Interview with a Justiciar Knight Commander of the PCCTS, Knights Templar 

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Interview with a Justiciar Knight Commander of the PCCTS, Knights Templar



The following interview was conducted over three sessions. It might be considered irrelevant to many people. However, I decided to add it as I personally would enjoy reading a similar interview with another resistance fighter.


The interview covers politics, society and the struggle: the Western European civil war, the PCCTS, Knights Templar and other armed pan-European and National Resistance movements. It also covers personal reflectations and information.



Q: Today, Western Europe has never been wealthier and an overwhelming majority of Europeans live in prosperity with more freedoms than they have ever had. Are you afraid that people in general will view you as the enemy, as a threat to their prosperity and freedoms, as a threat to stability in Europe?


A: I can totally understand that most people will condemn people like us simply because they do not ”yet” understand what is going on. And even if they do understand our reasons they might disagree with our ”means”, thinking that democracy can solve this problem as well just like democracy have solved many of the challenges we have faced in the past. Europeans in general do not live in or close to Muslim ghettos or enclaves and those that did have chosen to move far away. The problem is that many people live in denial and are suffering from historical amnesia. They fail to identify or comprehend what the Western European governments are doing to Europe. Those that do are hesitant to resist through violent means.


While it is true that we currently enjoy wealth and many freedoms this will not be the case in 50 or 100 years. The Muslims in many parts of Europe will make up the majority within 2080. You must study the case of Lebanon and similar cases in order to comprehend what is going on. Lebanon was a Christian territory once with 80% Christians in 1911. Now, in today’s Lebanon, there are less than 25% Christians left. The Muslims won the war and Europe just let it happen. The remaining Christians live under harsh Dhimmitude and everyone in their right mind are attempting to flee the country. To fully understand the situation I urge everyone to read ” Europe Burning”, book 2 of the compendium: ”2083”. It is a complete overview of the current European situation and it explains how we, the free people of Europe have lost any hope of reversing the current development in Europe democratically. In other words, it explains why armed resistance is the only option we have left to save Europe from the same fate as Lebanon.



The people of Western Europe have become slaves in their own countries, because they have forgotten to pronounce the word ”no”.



It is quite common that large portions of the general population of any Western European country (uncritical of their government’s indoctrination campaigns) strongly identify with their monster polity, and take it personally when it's criticised or attacked. People in general will oppose us as default because they do not know what we know; their governments have made sure of that.


By marketing and distributing the compendium: 2083, and similar works, we hope to create more awareness, create reference points and thus contribute to consolidate and further our cause.


Most people will today openly condemn us as terrorists. However, a hundred years from now we will be celebrated as pioneers, as heroes who gave their lives combating a tyrant oppressor.


Q: Let’s say that the democratic struggle to save Europe from ”Islamisation/ Islamic demographic warfare” has been lost and that armed resistance against the current establishment is the right way to go. How do you expect to seize power from the current Western European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes knowing that there are only a handful of you who are willing to die for the cause? Do you really expect to defeat all Western European governments seeing that they control absolutely everything; the media, national police forces, intelligence agencies, national militaries and have the full backing of NATO?


A: A complete strategy is listed in the book “2083” but I can try to summarise it for you. We see the struggle or the current Western European civil war if you will as a three stage struggle.



- Phase 1, 2009-2030

- Phase 2, 2030-2070

- Phase 3, 2070-2083



Obviously, we are not able to execute any coup d’état or effectively incite to revolution at this point (in phase 1). This was never the intention either.


Our only objective in this phase is to create awareness about the truth and contribute to consolidation/recruitment. The establishment of military and political reference points now will be of huge benefit especially further down the road.


The media have refused to forward our call the last decades. Instead they have systematically ridiculed and silenced us, labelling us as intolerant and racist bigots. Instead of respecting the will of the European people they have defiantly allowed even more Muslims to enter and defended the current development. Now they are even considering allowing Turkey into the EU. The only reason Turkey is not already in the EU is because of the work of the non-military resistance movements of Europe. The EUSSR elites may be evil but they are not stupid. They know that they will not get away with including Turkey at this point because Europeans will simply not accept it. If they allowed the Turkey to enter today and opened the borders to the Turkish Muslim hordes our armed resistance groups would experience thousands of new recruits instantly, ready to militarily secure our borders. The EUSSR elites know that, so they rely on a few more decades of indoctrination before they will continue with the process.


By creating reference points with our operations we also force the media to acknowledge our presence and agenda (which is a great defeat to the establishment in itself). Our existence and actions are a living proof that they have made peaceful change impossible and that they have therefore made violent resistance unavoidable. We are sending a potent message to the European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites; we are telling them that we know what they have done and what they continue to do, we are watching them and they will be punished for their crimes. We are coming for them. If not today then tomorrow. cultural Marxists/multiculturalists in Oslo may be the target today, but cultural Marxists in London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Milan or Madrid will be the target tomorrow. This war has just begun and we have no intention of acting prematurely. We know that time is on our side.


Unfortunately, spectacular operations like these are the only way to be heard. Everything else we have tried has failed and yielded nothing. The Muslims showed us that deadly shock attacks are the only tool we have at the moment which will guarantee that our voice is heard. By forcing them to acknowledge our presence and explaining our agenda to everyone we are making it very hard for the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist media establishment to ignore the call of the free people of Europe. The message is simple: “WE DO NOT WANT AND WILL NOT TOLERATE ISLAM IN EUROPE!” Any individual or organisation that actively supports or are participating (directly or indirectly as silent bystanders) in the Islamisation of Europe are flagged as valid targets, starting with the MA 100 political parties and media organisations themselves.


We have tried protest through dialogue for 50 years now and that approach has been a disaster for us. The phase of dialogue has now ended. The PCCTS is a part of that manifestation. We will act as exemplary role models for our less organised brothers and sisters across Europe in the decades to come.


The defeat of the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist network of Europe is closely linked with the Islamisation of Europe.


It’s quite ironic that their downfall will be their own greed (the wish to import more and more Muslim voters). Eventually, the political support for the EU’s Eurabia project/European multiculturalism/Islamisation will erode but not before it’s too late. Our phase 1 strategy is a simple strategy of repeated pin-pricks and bleedings that, though small in proportion to the total force strength, sap the will of the current EU regimes to continue the fight or at least will force them to open their eyes to reality earlier (and identify the Islamisation of Europe as a threat to all Europeans).


There are no effective counter-measures against our phase 1 strategy. It is the most efficient way of modern warfare. We are going to win this war eventually no matter how they chose to act. If they comply with all our demands (and deport all Muslims from Europe) we will win. If they don’t, then Islam will bring us to power in phase 3 (2070-2083) when the Muslims reach 50%. At this point, the peoples of Europe will scream for any group or individual who can come and solve their problems…


As long as the threat of Islam increases annually in Europe with Muslim populations increasing with more than 1 million per year, increased ghettofication in combination with Muslim atrocities against Europeans – harassment, robberies, rapes and murders), there will be an increasing amount of willing recruits for conservative and/or for the European anti-Jihad movements and even die-hard organisations like the Knights Templar.


As long as the threat of Islam and dhimmitude increases in Europe we will see more and more indigenous liberation organisations like the Knights Templar. Even if we use brutal methods we will continue to retain all of our strategic advantages of mobility, invisibility, and legitimacy, in our own eyes and in the eyes of a good portion of the people.



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