Use of illegal weapons - Cluster Bombs and Depleted Uranium weapons against the Serbs 

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Use of illegal weapons - Cluster Bombs and Depleted Uranium weapons against the Serbs


Subsequent agreements, including the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907, the Geneva Conventions of 1925 and 1949 and the Nuremberg Charter of 1945 have affirmed that the following acts are prohibited under international law:


i. Use of weapons or tactics which cause unnecessary or aggravated devastation or suffering.

ii. Use of weapons or tactics which cause indiscriminate harm, i.e., to non-combatants.

iii. Use of weapons or tactics which violate the neutral jurisdiction of non-participating states.

iv. Use of asphyxiating, poisonous or other gas, and all analogous substances including bacteriological methods of war.

v. Use of weapons which or tactics which cause widespread, long-term and severe damage to the environment.


The United States and NATO have openly admitted to using both cluster bombs and depleted uranium weapons in the March-June, 1999 war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Furthermore, in the 78 days of bombing, the U.S. and NATO had no intention of even trying to limit the use of cluster and DU weapons to military targets.


Criminal charges:


All of the Heads of State and Government of the 19 NATO countries, their Foreign Ministers and Ministers of Defence, and officials and military leaders of NATO, have admitted publicly to having agreed upon and ordered these actions, being fully aware of their nature and effects. In addition, many others will be determined as accomplices in committing these crimes.


"The atrocities committed against the Serbs is not only immoral, it is criminal and punishable under various laws. Even in a legal war you cannot kill civilians and destroy an entire country as a military strategy.


The following charges are directed at any individual who planned, instigated, ordered, committed or otherwise aided and abetted in the planning, preparation or execution of a crime(s) referred to in the mentioned articles and shall be held individually responsible for the crime(s).



The criminal charges include:


a. Wilful killing.

b. Wilfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health.

c. Extensive destruction and appropriation of property not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly.


d. Employment of poisonous weapons or other weapons to cause unnecessary suffering.

e. Wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity.

f. Attack, or bombardment, by whatever means, of undefended towns, villages, dwellings, or buildings.

g. Seizure of, destruction or wilful damage done to institutions dedicated to religion, charity and education, the arts and sciences, historic monuments and works of art and science.


h. Aiding and abetting to cultural genocide against the Christian populations in parts of the Balkans.


i. Aiding and abetting the enemy, the Global Islamic Ummah (primarily Bosniaks and Albanians in this case) by helping them continue colonisation/invasion through demographic warfare of parts of the Balkans.


j. Deliberately preventing the Serbian people and other non-Muslim peoples in the Balkans from exercising their right to resist Islamic demographic warfare/indirect Islamic invasion/colonisation waged against them by the Global Islamic Ummah.


k. Deliberately and systematically preventing the Serbian people and other non-Muslim peoples in the Balkans from exercising the right to self-determination and disallowing them their right to avenge past atrocities committed by the Global Islamic Ummah. Avenging centuries of atrocities involves mass deportations of Bosniaks and Albanians.


l. Deliberately disallowing or disabling, through military force, the Serbian and Croat government in its pursuit to prevent its population from being exposed and thus endangered by individuals and groups who exercises a fascist, violent, discriminating and genocidal political ideology known as Islam. These individuals and groups are all members of the Global Islamic Ummah, who has historically or still are exercising violent, hateful, discriminating and genocidal behaviour and acts towards and against Europe’s Christian and/or atheist indigenous peoples.


The behaviour and systematic acts of terror includes: demographic warfare, murder, rape, robberies, theft, harassment, slavery, sexual exploitation, financial exploitation and other various forms of physical and mental abuse.



7a. Indirectly or directly supporting and/or contributing to the creation, marketing and implementation of multiculturalism, an anti-Western hate ideology aimed at undermining the indigenous peoples of Europe and destroying European civilisation and culture. Multiculturalism has never been about tolerance. It is an anti-European hate ideology championed as an instrument for unilaterally dismantling European nation states, culture, traditions, Christianity and identity. As such, it is an evil ideology bent on an entire culture's eradication.



7b. Contributing to systematical ideological coercing and brainwashing (also known as thought reform or re-education) of the indigenous peoples of Western Europe in the attempt to modify people’s social and political philosophy and instilling certain attitudes. These indoctrination efforts are aimed towards all Europeans in order to form certain beliefs in a person with the aim of affecting individual value systems and subsequent thought-patterns and behaviours. This has been done by designing multiculturalist school curriculums with the intention of indoctrinating all individuals. Falsified and biased representations, falsified or biased statistics, falsified or biased sources, biased/unbalanced coverage and labelling certain opponents/groups as bigots/racists/Nazis is common. Furthermore, propaganda, direct or indirect manipulation and other forms of trickery is prevalent with the intention of creating a foundation for a new society based on multiculturalism and emotionalism/extreme egalitarianism. Other motives include the goal of limiting opposition/resistance towards mass-Muslim immigration/Islamic demographic warfare.


The cultural Marxist media establishment of Western Europe have since the 1960-1970s had a political agenda which closely coincides with the political establishment. As such their methods have included systematically attacking, discrediting and undermining Europe’s traditional institutions, mechanics and processes in order to lay the foundation for a new society based on multiculturalism and emotionalism/extreme egalitarianism. Individuals who has supported a more rationalistic, individualistic and/or traditional views have been systematically labelled as bigots and silenced through various means.


The following institutions, norms, principles, and traditions have been systematically criticised/ ridiculed/ opposed/ undermined/ weakened/ partly dismantled:


The cultural Marxist/multiculturalist aim is to destroy all ties to history, culture, family, community, and one's people as a whole:



· Traditional family structure (the nuclear family) through glorifying non-marital relationships, emphasis on sex education from young age, casual sex etc.


· European national states and national borders


· European/national cultural heritage and traditions


· European Christian traditions


· The Church’s influence in society (social and political influence). Conservative Church leaders are undermined/ridiculed/silenced.


· Discipline and disciplinary measures in educational institutions, at home and in society in general (by opposing/criticising/disallowing mental and physical disciplinary measures)


· The political mechanisms based on rationality and logic (death penalty, strict sentencing)


· The police/military role and influence in society by limiting their influence and rights (law and order)


· Men’s right to equal child care/custody.


· Conservative organisations or individuals opposing mass-Muslim immigration and/or multiculturalism/feminism/extreme egalitarianism/emotionalism are systematically criticised, undermined, silenced, ridiculed and labelled as bigots/racists/Nazis/fascists. Examples are Christian newspapers/magazines and other cultural conservative publications who are being discriminated against through various means.



Active support for:



· Feminism/emotionalism/egalitarianism/multiculturalism and thus active support for the Islamisation of Europe.


· Liberal Church leaders


· Cultural Marxist/multiculturalist radical groups (Left wing extremists) such as Blitz, AFA, UAF etc.



Biased coverage of:


Environmentalism – obsession with global warming instead of focusing on overpopulation (no calls for birth/population control in the developing world)


- Biased coverage of US administrations/elections (always supporting Democrats and always opposing Republicans)


- The Iraqi war and ”the war on terror ”. Always focus on the US bombing of civilians. No coverage on the persecution and Jihadi attacks against Christian Assyrians after the fall of Saddam. There has been an ongoing Jihad against non-Muslims in Iraq and other Muslim countries the last centuries. No coverage.


- The Jihad against Israel - Israel has for the last decades systematically been demonised and labelled as the aggressor. Ignoring the ongoing Jihad against Israeli Jews and non-Israeli Jews the last centuries. F example 80 000 Jews was deported from Egypt after WW2 etc. Several hundred Jews are murdered annually in the Middle East by Jihadists (no coverage). No coverage of Islamic Jihads and other Jihadi organisations military tactics; f example the launching of missiles from Christian villages in Lebanon and the use of Christians as human shields.


- The Jihad against Christian Lebanon – This was a systematic Jihad launched by the Global Islamic Ummah (several Muslim countries, Iran sent more than 5000 Jihadi soldiers) against a Christian population who finally decided to make a final push before it was too late due to the ongoing Islamic demographic warfare. The Global Islamic Ummah refused to acknowledge a Christian state. Unfortunately they were abandoned by their historical protectors, France and other Western European countries. Christian Lebanon was betrayed by Western Europe. As a result, the Muslims won and the Christian exodus reached a climax (In 1911 there were 80% Christians in Lebanon, now there are less than 25% left. According to Western European media this was a civil war.


- Balkan war – Blind focus on so called ”Serb persecutions of poor Muslims”. Serbs were demonised by the Western European media establishment and labelled as the only aggressors. There was little mention of Jihadi atrocities against Christians or the fact that more than 6000 international Jihadi warriors travelled to the Balkans (among them more than 1000 Muslims living is Western Europe) to wage Jihad against the Christian Europeans. The Serbs and Croats had just cause to fight and oppose Islamic demographic warfare (it is well known that f example there were 60% Christian Serbs in Kosovo around 1900, now there are less than 7% left). The Croats but especially the Serbs attempted to deport Bosniaks and Albanians to Albania. This was effectively stopped when NATO started the 1999 bombings of Serb forces.


Kashmir conflict – biased coverage (anti-Hindu, pro-Muslim)


India in general –biased coverage (anti-Hindu, pro-Muslim)



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