Unchecked Asian and African legal and illegal immigration 

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Unchecked Asian and African legal and illegal immigration


According to the cover story in the Sep. 19, 2004 issue of Time magazine, 3 million illegal’s entered the US in 2003 alone! And many of them quickly obtain phony ID to obtain a wealth of services compliments of US taxpayers: subsidized housing, welfare, social security, etc.


Exacerbating the problem, illegal’s’ birth rate is more than double the US average, with each offspring, from birth, eligible for the myriad of government programs available to full citizens. A new study by the Center for Immigration Studies found that illegal’s cost the taxpayer $10 billion dollars more than they contribute, each year.


In practice, "affirmative action" is often reverse discrimination. For example, at the University of California Berkeley, the average SAT score for European-Americans is 1400, for African Americans just 1170. And you get 400 points just for signing your name! The examples are endless; Nine UCLA medical school professors urged that an African-American medical student be expelled for poor performance. But the student filed racial discrimination claims and to avoid a long, expensive lawsuit and race-card media campaign, the medical school allowed the student to return.



Laissez faire capitalism or segregation through deportation


The European American middle class is being systematically wiped out of existence by the governments support to Marxist procreation policies resulting in fertility rates of less than 1,5. In addition; the new “global economy” means that middle class European American workers have to directly compete for jobs with people on the other side of the world where there is no minimum wage and practically no regulations. The only solution is to re-establish a monetary market reserved for European countries. However, the mass-outsourcing to Asia is only one of two primary problems. Protectionism alone will not save the US but will only result in a delay of the impending implosion.


I never thought I would actually argue against capitalism but the US model is an extreme variant, almost resembling a pure laissez faire model. 83 percent of all U.S. stocks are now in the hands of 1 percent of the people. 66 percent of the income growth between 2001 and 2007 went to the top 1% of all Americans. The top 10 percent of Americans now earn around 50 percent of the national income etc.


While capitalistic principles should be protected, it should be somewhat regulated so that it benefits other members of the tribe (Scandinavian light model). However, for this to work there must be an exceptional social cohesion, something that is not the case as long as the US embraces multiculturalism. I completely understand that group of tribes (the European Americans) would refuse to subsidize other non-European tribes – Asian or African. Europeans, Asians and Africans simply do not have enough factors in common which would be required to establish European style welfare principles. It is likely that it would even be problematic to attempt this model in a pool consisting of Latin European Americans and Nordic European Americans as well, as the cultural difference for these specific groups are significant.


To illustrate this further:


The International Monetary Fund ranking of the countries with highest BNP shows that the top 10 list is dominated by countries with an exceptional degree of social cohesion. This is usually only possible in countries with a small population.



1. Luxembourg

2. Qatar (oil)

3. Norway

4. Singapore

5. Brunei (oil)

6. United States

7. Hong Kong

8. Switzerland

9. Netherlands

10. Ireland

11. Australia

12. Austria

13. Canada

14. Iceland

15. Kuwait (oil)

16. UAE (oil)

17. Sweden

18. Denmark

19. Belgium

20. UK

21. Germany

22. Finland

23. France

24. Japan

25. Taiwan

26. Greece

27. Spain

28. Italy

29. Israel

30. Cyprus

31. South Korea

32. Slovenia

33. Bahrain

34. New Zealand



The list shows very clearly that the dominating nations are countries with an ethnical homogenous people (high social cohesion) which are usually the countries with a relatively low population.



Good fences make good neighbors,


As I have stated on several occasions, the currently most functional countries in the world are Japan and South Korea. They have managed to preserve all the positive aspects of European culture and tradition, methods and processes they imported and embraced after WW2 and the Korea War. They believe in cultural monoculturalism mixed with a free market democracy. And here lies the truth about European Revolutionary Conservatives as well. We believe in cultural monoculturalism and to a large degree ethnocentrism because we know that is the only proven way of preserving social cohesion levels is required to facilitate a welfare state. Without social cohesion, no welfare state. We believe that good borders makes good neighbours. We believe in democracy, but we believe that the fundamental requirement for a democracy and a welfare state requires social cohesion and a non-reformable cultural conservative framework. And as history and the above examples shows in a crystal clear manner; you cannot have social cohesion in a multicultural society. The US illustrates this quite well. The reason there is not a decent welfare system in the US is because of lack of social cohesion. The European Christian middle class will simply refuse to subsidize the welfare of Africans, Latinos and Asians.


The fact of the matter is that the US reached its civilizational climax during the moon landing in 1969 and has in fact seen a “civilisational” recession since that time syncrhronized with the African Civil rights movement and the Marxist 68 non-violent revolution. After the cultural Marxists (not economical Marxists, there’s a big difference here) consolidated their powers and succeeded in implementing their agenda of converting the US from a European Christian country to a multiculturalist nation, a systematical decline and gradual cultural decomposition has been evident. And this will continue until the economy collapses which will trigger an American civil war, estimated to be initiated within 2030. This economical meltdown will make the current recession seem like a picnic. I anticipate that this will happen at earliest within 18 years (today is 2010, so 2028) and at latest within 65 years.


The US will and should be divided into at least two regions; a multiculturalist region (the Multiculturalist States of America – MSA) and a Christian, European American region – (the Confederate States of America – CSA). African Americans, non-European Latinos and other non-European minorities should be relocated from the CSA to the MSA. Conservative fractions of the minorities may be granted citizenship providing that this is the will of the new CSA regime. CSA will be closely allied with the conservative European regimes (which by now will count 1-5). It is hard to predict whether the first European country is liberated from cultural Marxism/multiculturalism before the US implodes and is partitioned into at least two regions. Both scenarios will happen though.



The US was considered to be a European country until the 80s and 90s and would continue to dominate this list if it put in efforts to remain that way. The US is now under Asian and African colonization which will eventually (within 2030) result in its own self induced implosion, unless the cultural conservative European Americans seizes military and political control and initiates the partitioning and the subsequent deportation/relocation of non-Europeans. It is unlikely that this scenario will happen the way I described it. Instead, I believe the current day US will be divided into 2-3 regions, whereas at least one will be reserved for European Americans while the other two will remain multicultural. However, I hope our European American allies manage to take control of the US as a whole. Because if they succeed, they will be able to set their own terms, which will benefit all European Americans.




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