Safe storage of equipment in remote caches (elimination of evidence) 

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Safe storage of equipment in remote caches (elimination of evidence)


In general, equipment clearly associated with clandestine operations should not be stored in your home and/or secondary safe house. It is your responsibility to avoid being linked to anything incriminating. This goes for lofts, outhouses or any space related to the above. Counterintelligence searches and sweeps usually focus on the area close to your home/safe house even the property of your closest relatives. Portable caches are clearly the way to go.


A minimum of 2 portable weapon/ammo/armour caches must be prepared.



Weapons, ammo and body armour caches:


Cache 1: primary and secondary weapon w. redpoint aim, ammo and grenades.

Cache 2: melee weapons, flame thrower (not tank) and a complete set of body armour parts including a bullet proof shield and a bullet proof helmet with vizier.



Explosive caches (if total of 2000-5000 kg):


Cache 1: 1000-2500 kg

Cache 2: 1000-2500 kg


Detonators should be stored separate considering the fact that they may contain electronic components.


Water proof storing devices for weapon/ammo/armour


Apropriate storage cases/containers must be used. High quality travelling cases with a hard ”shell” are appropriate. The cases must be high quality in order to ensure that the content is unharmed (from water, moist etc).



Water proof storing devices for explosive caches


This will prove to be more challenging. Try to get a hold of water/moist-proof crates with protective shells and store it in an outhouse, underground or any other appropriate location depending on quantity.



Buy 2(3) water/moist proof storage cases

I spent approximately 12 hours researching various waterproof storage cases and ended up with three suitable alternatives; Pelican cases (US) and Explorer cases (Italy). I found Pelican cases to be the most viable option as a majority of models are available at significantly reduced prices through Ebay.


You want at least two containers - one for your weapons, one for your armour and alternatively, one secondary weapons/armour/equipment container. Considering the fact that you are going to store these two (three) cases underground (dug down 1-2 metres below the ground), the cases must be water and moisture proof and must be able to protect the equipment even after being stored for up to 2 years with temperatures which will vary from down to -20 to 5 degrees Celsius.


Pelican cases are very suitable in this regard and they are considered to be one of the world's toughest watertight protective cases.



Specifications – all Peli cases

o The cases are made out of a Polypropylene copolymer material that is light weight, durable and highly chemical resistant.

o There is an o-ring in the lid and a Gore-Tex membrane in the pressure equalization valve that keep water out of the case.


o Automatic pressure-purge valve. The Pressure Equalization Valve is a simple device. It consists of a housing with a hole through it that is covered with a thin Gore-Tex membrane. According to the Gore-Tex sheet: “The microporous expanded polytetraflouroethylene (ePTFE) membrane continuously allows the free passage of gases and vapours, equalizing the pressure differential between the enclosure and ambient before it builds to the point that a seal is compromised. Water, dust and dirt are repelled by the hydrophobic membrane, thereby protecting expensive and sensitive equipment”.

o The o-ring is made of EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is well known for its excellent ozone, weathering and aging resistance. It also has excellent water and steam resistance, maintains its flexibility at low temperatures, features excellent resistance to alkalis, acids and oxygenated solvents and is very colour stable. EPDM is found in a wide range of applications and is excellent for use outdoors.

o The cases will withstand temperatures from -23.3ºC (-10ºF) to +98.9ºC (+210ºF)


o Neither dust nor water can penetrate this barrier and all Pelican cases are absolutely airtight.



The following models will suit your needs:



Weapons container (W)

One of the longest assault rifles, the AK 47, is 89 cm in length so you want a container which is at least 100 cm. Also, the same container will be used to store your secondary weapon, clips, red point aim and ammo so the storage capacity of the container needs to fulfil those storage requirements.


Review of Pali cases: green indicates optimal size, blue is appropriate while red indicates an unsuitable size.



Peli 1720: 107 cm length x 34 width x 13 depth (optimal for W)

Peli 1780: 108 x 56 x 38 (optimal for T)

Peli 1750: 128 x 34 x 13 (too large but ok)

Peli 1740: 104 x 33 x 31 (high depth but ok)

Peli 1700: 91 x 35 x 13 (too small)

Peli 1730: 86 x 60 x 31 (too short)

Peli 1770: 138 x 39 x 22 (too large)



Armour container (A)


You will need sufficient room for a complete set of body armour parts, police insignia, including a small to medium bullet proof shield and a bullet proof helmet with vizier. You should also have enough room for melee weapons and a flame thrower in case your fail to complete your mission involving the acquirement of a conventional WMD.



Peli 0370: 61 x 61 x 57 (very good, extra protection not needed though)

Peli 0500: 88 x 46 x 64 (same as above)

Peli 1630: 73 x 55 x 38 (very good, minus depth)

Peli 1640: 60 x 60 x 35 (very good, minus depth)

Peli 1660: 74 x 52 x 44 (optimal but too large to ship for USPS)

Peli 1690: 78 x 65 x 39 (very good)

Peli 1610: 56 x 43 x 27 (appropriate)

Peli 1620: 56 x 43 x 32 (appropriate for A)

Peli 1780: 108 x 56 x 37 (appropriate)

Peli 1730: 86 x 60 x 31 (not deep enough)

Peli 1770: 138 x 39 x 21 (not deep enough)

Peli 0340: 45 x 45 x 40 (too small)

Peli 0350: 50 x 50 x 47 (too small)

Peli 1550: 48 x 36 x 19 (too small)

Peli 1560: 51 x 38 x 23 (too small)

Peli 1600: 55 x 42 x 20 (too small)

Peli 1650: 72 x 44 x 26 (too small)

I ended up ordering a Peli 1720 (with foam) for weapons, a Peli 1620 (without foam) for armour and a Peli 1780 (without foam) as a secondary weapons/armour/equipment cache. These three cases would cost me a total of 2250 Euro if I purchased them from a local store (or 1500 Euro if I ordered them from the UK). Since I ordered them through Ebay (a seller in Cali, US) I managed to all three items (new) for only 630 Euro including shipping.

You should add a couple of desiccant silica gel packs in each case (a crystal that absorbs moisture) before you bury them and perpahs wrap each container in plastic:



Peli Desiccant Silica Gel (retail for 5 USD each, Ebay is your friend)


Peli Desiccant (Silica/Gel) absorbs dampness, prevents condensation from trapped air. This is a neat self-contained desiccator you can put in your case, to remove moisture from the air.



“The third equipment cache (T)”


“The third equipment cache” is in reference to an optional third storage depot which should contain a primary and a secondary weapon with silencer/red point aim, 1-3 shock/splint grenades, armour penetrating ammunition, primary body armour, nutrients and stimulants (food/1-2 litres of water and a “camel back” to carry it in/1-2 Red Bulls, 2-3 Stack/ephedrine pills), 1000-5000 Euros, basic survival equipment: stop-watch, lighter, knife, compass and a good map of the county/area/country in case you need to travel through forests to avoid potential road blocks. You may have to sleep under the stars for a couple of nights so consider adding a small, compact sleeping bag with some water protective material which will allow you to create an improvised tent. You must also include a back pack which will allow you to carry the above equipment and warm clothing/a disguise (a police uniform with forged police insignia/ID, mustache, glasses and a police cap/hat). If you encounter anyone it will be easy to explain that you are in pursuit of the suspect (the news story which explains that “you have escaped” will therefore act to your benefit as it will give credibility to your “cover story”. This equipment/gear will allow you to get to safety so that you may be able to execute the bonus mission, in a scenario where you manage to escape from prison. You must also remember to properly conceal a shovel close to the storage location as you will use it to dig up the actual container when the time comes.


This depot is intended to work as a cache in a scenario where the Justiciar Knight survives his operation and where he faces apprehension and subsequent incarceration. When incarcerated, the Justiciar Knight should do everything in in his power to escape from prison. If he succeeds, he may initiate a “bonus operation” which consists of the assassination of 3-5 primary category B traitors/multiculturalists. Prior to his arrest he must acquire at least basic intel on his targets (picture, address, full name) so that he may execute his operation in a timely and professional manner (the 3-5 executions combined should take no longer than 1-3 hours). After the escape from prison and after the equipment is retrieved; the Justiciar Knight will expropriate a vehicle from a civilian and initiate his mission (if you fear there are road blocks you may want to sleep camp in the forrest for 1-2 days). It is essential that the Justiciar Knight memorises the intel and container location prior to apprehension.


As for selecting the location for the container; you may want to consider choosing a storage location in close proximity to your country's most secure/high tech prison facility. This advice may however be counter productive as the system protectors of your country will acquire this intel and may implement counter measures. When incarcerated, the Justiciar Knight should publish his execution list on his blog (through his communications proxy on his support page/Knights Templar page) – 5 names. However, it must be noted that the publishing of the names is a PR stunt which is intended to influence the given individuals politically. As such, the 5 named category A or B traitors should not be hardened Marxists (as it is not realistic to influence them as they are often willing to die for Marxism) but rather suicidal humanists or career cynicists. This way, the publication of the names is likely to influence the individuals which may result in them officially changing political standpoints or resigning from office. This way, the Justiciar Knight through this very effective media stunt, is able to influence national politics in a positive way from the inside, prior to his escape. The published list of 5 names should include a disclaimer which explaines that they may be taken off the list if they denounce their multiculturalist/pro-Islamisation views. The true list should not contain these listed individuals as they are likely to be placed under armed police guard shortly after the point of your escape. Approximately 10-20 of our most attractive targets in given country are likely to be under armed police guard so choose 5 targets that are not likely to be selected for armed protection. The actual 5 targets may be any category A or B traitors; hardened influential Marxists, or multiculturalist career cynisists or suicidal humanists.


End note: to any prison guard, police officer or other law enforcement officer reading this; know that it is your duty to indirectly facilitate any and all Justiciar Knights (look the other way when the time comes, blame incompetence or ignorance). You should know by now that we, the patriotic Justiciar Knights, are fighting the good fight, YOUR FIGHT, for you, so that you and your family may have a chance to live in a future society that is not suffering under or is controlled by Islam. If you contribute to the persecution or apprehension of a Justiciar Knight, know that you are not only betraying your country, your people, your culture, your identity and your ancestors. You are betraying your self and your children as well! So when the time comes, look the other way. That is all we ask.



Cache locations:


These portable cases should be dug down in locations where you will have access to them (not necessarily easy access). Location should be in the most deserted location possible, optimally where no one is allowed to walk freely (national parks – private forests, areas with limited access and where there are few metal detector enthusiasts). Save the encrypted GPS coordinates for each location at a safe place (not in your home/safe house).


Tips for securing a case underground/creating an underground cache:


Estimate at least one full day, preferably two full days. You’re going to be completely exhausted after 5 hours of hard labour so it is better to budget two full days. Just remember to cover the site properly after day one.


Bring the following gear:


Solid digging shovel (rectangular shovel heads won’t do), saw (for cutting underground roots if needed), large backpack, compass, GPS (optional, depends if you are 100% certain you will remember the location or not), pen/paper, proper clothing and boots (Skins compression leggings + long sleeve worked great), mosquito net/oil, at least 3 litres of water, enough food, 4 x 4 meter plastic cover to store the unearthed dirt on (this is also important in relation to covering your tracks), working gloves (to avoid blisters and to dig by hand in certain contexts if needed), a knife and a large plastic bag to cover the case before you refill the hole.


Additional tips:



- For Justiciar Knights in countries who lack large desolate forests (basically every European country, the UK and Ireland included) you should dig during night time (from dusk until dawn) in a national park to ensure privacy. Choose weekdays instead of weekends as many people are hiking on Friday and Saturday. Also, you should try to select a site far from any trail as there are many hikers with dogs. Also, keep in mind that most metal detectors has a limited range of 1 metre so choose your location carefully. It is critical that no one sees you during this process as it would be an invitation to loot your dig site at a later point in time. If you are spotted before you are able to conceal the site, you basically have to cancel the digging operation, retract your load and start the process all over again at another site.


- You don’t have to necessarily dig vertically. It can be time conserving to dig semi-horizontally if the terrain allows it (this was actually what I ended up doing to save time).


- Budget at least 1 full hour for the “concealment phase”. It is ESSENTIAL that you cover your tracks properly: compress the dirt you are refilling (by applying pressure with your boot) to avoid unevenness in the soil after the first rainfall. Then, conceal the dig site with leaves and branches in a natural looking way.


- Finally, re-bend the branches and bushes you might have bent during the process



Nevertheless, I’m still concerned that somehow water will break the air tight rubber seal on the case as it is currently underground, but I rest assured that the Pelican guarantees are correct.




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