The fall of the eussr, the rise of the new nationalist European world order (under construction and not edited, feel free to complete this essay) 

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The fall of the eussr, the rise of the new nationalist European world order (under construction and not edited, feel free to complete this essay)


What do we, the Conservatives of Western Europe, really want to achieve? What is our dream, our vision for the world? If we are to believe the multiculturalist propaganda they would make the masses believe that we are bloodthirsty, evil people, who want to take Hitler’s insane plan to the next level; dropping nukes on all countries we deem inferior and effectively killing off 6 out of 7 billion people. They would like to portray an image of us as psychopathic murderers who seek the destruction of fairness and order which will result in the end to tolerance and peace.


The fundamental difference between conservatives and cultural Marxists are obviously our two very different world views. What they call “tolerance”, is really genocide. What they call “peace”, is really a smokescreen for tyranny. And what they call “human rights advocacy”, is really nothing less than “a deliberate plan to deconstruct everything European and perhaps even manage to sell us into Muslim slavery in the same process”.


In other words; if you embrace the cultural Marxist definition of these terms and similar terms, then you have already capitulated and lost.


We, the European Revolutionary Conservatives know very well that it will take many years, even decades before we successfully manage to consolidate to a degree where we can seize political and military power in the first Western European country. In the US, the Tea party movement is one of the first physical, political manifestations which indicate that there is a great storm coming. The creation of similar conservative organizations, even the creation of revolutionary conservative movements such as the Knights Templar is just another manifestation that real resistance to the EUSSR/US cultural Marxist/multiculturalist hegemony is about to materialize. The cultural Marxists are losing their momentum to our advantage.



The pioneers of the new world order


We are some of the founding fathers of the new world order. The conservative martyrs of today, both democratic and revolutionary, will be remembered and celebrated as the founding fathers when our cultural conservative world order has been established in the European world within 20-70 years.



The Nazi ghost, avoiding it or embracing it


Being a conservative ideological warrior in Western Europe or in the US involves great sacrifices, even if you staunchly propagate an anti-racist denomination of conservatism. No matter how much you denounce and condemn Nazism and racism, you will always be demonized as one by the cultural Marxist hegemony and its facilitators. I have to admit, this is the primary reason why I, personally, emphasize the demonization of Nazism and racism. Being a cultural conservative, opposing multiculturalism, I am demonized as a closet-Nazi and a closet-racist by default but my message isn’t completely ignored (by national legislature, internet laws, Facebook laws and twitter laws) so I do manage to somewhat reach out to a tiny fraction of those I want to address. If I was to embrace any aspect of National Socialism or make any hint of racial prejudice I would however, be completely silenced, as Facebook and twitter would ban me and I would end up on every intelligence watch list.


Regardless of what we can allow ourselves to say, as conservatives, we cannot and should not pretend that all aspects of National Socialism are bad. As with any other ideology, there are always several aspects that represent solid and good principles. To be honest, there are several similarities to Japanese, South Korean, Taiwanese, Arab etc. current monocultural doctrines and norms that are quite similar to the NS policies of monoculturalism. As human beings and political activists, we are obliged to sincerely evaluate and re-evaluate all ideologies, National Socialism included. It is uncertain whether we can achieve ideological progress and success without defending principles embraced by the NS, such as monoculturalism. You cannot hope to implement a monocultural system model without a good portion of patriarchal oriented leadership. A patriarchal or at least a semi-patriarchal leadership structure is a requirement, at least in the cultural and security fields (includes immigration, schools, universities etc.) in order to implement monocultural doctrines.


Ethnocentrism and especially propagating a monoculture is and will always be the most essential building block of a successful nation long term. We know this because we have studied history. The Roman Empire and tens of other great empires imploded as a direct result of rapid expansion (invasions or mass-immigration) with subsequent lack of social cohesion. The processes which lead to the fall of these empires are more often than not triggered by “liberal leadership” trying to please everyone, as the current multiculturalist nations of Western Europe and the US represent today. There is no hope of preserving democracy when you deliberately deconstruct everything that fuels social cohesion, such as religion, culture, traditions and identity (including ethnic). There is no hope of preserving democracy without a unified demos.


This is why it’s so easy to accurately predict the fall of the Western European and the US multiculturalist state within a pre-defined date. History always repeats itself. So to us, the conservative revolutionaries, the choice is simple. We must successfully seize political and military power in Western Europe within 70 years or all is lost. In this, we have no choice, as the implementation of the current Marxist doctrines (deconstruction of European culture – Christendom, traditions, our identity and nation states) is guaranteed to create our beloved fatherlands into failed states like Afghanistan, where the only prospect is eternal war and suffering.


The multiculturalist road to hell is paved in gold, very similar to Hitler’s and Stalin’s vision of the world.



Be proud of your ethnic group – be proud of belonging to the Nordic tribe


The current cultural Marxist world order lead by Western European and US elites acknowledge and tolerate that most ethnic group’s fight for their interest and are proud of their ethnic group. The Arab League, Kurdish Rights Movements, Rom (Gypsy) Rights Movements, Tibetan Rights Movements, Native American Rights Movements and Aboriginal Rights Movements, to name just a few are all interest groups based on race or ethnic affiliation. They are among those interest groups that propagate interests based on race/ethnic origin. They are all tolerated, encouraged and even often supported by the current US/EUSSR cultural Marxist hegemony. If I were to create a Nordic or an even broader European Indigenous Rights movements with the goal of propagating rights and interests for the indigenous Europeans we all know what would happen. It has been done before and the result of the former efforts (resulting in persecution from the establishment) just underlines the hateful and destructive agenda of multiculturalism. The evil nature of this hypocrisy is so deliberate and it clearly tells us that multiculturalism (cultural Marxism) is an anti-European hate ideology designed to deconstruct European culture, traditions, Christendom, ethnic groups and even nation states. We cannot defeat multiculturalism until we defeat Marxism as it is two sides of the same coin. Multiculturalism is Marxism, Marxism is multiculturalism. Do not have any doubt about this. A liberal right winger might claim that he is not a cultural Marxist but a globalist. He should however know that a globalist is the exact same thing as a cultural Marxist. Because there are only two cultural poles; if you are not cultural conservative then you are a cultural Marxist.



The genetical affiliation to your tribe is your most valuable commodity in this world, true or false?


We know that the cultural Marxist elites in Western Europe have created an adoption system which facilitates the adoption of Asians and Africans but makes the adoption of European babies more or less impossible. Not only are absolutely all European countries significantly influenced by Marxism (matriarchy leads to low birth rates, while Asia and Africa still has patriarchy leading to high birth rates) but it would seem like there is a deliberate agenda of attempting to genetically dilute our tribe by systematical facilitation of adoption from Asia and Africa. After all, how are the cultural Marxists going to create a one world utopia unless they deliberately annihilate, through gradual dilution, the European tribes?


So why is tribalism and our ethnic heritage so important?


Despite what the Marxists would like to believe, our genetical heritage is the most important cultural marker as it is a visual proof that you represent a certain culture, certain traditions, a certain identity. How you look will in a blink of an eye tell people a thousand things about you, who your ancestors where, tells you a lot about your mentality, and your countries or regions achievements the last few years. These thousands of pieces of information is forwarded by the blink of an eye to another individual. If you however do not have any genetical affiliation, people will only be left with a lot of questions. Where are you from, are you Muslim, are you a tourist, what culture do you represent, are you an integrated individual, are you an assimilated individual, are you the new imported servant class or are you adopted?


This is what most people ask themselves when they meet an individual. I would f example instantly know, from recognition, that another person is an undiluted Norwegian or not and most other people would as well.


Preferentialism based on looks and ethnic origin is the rule for 80-90% of Europeans


People who are familiar with “the game”; the socio-economic rat race where looks, culture and economy are the deciding factors know how the unwritten rules work. We say something, some politically correct BS like it’s the inside that counts, or that all ethnic groups are equal, but we don’t really mean it. The only reason lie publicly and even to our friends is because our countries are ruled by a Marxist entity and we are not allowed to say the truth. Social-darwinism was the norm before the 1950. Back then, it was allowed to say what we feel. Now, however, we have to disguise our preferences to avoid the horrible consequences of being labeled as a genetical preferentialist. Many people I know who supports mass-Muslim immigration (by voting on political parties in support of multiculturalism) deliberately avoids living with Muslims, simply because they don’t like them. But they still support mass-Muslim immigration. I like to confront these people with direct questions; Why do you support mass-Muslim immigration when you would never consider living with them, or at least living in the same neighborhood with them? Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite?


The reaction is always the same; their face turns red, and they have no clue what to say. Totally busted. I then try to argue that they should vote for a political party which opposes multiculturalism if they, personally, are not interested in taking the responsibility for the effects of given ideology. Despite all my good arguments; the success rate for converting these politically correct individuals into voting for a conservative party, is quite low – lower than 20%. They have simply been brainwashed and thoroughly indoctrinated by the Labour party state to not think those thoughts, so they do agree with you most of the time, but they are afraid of admitting it.


Furthermore, all of the people I know personally (my extended network, through a lifetime), in Oslo West, have adopted a multicultural image which they like to portray publicly. It’s kind of like a t-shirt they take on when they wake up and go outside, leaving their true self behind. It’s very hot to be tolerant, after all, like Madonna and Brangelina… The hypocrisy of these people is limitless though, as I know for a fact that not a single one of them would ever procreate outside our ethnic group. But expecting them to admit to these facts publicly would be too naïve. Because 90% of Europeans choose to follow their instincts, camouflaging their true feelings in order to survive in this Marxist world. Then we have the 10% Europeans, women and men, who choose to fully embrace the Marxist rule of procreating with Asians and Africans. What will happen to them and their offspring when we reach phase 2 or 3 of the European civil war is unknown. It is not unlikely that they may be labeled as traitors as large parts of the population. People should try to understand the psychology behind this. In peacetime, your ethnic affiliation is important. However, in wartime, your ethnic affiliation is extremely important and might ensure your survival.


Let’s take an example; if the multiculturalist elites of Europe manage to suppress us efficiently and prevent us from seizing power the next 6 decades we will reach a situation where the Muslims will be in a majority in ALL European major cities. And when they get confident enough, war will break out (similar scenario to the Lebanon war Christians vs Muslims). At this point in time the economy has already collapsed and chaos and lawlessness reigns. The national militaries have dissolved because the multiculturalist government fled to another country to prevent being lynched. Noone was left to pay the army salaries so most of the soldiers created local militia groups protecting their neighbourhoods. These types of conflicts are extremely brutal and everything is either black or white. All individuals that look like Muslims will be gunned down, and they will gun down all who look like indigenous Europeans. Being an Asian or African under these conditions must be hard because most people will believe them to be Muslims. It is likely that they may end up as outcasts not accepted by either the Europeans or the Muslims. They may be deported, accidentally shot or deliberately killed by conservatives that are much less liberal than the “peace-time auto-gear European” is today.


The preservation of your ethnic affiliation is likely to be the greatest gift you can ever bestow upon your offspring as it will ensure their survival the next 70 years. Being hip, by mimicking Madonna or Angelina may be fatal to your offspring. Because I can guarantee the following; the European civil war has barely begun, and what is politically correct today, is likely to be seen as an absurdity during times of great hardship.


So think long term, be smart and never consider abandoning the ethnic affiliation to your tribe. If you do, it is a chance that you will end up making a decision that can prove to be fatal for yourself or for your children.


Imported non-European minorities are disloyal nation wreckers! True or false?


To claim that the above statement is a falsehood would require that minorities assimilated fully and were supportive of views and principles propagated by the European majority. So what is cultural and political assimilation? Full assimilation would mean that the imported minorities were supportive of the above including the support to the same political parties as the one(s) favoured by the Europeans. In other words; they would vote on the same parties the majority voted on and that they would have the same loyalty to the values and principles that the majority had.


So is this the case with Muslims, Jews, Hindus and non-European Christians? For them to be looked upon as equals (as a part of the Europeans extended family), it would be required that they supported the same values and principles that the majority represented. This is simply not possible if the primary motivations for emigrating are economical. Why would they give up their religion/ideology or culture if they are not expected to? A Pashtun didn’t come because he was interested in being separated from his extended Pashtun family (his ethnic group). He came because there was a high probability that he would be able to acquire funds easily, funds which then would be channeled back to his REAL family, the Pashtuns.


The relevancy of your ethnic group will always be important as we view our ethnic group as our extended family. This goes for all ethnic groups whether they are European, Pashtun, Arab, Rom, Berber-Arab, Somali, Indian, Japanese or South Korean. The Marxist claims that ethnicity is irrelevant or should be made irrelevant goes against human nature and natural laws. It is nothing more than a utopian dream which will never be achieved. Trying to forcefully achieve this objective by mass importing different non-European cultures will achieve nothing more than creating a new dysfunctional Afghanistan with eternal war.


The only three exception I am aware of, where ethnic group is only superseded by another factor (religion) are the so called Bosniaks (which are Muslim Serbs), Pakistanis (which are Muslim Indians) and Turks (which are primarily Muslim Greeks and Armenians).


So back to the question: how can we expect many minorities to be loyal to OUR extended family when they are still loyal to THEIR OWN. Firstly, why on earth would we want to go down that path, secondly; assimilation requires 100% loyalty. You cannot call yourself assimilated if you are culturally, politically and ethnically loyal to another group/culture/ideology then that of your hosts. And this is where multiculturalism fails miserably, as the ideology propagates a non-demand policy. The predominant doctrine seems to be: “do what you want, we won’t demand anything and we don’t care if you’re disloyal as long as you pay your tax and don’t commit any crimes. Please go ahead; invest in your “other” fatherland and feel free to channel funds back to your “other” extended family”. This principle of “tolerance” is really nothing more than a suicidal or genocidal policy.



European polls


F example, in Norway (probably somewhat representative for a majority of European countries); 37% of the indigenous Norwegians vote for a conservative party which opposes multiculturalism, while 63% of the indigenous Norwegians vote for liberal or socialist parties which supports the anti-European hate ideology; multiculturalism. 95% of Muslims, 70% of Hindus, 85% of Jews and 90% of non-European Christians vote for political parties who support multiculturalism. Only less than 5% of Muslims, 30% of Hindus, 15% of Jews and 10% of non-European Christians vote for political parties who oppose multiculturalism.


So why would anyone expect us to view the bulk of these minorities as equals with a right for citizenship when we consider them disloyal and unwilling to fully assimilate?



US polls


I’ve seen a US poll describing something similar; aprox. 40% of European Americans voted for the Democrats while 60% voted for the Republicans. 75% of the Jewish Americans voted for the Democrats while 25% voted for the Republicans. 95% of the African Americans voted for Obama while 5% voted for the Republicans. 75% of the Latinos voted for the Democrats while 25% voted for the Republicans.


So why would anyone expect us to view the bulk of these minorities as equals with a right for citizenship when we consider them disloyal and unwilling to fully assimilate?



These polls raises several important questions;



· Will these minorities be seen as Trojans, or nation wreckers by the conservatives in any given European country with similar statistics?


· Will these minorities or the “disloyal” part of these minorities eventually be blamed for the great European civil war, if so - which of them, and how would it affect each different minority group?


· Will these minorities or the “disloyal” part of these minorities be deported or forcefully relocated during or after the current civil war? If, for some reason, it proves to be impossible to deport/relocate them, will they be annihilated, WW2 style?


· Should the conservative Europeans invite the conservative (loyal) portions of the minorities to join them?


· Is it realistic that they will join, if they are invited?


· Are we or will be we able to see the difference between a loyal (conservative) member of the minority community and a disloyal one (liberal/Marxist)?



As I’ve said so many times before; I believe the outcome will be very different in the US and Europe. After all, the composition of minorities greatly differs. There are 30 million Muslims in Western Europe while only 12 in the US, there are 6 million Jews in the US while only 1 in Western Europe. The Republicans supports multiculturalism in the US so conservative European Americans doesn’t have any form of political representation at the moment. The lack of political representation is likely to cause a more explosive and devastating result, as countries with a clear political alternative are more likely to avoid utter destruction and may be able to orchestrate a successful military coup. The reason for this is because the military trusts known entities but doesn’t (at least historically) trust what is alternatively labeled as “right wing extremist groups”.


One thing is for certain; a majority of European conservatives witness what they see as the “disloyalty” of the greater parts of many minority groups and it would be naïve to assume that this is a factor which will not have long term consequences. Unfortunately, the problem is continuously escalating as we continue to see an increased inflow of disloyal components which will only add to the current explosive mix. This trend of mass import will continue steadily until the economy collapses and phase 2/3 of the civil war is initiated.


As for the conclusive answer to the initial question; I believe we should include as many of the loyalists as possible. However, there may be a mentality shift, based a number of factors which may result in a different end game. If the US/EU Multiculturalist Alliance refuses to capitulate to us, the conservative forces, by 2020 and instead clings to power, it is likely that the Great European Civil War will make WW2 look like a picnic, effectively sending us all back to the stone age. So let us hope that they capitulate to our forces in time.




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