Creating patriotic youth movements in phase 1 

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Creating patriotic youth movements in phase 1


How can we expect to safeguard our societies against cultural Marxism and Islam in the future (say in 2,3,4,5 decades from now) when Western Europe does not even have any well organised patriotic youth groups?


Patriotic youth groups (also referred to as street activists) are the back bone of the resistance and the creation of such political entities should be a primary goal.


An intellectual club (consisting of older professionals) who rejects the notion of offering political and intellectual guidance to the youths of the society will have limited impact. A large majority of the current European conservative intellectuals are cowards and unwilling to take responsibility. If they had taken responsibility they would have started to develop a Conservative Revolutionary Movement and/or several patriotic youth movements.


If the “anti-Islamisation/anti-totalitarian organisations” refuse to start their own youth groups and start recruitment of patriotic youth then the so called totalitarian-minded, racist or criminal organisations such as Hells Angels will (as we are witnessing today). And when the time comes there will be one impotent “politically correct” intellectual club “ without anyone who can physically protect it and its doctrines from “Marxist/Muslim lynch mobs” as most of the youths have been recruited by the other “competing” patriotic alternatives.


It would be irresponsible and quite hypocritical to just label the youths of your society as “lost causes” just because the MSM tactically label them as racists. I would bet 90% of the individuals who are labelled as “Nazis or fascists” are in fact far from it and just lack ideological and intellectual guidance. They feel they really have no other alternative. It is therefore quite irresponsible and hypocritical not to take an initiative regarding the creation of youth groups with the intention to offer them intellectual and political guidance. Unwillingness to do exactly this confirms the notion that you are nothing more than an irresponsible hypocrite.


This again raises several important questions;


Creating patriotic youth groups is a pragmatic and necessary approach as we CANNOT and should not trust that our police forces and military act in our interest now or in the future. Both our police forces and military are lead by the multiculturalist traitors we wish to defeat.


So, if your goal or hope is to attempt to convince your traitorous politicians to voluntarily remove and ban multiculturalist doctrines and Islam you are delusional and extremely naive. However, I totally understand why people are hesitant to discuss this publicly. Know this; if you pursue this course (create patriotic youth movements) you will most likely be persecuted and ridiculed by the multiculturalist government and the MSM press. You are likely to lose your job and be the primary target of a campaign of psychological warfare. Pursuing this goal will involve persecution and suffering in phase 1. Nevertheless, it is extremely important that some brave Western European souls find the strength to pursue it.


I have to admit, for many years I was scared as well (scared of being ridiculed, frozen out, persecuted, harassed by MSM, blacklisted etc) so I completely understand why other people are afraid to discuss this (creation of youth groups, non-armed militias) as it is considered politically incorrect.


Myself, and many of the people I know (other cultural conservative intellectuals) have been quite hesitant to bring this up as we were and still are simply too scared of the consequences as an overwhelming majority of other anti-Jihad ideological warriors are. We are reluctant to take the struggle to the “next level”. It is inevitable but we tend to try to delay it for as long as possible, clinging to the hope that our elites will come to their senses before then. Somehow, we cling to hope and refuse to admit that there is no chance of this happening. The Lebanon example illustrates how this happened historically and how it ended. They waited too long due to cowardice and as a result, they are now a persecuted minority in their own lands. We CANNOT and WILL NOT allow this to happen again. We must act while we still can!



Lebanon demographical development [Muslim vs Christians]:



1911 - 21% Islam

1921 - 45%

1932 - 49%

1943 - 48%

1970 - 58% (Civil war 1975–1990 started when Islam reached 60%)

1990 - 65% (Christians lost the war)

2008 - 75%


Christian Lebanon waited too long before they started mobilising and as a result they lost the war.


One thing seems pretty clear though. If the right wingers that holds the moral high ground (us) refuse to take our youth under our wings (offering them ideological guidance), they will seek criminal organisations like Hells Angels or alternatively National Socialist movements instead. And it will be OUR fault.


Just take the initiative, and keep the discussions on closed forums (those kinds of discussions violate FB and other societies guidelines so use neutral discussion grounds). Focus on the people you trust first and don’t exclude people based on the MSM premise and labeling techniques. After all, the MSM are our enemies as 99% of journalists support multiculturalism.


Be aware of the factors that limit and creates difficulties for consolidation:


- NIA (national intelligence agency) targeted extermination campaigns (see chapter about NIA).

- Unemployment rate

- Lack of reputational shields (be smart, chosoe principles/names many people can “morally defend”. A good alternative: Patriots against Fascism, European Human Rights Movement. A bad alternative: National Front or any name containing the word nationalist or other massively demonised words.




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