ANTIFA/Labour Jugend – State sponsored Marxist lynch mobs 

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ANTIFA/Labour Jugend – State sponsored Marxist lynch mobs




By Fjordman



“The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists.”


Winston Churchill



In late 2007 and early 2008, I was involved in a heated argument with the American blog Little Green Footballs and its owner Charles Johnson. I haven't been thinking much about it since then because it consumed too much energy and I found it to be a waste of time. However, recent events have caused me to look at these issues once more. In the city of Cologne (Köln), Germany, a scheduled anti-Islamisation demonstration was disrupted by an unholy alliance of Eurabian Multicultural elites and extreme Leftist "anti-Fascists." As Thomas Landen puts it in The Brussels Journal [1]:



"Last weekend's events in Cologne demonstrate what European conservatives are up against. A conference protesting the building of a mega mosque run by Turkish radicals was violently disrupted by thugs who gained the approval of the local German authorities and the German media. The international media, including the so-called 'conservative' media, have either not written about the Cologne incidents or done so by branding the conservatives as 'Neo-Nazis' and the thugs as ordinary citizens bravely fighting back 'Nazism.' An example of the latter can be found in The Times of London [2]."



According to magazine Der Spiegel [3], "an estimated 40,000 protesters turned up in Cologne's downtown Heumarkt area, many wearing clown suits, to disrupt the rally. They blocked urban trains to keep delegates away and raided a tourist boat shaped like a whale - called the 'Moby Dick' - where the far-right gathering had been hoping to hold a press conference. A Pro Cologne spokesman said, 'Stones, bricks and paint bombs were thrown and the panoramic windows of the Moby Dick were shattered.' Police cancelled the rally after 45 minutes. Pro Cologne organisers had to dismantle microphones and other equipment in Heumarkt while the overwhelmed riot cops tried to hold back the crowd of protesters."


According to Der Spiegel, Police had prepared for about 1,500 far-right activists, organised by the local 'Pro Cologne' movement, to make a public show of discussing what they called the 'Islamisation' of Europe."


As the esteemed American writer and columnist Diana West[4] commented: "The suggestion here is that no non-'far-right activist' could possibly be so 'far right' as to imagine Europe is being Islamised….The point of the anti-Islamisation rally was rational discussion. But Cologne proved it values neither reason nor discussion. 'The city was ready.' For mob rule."


The supposedly conservative newspaper Die Welt put up an online poll[5] asking their readers whether they thought it was OK to ban the anti-Islamisation demonstration. According to the major blog Politically Incorrect[6], as of midnight 86% disagreed with this policy. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, thousands of votes miraculously came in and the poll ended with exactly 50% in favor of the ban. Die Welt deleted the comment section because many comments criticised the decision to ban the Pro Cologne meeting.


Several eyewitnesses who were present this weekend were shocked by the behaviour of the police, who in their eyes seemed to be acting as a surrogate of the left-wing "antifa" groups (supposedly anti-Fascists, although they tend to behave pretty much exactly like Fascists).


Aviel[7], a Jewish man who was beaten up in Cologne on 20 September, explains:


"My [Jewish] friend, Michael Kucherov was the first casualty here on Friday. He got beaten up for trying to enter the first of our [=Pro Cologne] meetings on Friday. I sorely resent myself for not being there at that time for him. It rips me apart to hear about a Jew being beaten up in the streets of Germany. Well he wouldn't be the only Jew. The next day as I was trying to enter Heumarkt, I was beaten up by Antifa thugs on Eibahnstrasse. In both incidents, as we were being beaten up, they were yelling and screaming 'Nazi' which was quite odd. Michael dressed in a suit but I was wearing my kippa and quite easily identified as a Jew so you can understand how odd it seems to be beaten by Germans in the street and called Nazi when you are Jewish. Anyway, I am going home with a broken rib but my pride still intact. I could have tried to escape or run but no way no how and I going to run or get on my knees for these people. Not this Jew. And one more thing, just let them all know that we (Jews) aren't all soft. Living here in Europe, we battle thugs and islamists all the time and still ask for more. That's why I travelled from France to Germany to make this conference. We are on the frontline of a battle which grows darker by the minute."


A Norwegian man blogging under the name maalmannen experienced something similar and posted many photos[8] from the event[9]:


"On several occasions, I observed people trying to join the demonstration being attacked and chased away by the leftist counter-demonstration. In one case, an old woman carrying a lot of anti-Islamisation posters was attacked by a gang of Antifa activists. The rest of the crowd shouted 'Nazis raus' [Nazis out] when these criminals attacked the old frau and took all her posters away from her, and then ordered her to leave or risk more attacks."


Spanish writer AMDG from the blog La Yijad en Eurabia[10] adds his observations:


"It was obviously not possible to enter the Heumarkt. I tried one of the narrow streets of the old city; there was a line of antifas with black clothing and sun glasses. They have even dared to place one of those plastic red-white stripes in front of them. I told one of them that I wanted to cross, they say no way. One of them spoke Spanish, and I ask her whether she was any authority, she confirmed it 'we are the authority'. A line of anti-riot police agents was only two metres behind them. I can not find a better image of the creeping Eurabian fascism: The police not only do not confront them, they cover their backs. Alternatively, we may think that the antifa-lefty militants are just the stormtroopers (Sturmabteilung?) of the formal police."


A number of those demonstrating for "democracy" and against "extremism" were Communists. I guess a hundred million dead victims of Communism in a few generations isn't a sign of extremism. Some also carried anti-Israeli slogans and merchandise using the icon of Marxist mass murderer and torturer Che Guevara. It is well-known that hardline Marxist[11] organisations are still strong and influential[12] in Germany, as in many other countries.


Many of those present noticed the militant-looking black outfits of some of the extreme Leftist demonstrators, which seemed to match closely with their attitudes. Since the term "Fascist" these days appears to be reserved for anti-Islamists and "racist" critics of mass immigration in general and Muslim immigration in particular, it is challenging to find a proper term for the militant antifa crowd. "Red Nazis" could be useful, but perhaps "blackshirts" is most appropriate, alluding to their black clothing and uniforms.


According to AMDG, "I think that we should repeat this rally every year. We need to show the Europeans that the Nazis and the fascists are the lefties. We can only make it by insisting. We need to join also the counterdemo with banners showing verses of the Koran."


The decision to silence the demonstration against Islamisation was supported by local authorities as well as national and probably supranational ones. Thomas Steg, spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, stated that Berlin favored "inter-cultural dialogue." The German Interior Ministry, too, criticised the rally, stating that "Such a gathering of populists and extremists harms the co-existence that the city and Muslim citizens have striven for."


Cologne Mayor Fritz Schramma, from the same "conservative" Christian Democratic Party (CDU) as Chancellor Merkel, said on public radio[13] that "We don't want their conference and along with a great majority of Cologne people we'll be obstructing them."


In my view, Cologne Mayor Fritz Schramma is a dhimmi collaborator. His actions betray his city, his country and his civilisation. This was a shameful act of cowardice and appeasement of the Nazis of our time. The true heirs of the Nazis and the Communists, both in totalitarian mentality and in methods, were the blackshirt left-wingers who were present this day, not those who demonstrated against the Islamisation of their continent. Schramma should resign immediately. It is nothing less than an international disgrace that after Germany has been freed from the Nazis and the Communists, the authorities in a major city in the largest country in Europe kneel to totalitarian thugs and allow them to rule the streets.


The blackshirts were deliberately allowed by the authorities to harass those who are critical of the official pro-Islamic policies. This confirms my long-held suspicion that the extreme Leftist thugs who assault immigration-critics in certain countries are a prolonged arm of the state. The "anti-Fascists" AFA in Sweden, for instance, openly brag about regular physical attacks against people they don't like. They have been doing this for years. The media and the authorities know about it and do nothing. They like it, plain and simple.


The state-sponsored organisation Expo in Sweden co-published a book with AFA on critics of mass immigration. Expo has now provided[14] their material to the largest political party in the country, the Social Democrats, for use against their political rivals. The "respectable," state-funded organisation Antirasistisk Senter, the Antiracist Center in Norway, at their home page link[15] to AFA Stockholm, which they call "militant Swedish anti-Fascists." So they do know they are "militant," but not so much that they won't link to them. They also link to Antifaschistische Aktion (AFA) in Berlin, some of whose members were probably among the brave "anti-Fascists" who assaulted "racist" old ladies and Jewish "Nazis" in Cologne. The other organisations mentioned indicate that these are recommended links, not just "relevant links." This is met with silence from the mass media and the political class.


Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv has earlier[16]exposed the fact that the largest "anti-racist" organisation in the country, SOS Rasisme (the largest of its kind in Northern Europe with 40 000 members), was heavily infiltrated by Communists in the late 1980s and early 90s, in other words, during the downfall of Communism in Eastern Europe. They went directly from Communism to multiculturalism, which indicates that some of them view multiculturalism as the continuation of Communism by other means. SOS Rasisme lynch mobs and activists have on several occasions assaulted cultural conservatives physically and continue to do so. The organisation receives financial aid from the Norwegian government which has totalled several million NOK over the last years. As such SOS Rasisme is an extended arm of the Norwegian Labour party, Socialist Left Party and Rødt which serves the purpose of silencing political dissidents.

The state-funded Islamic Council of Norway admit that they receive "guidance" from the Muslim Brotherhood's spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi and his Fatwa Council, who are debating whether or not gays should be killed, among other things. He has also supported suicide bombings and marriage to girls aged nine years old. Meanwhile, a Socialist named Lars Gule, who was once arrested traveling to the Jewish state of Israel with dynamite in his backpack with the intention of blowing up stuff, suggested on a major blog that the security services should have me under surveillance because I am a dangerous "right-wing extremist."


One of the foreign visitors, the Flemish politician Filip Dewinter, criticised[17] Cologne Mayor Schramma and compared him to Freddy Thielemans, the Socialist Mayor of Brussels, Belgium, who in 2007 and 2008 banned demonstrations commemorating the 2001 9/11 terror victims in the USA because he didn't want to upset the local Muslims. "Brussels and Cologne have mayors who kneel and submit to Islamisation," Dewinter said.


I checked the front page of the major American "anti-Jihad" website Little Green Footballs (LGF) from Friday 19 to Tuesday September 23 2008 to check what blogger Charles Johnson wrote about the demonstration. As far as I could see, he remained completely silent on the subject, yet there is no doubt that he was aware of the event. On Sep 8 he wrote about Fascists Hijacking Anti-Jihadism in Cologne”[18]" and stated that "Here we go again, as an all-star cast of European fascists hijacks the anti-jihad movement for their own sick political purposes."


One of these "Fascist bastards" (Johnson's words) was Dewinter, with his "Cities against islamisation" project. Mr. Johnson himself noted that the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, hardly a beacon of tolerance and enlightenment, urged the European Union (not Germany, interestingly enough) to intervene and stop this planned "anti-Islamic" meeting, and Johnson concluded that "The Iranian mullahs couldn't have asked for better propaganda."


The Iranians[19] put pressure on the EU several times and summoned the French ambassador - France held the rotating presidency of the EU - to expressed deep concern over the EU's lenient behaviour toward anti-Islamic sentiments in Europe and suggested that European authorities prohibited the conference. Shouldn't the "anti-Jihadist" Johnson and his followers be concerned over the fact that they end up on the same side as a repressive and terrorist-sponsoring Islamic state against Westerners fighting for their freedom? Apparently not.


Just a few days before this, the "Fascist bastard" Filip Dewinter[20] received the "Oriana Fallaci Prize" in Florence for his work with "Cities Against Islamisation," among other things. The prize is named after the courageous Italian Islam-critical journalist and writer Oriana Fallaci. The irony is that Mr. Johnson kept a photo of Fallaci on his frontpage for several years, but at the time of writing, this photo has suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. I guess Fallaci was a Fascist, too, just like Dewinter, myself and everybody else who doesn't believe in the myth of a moderate Islam. Dutch politician Geert Wilders does not appear to believe in the existence of a moderate Islam, either. When will LGF declare him a Fascist?


The LGF-crowd thinks that Europeans must prove that we are 100% "ideologically pure" before we should be granted the right to fight for our continued existence. Imagine if a house is on fire. The fire brigade has just arrived to put out the fire, but the neighbour won't allow them to use the local water because he fears it may be impure. He will only accept that they use holy water - distilled holy water - and only if it has been blessed by a lesbian priest who supports voting rights for illegal immigrants. Since the firefighters don't have this available, the house burns down, but the neighbour takes comforting in knowing that at least the remaining ash is ideologically pure. This is Little Green Football's attitude to the threat faced by the Western world. In fact, their attitude is to say that the water is more dangerous than the fire itself, and to beat the firefighters with their umbrellas while screaming "Fascist bastards!"


The thinking seems to be that if you scratch any random European there is usually a Nazi lurking underneath, just waiting to get out. There are only two possible versions of Europeans: the surrender-monkeys and the Nazis. If we are not the former, then it follows by logic that we have to be the latter. This attitude betrays an all-pervasive hatred that demonises absolutely anything Europeans do to protect their dignity and heritage. It closely mirrors multiculturalism, which is an anti-Western, but especially anti-European, hate ideology.


One of the reasons why hardcore anti-Semites (David Duke[21] would be a case in point) are unreliable allies is that they hate Jews so much that it shuts down the rational parts of their brain and they end up making common cause with Muslims, based on mutual hatred. The same logic applies to hardcore anti-Europeans, of which there are many even at "conservative" websites such as LGF. They have an irrational hatred, a dark cloud in their minds which prevents them from seeing the world clearly. In a way, some LGF-ers thus have more in common with David Duke than they'd like to admit. If mindless anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism should be considered a problem then so should mindless anti-Europeanism.


This weekend, we witnessed how violent thugs threatened, assaulted and in some cases beat up people they disagreed with, several of them Jews. These "anti-Fascist" blackshirts are closely related to the violent totalitarian movements of past generations, in their dress code, mentality and willingness to silence freedom of speech by brute force. In short, they resemble Fascists and Communists (some of them were Communists). What has Little Green Footballs, which never misses an opportunity to denounce "Fascists," written about this? So far, absolutely nothing. There are indeed people who behave like Fascists in Europe, and they receive tacit support from LGF while their victims are denounced as "Fascists."


I have watched, for the better part of a year, a number of decent human beings including, but not limited to, Pamela Geller, Paul Belien, Diana West, the Baron and Dymphna from the Gates of Vienna blog and many others, being at the receiving end of a vicious smear campaign from Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs which is unlike anything I have seen in my life. After engaging in an insane witch-hunt on imaginary Fascists, whose ranks seem to grow every month, Mr. Johnson now suddenly chooses to look the other way in silence when very real Fascists use violence to silence their critics in a major Western city. I admit that makes me angry, and I think I have the right to be so.


The time has now come for Mr. Johnson to apologise in public to the numerous people he has smeared since the fall of 2007, starting with the ones I have mentioned above. It's not their credibility that's on the line here. It's his. If he continues to undermine those confronting Islamic infiltration, it will become increasingly difficult for LGF to present itself as an anti-Jihad website at all. At some point, the rapidly shrinking number of people in the northern hemisphere who haven't been banned from the site yet will be forced to ask themselves whether the website and its owner have simply switched teams and joined the Dark Side.



Further comment:


ANTIFA are often the useful and “extended arm” of the current cultural Marxist/multiculturalist establishment and they have been active since the 60’s and 70’s.


A majority of European countries have groups like AFA and RF - bashing, harassing and terrorising all people who oppose or critisise mass Muslim immigration. There has been more than 180 registered cases of extreme leftwing violence in Sweden the last three years[22]. In Oslo, Norway, the national variant is called “Blitz” and SOS Rasisme, state sponsored extreme left movements (lynchmobs), similar to AFA. A majority of the political parties have for the last decades shown direct and indirect support for this group and have funded the “Blitz house”. The apartment block was originally occupied but is now funded and renovated by the current Oslo City Council.




























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