Are all European men weak minded cowards or are they just brainwashed? 

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Are all European men weak minded cowards or are they just brainwashed?



“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”


George Shaw



Why won’t more of us volunteer to fight our regimes while we still have a demographical edge? This is a question that will follow us for the decades to come.


Mahatma Gandhi once wrote:



"Hindus are cowards and Muslims are bullies."



When I was younger and a lot more ignorant I used to ask myself this very question about Europeans. What’s wrong with us, what’s wrong with the European modern man? Why doesn’t he rise up against the multiculturalist elites and at least attempt to inflict some damage or contribute to seize power on behalf of himself, his family and his people? Many state leaders around the world are puzzled over how little resistance the European elites are getting in their attempts to completely demographically reshape Europe.


Even the Russian president, Vladimir Putin knows exactly what is going on as he has publicly stated in the past:



“Western Europe is heading in a direction where they are going to become colonies of their former colonies”.



So why is it that ordinary Europeans (especially women) fail to see what is going on when even state leaders publicly ponders. Luckily more and more Europeans are realising the truth but many still asks themselves; who is to blame for this?



- Why do Europeans lack cultural and political self confidence to prevent its own suicide?


- Is it genetical and a way nature is saying that Europeans are not “fit to exist” or is it just due to decades of excessive decadence?



Certainly not. Historically, Germanians, Anglo-Saxons and other European peoples have fought viciously and courageously against Roman occupation for several centuries until they were finally pushed out. My own ancestors, the Vikings, were known to be the most vicious and brutal warriors of the age and would raid significantly more developed cultures even when outnumbered 10 to 1. Instead of looking at genes we will find the answer if we look at the psychological condition of the modern European.


- How did we end up as cowardly eunuchs applauding our own cultural and demographical demise?


The essence is that the US but especially W. Europe lost the cold war due to the fact that we didn't persecute the Marxists after WW2. If we had executed each and every Marxist and banned Marxist doctrines (not only the economical aspects but the cultural as well – internationalism, extreme feminism, extreme egalitarianism, anti-elitism, anti-nationalism) we would not be in the current situation. Instead, our traitorous and weak minded post-WW2 leaders allowed the Marxists to gradually infiltrate many aspects of society after WW2, especially our universities and the media (see the beginning of book 1 for a complete overview of how this happened). The first ML pioneers (Marxist Leninists) were allowed to indoctrinate the 68 generation, those who run things today. The political correctness of today is cultural Marxism as we learned in the first chapters of this compendium. Smaller European nations are now mimicking France, Germany and the UK who unfortunately, due to the outcome of WW2, are completely culturally dominated by the US. The reason for this lack of "self esteem" is the absence of nationalism/nationalist monocultural political doctrines and we all know what killed nationalism in Europe. Hitler’s insane, genocidal and imperialistic doctrines have resulted in the post-war situation where nationalist doctrines altogether were branded as evil. In other words, that man contributed to completely annihilate the legitimacy and future justification of nationalistic doctrines for several decades to come. Today, even using the word “nationalist” will involve certain stigma thanks to 5 decades of anti-nationalist brainwashing campaigns. These pro-multiculturalist campaigns are nothing more than psychological brainwashing campaigns demonising anything nationalistic initiated by individuals, groups or political parties. As we all know, nationalism represents many of the cultural defences a civilisation has. When you deconstruct these defences the natural result will be that you are allowing your country to become vulnerable to cultural influence or even cultural and demographical conquest as we see today.


Nationalism is now gradually but slowly on the rise again in Europe primarily due to Islamisation but is still systematically demonised by the current EUSSR + US cultural hegemony.


So there you have it. Europe is heading towards cultural and demographical suicide due to the absence of nationalistic doctrines. Nationalism is the anti-thesis of multiculturalism/internationalism. In order for nationalism to succeed, multiculturalism must be deconstructed and vice versa. The cultural Marxists/humanists/globalists will do EVERYTHING in their power to prevent nationalists from succeeding as we have witnessed now for several decades.


Campaigns of psychological warfare (anti-nationalism) have been integrated into the school curriculums and all intellectual public frameworks. Europeans have been psychologically conditioned into a state of denial and self contempt. A majority of Europeans are therefore in a permanent state of psychological trauma, some nationalities more than others.


The most severely affected are of course the Germans and the Nordic countries; Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark. The justification for demonising their forefathers is a mixture of portraying the evil crusaders, the evil colonisers/enslavers and of course Nazi Germany’s policies of nordicism. The clear message from our cultural elites is that we are by definition evil and unworthy of life. And that we will do the world a big favor by contributing to our own extermination through third world colonisation. The self loathing runs deep through most aspects of society. To quote one of the most influential professors in Norway, Thomas Hylland Eriksen[1]:



“Our (the Marxist elites of Europe) most important task ahead is to deconstruct the majority, and we must deconstruct them so thoroughly that they will never be able to call themselves the majority again”.



Later quote



“This will contribute to understanding and liberation”



The problem in our societies isn’t primarily that individuals like Eriksen exists (and believe me, every country has their share of these highly influential anti-nationalist intellectuals) but rather that they are allowed unrestricted access to broadcasting networks, state channels, the main stream media in general to spread their hate-speech. They are allowed this access because 80% of politicians and 98% of journalists (category A and B traitors) are aiding and abetting them in the ongoing genocide. This while people like myself, who are trying to warn people of this extremist hate speech, are systematically ignored and demonised as, guess what; racist, fascist extremists… It is nothing less than insane and it borders to an advanced level of psychopathic absurdity. A majority of Europeans are still susceptible to this brainwashing although this is gradually changing.


As you might already know I have used Facebook to build my network of like minded individuals. During this process I have targeted and reviewed multiple right wing pan-European/international FB groups and taken a closer look at the ratio concerning nationality vs. political correctness. By evaluating the numbers from given countries I have been able to determine the severity level of each country when it comes to the success ratio of the Marxist/multiculturalist brainwashing campaigns. The following overview will list the least affected countries (100 will indicate; relatively unaffected) to the most affected (0). I have taken language barriers into account so the overview should be representative.




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