Glass ware and other basic lab equipment 

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Glass ware and other basic lab equipment



1 x Funnel, glass 70 mm: 5?

1 x Funnel, glass 50 mm: 4?

4 x Funnel, plastic 100 mm: 8? (purification through coffee filter x 4)

1 x Trakt i plast PP 45 mm: 2?

1 x Thermometer -40-+110: 4? (for oven)

2 x Thermometer -10-+110: 4? (20 cm long glass variant)

1 x Graduated Cylinder 500 ml: 18? (for measuring liquids)

1 x Crystallization cup 140-400 mm: 14-50 (a lasagna glass dish is a cheaper alt)

2 x Glass Beaker 2000 ml: 47?

2 x Glass Beaker 1000 ml: 27?

4 x Glass Beaker 600 ml: 24?

2 x Glass Beaker 250 ml: 12?

1 x Beakertongs: 7 (tongs to grab boiling hot beakers)

1 x Conical Flask (Erlenmeyer Flask) 1000 ml: 14?

1 x Conical Flask 500 ml NN (narrow neck): 8?

1 x Conical Flask 500 ml WN (wide neck): 8?

6 x Pharmaceutical Bottle, glass (dark brown) 200 ml: 8? (storage of detonator charge/primary expl. underwater)

2 x Pharmaceutical Bottle, glass (dark brown) 500 ml: 4? (storage of primary expl)

3 x Pharmaceutical Bottle, glass (dark brown) 1000 ml: 7? (storage of primary expl)

1 x pH-paper 0-14, 100 strips: 11?

1 x Porcelain Dish 80 mm: 2? (for boiling on top of conical flask)

2 x Glass rod, stirring rod 6 x 200 mm: 2?

5 x Drop counter: 5?

1 x Acid resistant gloves: 6?

100 x Latex Gloves: 11?

1 x Lab-apron: 9?

1 x Mortar w. Pestle 100 mm: 11?

2 x Pipette bottle, plastic 100 ml: 2?

2 x Plastic box, storage, square 500 ml: 6?

1 x Plastic box, storage, square 250 ml: 2?

1 x Plastic box, storage, square 100 ml: 2?

1 x Spoon with spatulas, 150 mm: 2?

1 x Spatulas 21 cm: 049610 – 14 – 2?

1 x Cleaning brush: 4?

1 x Beaker brush 21 cm: 3?

1 x Tube brush 400 mm: 5?

2 x Plastic container 31 x 43 x 15: 19? (for evaporation of liquids)

25 x Syringe and needle, 1 ml: 6? (for injecting pure nicotine into hollow bullets)

100 x Filter paper 125-200 mm: 3? (fits into large funnels)

1 x Single electrical cooking plate: 23? (in case you need an extra)



Note: There was a minimum order of 10 for certain items from the supplier I selected. Therefore, I had to buy more glass beakers and conical flasks than needed. Still, I have only listed the required amount of equipment and not the surplus amount I bought. Conical flasks are often better than beakers due to the ease of using funnels etc. in them, + the liquid inside doesn’t evaporate as quickly due to the narrow neck of the conical flask.



End note: I tried to contact three international suppliers of second hand lab ware (one German, one British and one US) but they all advised me to just order from a national/local supplier, as glass ware is usually bought locally/nationally due to their relatively low cost. So just contact f example the local supplier in your country who supplies high schools and colleges/universities or alternative suppliers.



Manufacturing explosives - Recommended explosives


An explosive device is usually divided into 3 separate charges:



1. Primary charge/detonator (Usually not more than 6-20 g)


2. Secondary charge – booster charge (Usually not more than 50 g to 2 kg)


3. Tertiary charge (the bulk of the explosives, 50-5000 kg)



The size of your primary and secondary charge relies on the quantity, quality and purity of your tertiary charge. I have concluded that the following explosives are the most suitable for my purpose (as of 2010) based on a variety of factors:



DDNP as detonator (primary charge)

Picric Acid as booster (secondary charge)

ANFO/or ANNM (tertiary charge)



I will try to point out some challenges and present advice regarding which compounds are still available to us as of 2010



How to locate bomb-making recipes, guides and other relevant instructions on the internet


Before starting your “explosives research phase” you must at least use services such as which hides your IP.`s service offers you, as far as I know, a descent level of protection as of 2010. Try to avoid forums and sites that seems suspect in regards to surveillance. Try not to register your name etc. in order to get access to forums.


The first week of my “explosive research phase” I googled for 200 hours over the course of 2 weeks. I was worried that I had to use obscure search engines if google had banned many search phrases or sources, but to my surprise google seemed to be fully functional in this regard. There are a lot of various explosives forums around (f example: which will discuss in depth concerning hundreds of different recipes and methods of manufacture explosives. There are hundreds of various books out there about this subject. However, most of them are quite difficult to locate unless you know the title of the book. I will provide a list of descent books you can locate:




Improvised Primary Explosives (PDF)

Revised Black Book – A Guide To Field-Manufactured Explosives – William Wallace

Home and Recreational Use of High Explosives – Ragnar Benson (PDF)

Igniter, High Temp, How to make it (PDF)

Ragnars Detonators (PDF)


Nitromethane explosives (PDF)

Nitromethane Liquid Explosive (PDF)

Mujahideen Explosives Handbook (PDF)



I also found two libraries on called:


“Forbidden Knowledge” (15 books)



._Disaster Preparation Survival



._Guerrilla_s Arsenal


._How to Start Train a Militia Unit



._Synthesis II

._The Anarchists Cookbook

._The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives



._Uncle-Fester-Secrets-of-Methamphetamine Manufacture-7th-Edition


and another really large file containing more than 200 books and a ton of files:


“Explosives Books Collection” (639 files)



You do not have to spend 2 weeks studying the above literature as I have included the most important information (providing you manage to acquire the materials).



Manufacturing explosives – worth it or not?


Everyone should be aware of the fact that the EUSSR intelligence agencies have successfully uncovered and apprehended 200-300 Jihadi cells on European soil since 9/11. 95%+ of them was in the process of creating explosives. Imagine if these individuals had ignored explosives altogether and instead focused on small arms operations. If they had, they would have successfully murdered more than 1000 Europeans by now. These were all Mujahedeen though with an apparently rigid mentality.


All Justiciar Knights must ask themselves; should I manufacture explosives or just stick to fire arms? This decision really boils down to what you expect to accomplish. A well planned assault with an assault rifle may kill 30 category B traitors, while an unsuccessful explosive manufacturing process might result in 1 dead Justiciar Knight and thus 0 traitor executions. Also, there is a 30% chance of being apprehended during an explosive manufacturing process (for a non-blacklisted person with no criminal record) which doubles for every person involved. For a blacklisted individual (blacklisted by the intelligence agency) there is less than 10% chance for success with the manufacture of explosives. If he includes 3 other blacklisted individuals this 10% chance is reduces to 3%.


So the question remains; is it really worth risking your life for a military operation with only 3% success rate? It is probably worth it if you have a realistic chance (50%+) of successfully creating a 500 kg truck bomb, which has the capability to destroy a medium or large building, thus instantly executing 100-300 category A, B and C traitors. However, if your bomb is only likely to have the capacity to kill 1-15 individuals, you are probably better off focusing on perfecting a small arms operation. Because a small arms operation should result in 10-30 executions for single cell operations, 20-60 executions for duo cell and 30-90 executions for triple cell. So before you decide whether you want to incorporate an explosive component to your operation; be pragmatic and always choose a realistic option which reflects your capabilities. Never choose operations which has a lower than 50% success rate, unless the payoff is exceptionally high. Be ambitious but at the same time; don’t be naive. The manufacturing of explosives is not for anyone and should NOT be the goal for everyone. A successful mission MUST be the ultimate goal for any and all Justiciar Knights, and for the most part; this will include limiting your operation to small arms shock attacks of undefended concentrations of category A, B and C traitors.




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