Evaluating Nuclear Weapons and Proxies 

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Evaluating Nuclear Weapons and Proxies


Another suggestion would be attempting to acquire nuclear components from North Korea, Iran, Pakistan or India. A couple of these regimes might hand off a nuclear weapon to a non-state actor or proxy of some sort, one that would detonate it at a mutually-agreeable target as soon as possible. One of these countries may use a shipping container or some other clandestine means, cooperating with a proxy, to carry out an attack on a target, the deniable use of nuclear weapons.


Three factors must be considered when addressing the above scenario. The first is an issue of trust and control. Non-state, militant proxies like the PCCTS, Knights Templar would rely on patrons, a country, for support and training. But we have our own interests as well and we hold them close. Furthermore, there is no central hierarchy in the PCCTS, Knights Templar as we are the sum of autonomous and completely independent cells. It is therefore not a monolithic, unified entity but an extremely distributed network. A majority of cells are not yet advanced enough to competently handle a large operation like this.


This of course assumes that a capable regime would ever hand over a nuke to us in the first place. Proxies must be kept dependent; otherwise they cease to be proxies. We do not share some deep bond of trust with any of these regimes. Handing over even a crude nuclear device is anathema to a potential relationship and would destroy the dynamics by which that country enforces its will as a patron. It would have provided an organisation that it can never fully trust with the one true guarantor of sovereignty.


Second, the nuclear device is the product of an immense, expensive national effort. Each individual weapon or device, especially early on, represents an enormous investment of national resources. By handing one over to an outside group, the country not only has no assurance of it being employed in the way they want, but opens itself to the prospect of that immense investment being wasted or misused.


Finally, there is the issue of risk. A nuclear weapon used in a terrorist attack against any of the cultural Marxist EUSSR regimes will be followed by the most intense, broad and meticulous investigation in human history. The fissile material that made it possible will be traced ruthlessly to its source. The necessary investigative processes are not only possible and well understood, but work to improve and further refine them has only intensified and received additional funding after 9/11. Indeed, a country providing a nuclear weapon to the PCCTS, Knights Templar could not have reasonable assurances that it would not come back to haunt them, either through investigation or interrogation of those that carried out the attack.


That country would be opening itself up to responsibility and accountability for our actions. Again, the material will almost certainly be traced back to that country. And it would be them that suffered the consequences.


The closest historical use of a nuclear proxy was North Koreas attempt to share some civilian technology with Syria (dual-use precursor technologies). It quickly decided that the entire idea was too risky and sold Syria out to Israel and the United States, resulting in Israeli airstrikes in Western Syria in 2007. So while the concern about technology sharing is real (and validated by the now infamous network of A.Q. Khan), there are also limitations to how much one country is willing to risk for an autonomous Crusader movement. The Israeli bombing and North Korea’s betrayal of Syria will not be soon forgotten.


But most importantly, the PCCTS, Knights Templar are currently unwilling to detonate a nuclear warhead above 0,1-0,2 kt device as the civilian casualties would be too great. A large warhead (several kilotons) would be worthless to us. Furthermore, we currently lack the resources and competence to successfully reverse engineer large nuclear warheads and creating small nuclear devices (briefcase size devices). We may re-evaluate these options at a later time.


Using European nuclear power plants as a weapon of mass destruction



“There are no limitations but those we inflict on ourselves...!”



Chernobyl, an accident or the most successful anti-Marxist attack in recorded history?


Many political analysts claim that the Chernobyl accident was one of two primary factors (Chernobyl + Afghanistan) which broke the back of the Soviet Union. This is perhaps true, at least it contributed significantly to the fall of this Marxist terror regime. But what if it wasn’t an accident at all but rather the actions of a Ukrainian nationalist military cell which had successfully infiltrated the plant? These brave anti-Marxist operatives might have infiltrated the facility and posed as plant-workers. They sabotaged the facility and caused the accident well knowing how much damage it would cause to the Soviet Union. As this scenario seems farfetched it is still hard to completely rule out the possibility. Obviously, it was not in the interest of the Soviet Union to admit to such a “military” defeat and it was not in the interest of the armed Ukrainian nationalist movement to take credit for the attack. Taking credit for such a devastating attack would prompt the Soviet tyrants to completely wipe out all Ukrainian nationalists and patriotic sympathisers as a result. How many millions did the Soviet Union massacre; 40-60 million? And how many more would it have massacred had it not been for this brave Ukrainian nationalist cell? They inflicted massive civilian suffering, tens of thousands dying of cancer (a majority was caused by a significant delay in evacuation though and cannot be blamed on the cell). However, at the same time they may have actually saved millions from certain death.



Morally justifiable?


This also raises an important question. Would it be morally justifiable to initiate an attack of this magnitude in order to end a genocidal and evil regime committed to wiping out everything European? It is important to understand how much power we, the National Resistance Movements of Europe possess over human life. A Justiciar Knight has a lot of responsibility to make just choices based on pragmatical evaluations and considerations. A Justiciar Knight must never act blindly and based on hate alone. Hate will drive you to the most disproportionate actions resulting in excessive and unnecessary suffering.


Thorough pragmatical estimations must be made in order to make our decisions as judges:


With our current regimes, over the next 5 decades:



- How many of our sisters have and will be raped by Muslims?


- How many Europeans will be ravaged, robbed, beaten, terrorised or killed by Muslims?


- How many of our brothers and sisters will commit suicide due to these atrocities?


- How many Europeans will die in the future Christian-Muslim war on European soil? Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions?


- Can we afford to speculate in the outcome of the coming Christian-Muslim war? What if we lose? How many Europeans will be massacred or enslaved by Islamic forces on European soil if we lose? Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions just like in Anatolia or India?


- How many patriotic oriented individuals will be ridiculed and persecuted by our multiculturalist oppressors?



See all charges 1-8 for a complete overview of atrocities committed directly or indirectly by the current cultural Marxist regimes.


Expected Muslim atrocity report for the next 10 years (see: Muslim atrocities committed against Western Europeans 1960-2010 (2020)):



- 1 million+ of our sisters raped.


- 3-4 million+ of our brothers and sisters ravaged, robbed, beaten, terrorised


- 30 000-40 000+ murdered directly/indirectly (suicide due to atrocities)



When you compare these numbers to the casualty report of a future Chernobyl attack it is obvious that the above numbers would be equivalent to 10-50 Chernobyl attacks.



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