you focus on reducing the current population explosion in 2nd and 3rd world countries. Any country that does not comply will not receive any incentives (aid, development funding/loans, and trade import/export concessions). This approach can also be used for giving these countries incentives to stop them from cutting down their forests.

2. Decrease global consummation through implementing protectionist policies. The future cultural conservative European Federation (Europe w/Russia, US, Canada, Australia, NZ will introduce significantly higher import taxes which will significantly give European producers the profitability they need to re-build their industries and to remain economically sustainable. China and certain other countries will be expelled from the WTO (a new reformed WTO with emphasis on the European Federation countries. Prices on non-European goods will be considerably more expensive which will reduce demand significantly. Capitalistic principles within the new economic zone should still be the preferred economical model (local/national entrepreneurship with sufficient enough financial/tax incentives to ensure a thriving and healthy economy).

3. All globalist companies will be nationalised (a minimum of 50,1% ownership must be re-distributed to EF governments hands (combined) at any given time, for their respective countries). Investors with majority control who refuse this re-nationalisation process will have their respective corporation expelled from the European Federation monetary zone (losing trading concessions). Ensuring state control is the only way to avoid that globalist capitalist political lobby groups continue to negatively influence European policies relation to immigration and multiculturalism.

4. Phase out diesel/benzin vehicles (and thus end our dependency on Muslim oil) and focus on commercialising electric cars/battery cells. This will be a lot more significant problem in the US due to their decentralised infrastructure but much easier in Europe. Larger vehicles (trucks/planes/ships) will in the unforeseeable future still have to rely on diesel/benzin/bunker oil until we have managed to develop battery cells with sufficient power. The development of these battery cells will be a prioritised task.

5. Building a vast network of nuclear power plants. This will ensure the cleanest energy available when compared to invested resources.


Global population control


First of all we have to ask ourselves. What population size can our planet support? This can be rephrased, in ecological terms, as "What is the carrying capacity of the planet", as applicable to human populations, specifically. The carrying capacity is the number of individuals an environment can support without significant negative impacts to the given organism and its environment.


According to www.footprintstandards.org;


In 2005, the bio-capacity of the Earth was 13.6 Ggha, and the population was 6.5 billion; therefore, the sustainable per capita global footprint was 2.1 gha. But aggregate demand was for 17.5 Ggha, which represents a per capita demand of 2.7 gha.

In other words, in 2005 we were overdrawing the bio-resource account by about 29% per annum.


Since 2005, the world population has increased to approximately 6.8 billion (2008) and the demand for resources from developing economies, such as China, India, Brazil, and Indonesia has increased substantially—in China, the Beijing Olympic Games alone must have generated a large increase in demand. On the supply side of the ledger, the bio-capacity of the Planet has, if anything, been reduced as the result of ongoing land degradation, forest destruction, and fish stock depletion. Consequently, at a conservative estimate, demand now exceeds supply by something like 35–40%.


According to the UN’s most-likely, medium growth scenario (UN 2004), by 2050 the population of the World is projected to have increased to at least 9.1 billions, although it is understood this figure is likely to be revised upwards. Some would suggest the 2050 population will be nearer 9.5–10 billions.

Table 1 World populations in 2007 and 2050 (est., UN medium-growth-rate scenario) by income groups (LPR 2008). No allowance is made for redistribution of populations, such as low-income countries becoming middle-income countries by 2050, nor for migration of people from low-income countries to higher-income countries. (x million)


Populations 2007
Rich Countries 942
Medium-Income 3085
Low-Income 2452
World 6479

Populations 2050
Rich Countries 1025
Medium-income 4277
Low-Income 3765
World 9067



Source: 2007 data CIA World Factbook 2008 from which 2050 data calculated. Note minor variations from UN 2006 Revision of Population Database.



Overpopulation is not a ”natural” process: It is the outcome of 2nd but especially 3rd world human behaviour. They caused the problem, they must solve it. Unfortunately, it is inherent in the collective mindset of our species that most people avoid even thinking about the problem, let alone acting to try to solve it. A European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist/suicidal humanist/capitalist globalist elite created this problem and thus cannot solve anything.


They created the UN articles stating:



“It is the right of every woman/couple to reproduce and have as many children as they want…” - this is stated in Articles 12 & 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



Telling the second and third world to stop having babies would defy every single principle a cultural Marxist/multiculturalist believe in. It would involve offending and discriminating which is unthinkable under their mindset. They are truly paralyzed as a result. This while the overpopulation, hunger and human misery progresses. Only a strong, self confident, rationalist and cultural conservative hegemony (European Federation) can deal with and solve this problem. Even if the second and third world countries ignores the call of this ”hegemony”, nature will correct their suicidal tendencies as they are unable to feed their populations.


We should take a leading role in ensuring that we solve or limit this problem. We must therefore not be afraid to openly criticise countries that have lost control. We must offer them guidance and assistance in order for them to take radical steps to reduce their populations. Most of the challenges related to overpopulation are a direct result of the current cultural Marxist/multiculturalist appeasement and egalitarian approach. They have implemented a doctrine where they channel resources to already overpopulated regions in the 3rd world. By doing this they are creating even bigger challenges. Furthermore, they are allowing the current development to continue because we, the rich west, serve as a dumping ground for excessive 3rd world populations. Instead of fixing the broken pipe, they are acting as a soak for the water pouring out. This approach completely defies logic and is not sustainable.


We should create population capacity guidelines for continents or countries. The guidelines should be based on a combination of the availability of resources and other factors in an attempt to limit overpopulation. Every country should abide by these guidelines. If starvation threatens the countries who have failed to follow our guidelines we should not support them by backing their corrupt leaders or send any form of aid. There is no general consensus to the carrying capacity of the planet. Our planet should not exceed 3 billion individuals so radical policies will have to be implemented (we are currently more than 6,8 billion).




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