Tepes Revenge - Defensive Steel Impaler 

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Tepes Revenge - Defensive Steel Impaler


The name is taken from Romanias most famous historical Crusader, Vlad Tepes, who impaled tens of thousands of Muslim invaders in the Balkans. The following defensive melee weapon is inexpensive and quite easy to create and is especially designed for one-man-cells where there is a high operational risk of being assaulted from behind or from one of the sides. The stationary defensive spikes primary function is to work as a deterrent, in order to discourage anyone from assault you. However, should someone choose to attack you from behind, he will most likely try to lock your arms in a standard “locking manouvre”. With one or more Tepes Revenge attached to your back vest you can easily impale and injure the attacker with only a little motion required from your end. The likelyhood of successful impaling is high as Tepes Revenge consists of 4 blades – 2 bent at 90 degrees and 2 bent at 130 degrees.



1-4. Staples letter opener/knife x 4 – 25 cm long with wooden handle/two holes, the 4 letter openers are bent as illustrated after removal of the wooden handles.

5. 2 x metal ruler or similarly shaped object

6. The fabric TR is attached to

7. 2 screws with nuts

8. A smaller spiked item made of iron and sold in larger hardware stores/house building stores. I don’t exactly remember what the this type of “nail” is called but it is used to fasten large wooden beams in house-building. This item can be fastened to your lower arms by drilling two holes through and fastening it to your lower-arm-protector with screws and nuts. Range of nail varies but aprox 15-20 cm is iptimal. For additional stabilization you may use circular plates with holes in them (they look like a coin with a size 5 hole in it.



Costs: 4 x letter openers/knives: 25 Euro, metal ruler: 12 Euro, screws with nuts: 19 Euro, 2 x iron beam nails: 5 Euro


End note: Tepes Revenge should be fastened on the upper side of your back to counter any conventional assault maneuvre from behind, where the attacker attempts to lock your arms or grab you around the neck. This can be very useful when your operation involves the assault on a crowd, where there is a chance that the situation can develop chaoticly and there are people on all sides. In a scenario like this, TR may prevent any surprices from behind. The knives should be sharpened and coloured black with a permanent marker. 8. Should be fastened on your lower arms so that you may defensively stab with them if assaulted if you are unable to use your primary or secondary fire arm. You may fasten TR to your combat vest. Just keep in mind that it will prevent your mobility in cases where you need to f example drive a car. An alternative for fastening TR to your combat vest is to attach it to a wide nylon strap, supported by f example a metal ruler and/or hook & loop material. In this case you will have to wear it as a belt, just on your chest/upper back. Simply take it off as you are entering a vehicle.



Caltrops – immediate vehicle-disabling road block


A caltrop (also known as caltrap, galtrop, cheval trap, galthrap, galtrap, calthrop, crow's foot) is an anti-vehicle weapon made up of two or more sharp nails or spines arranged in such a manner that one of them always points upward from a stable base.


These ancient weapons may be thought of as the landmines of antiquity, useful to shape the battlefield and force the enemy into certain paths and approaches, or to provide a passive defense as part of a defensive works system. Caltrops served to slow down the advance of horses, war elephants, and human troops. They were said to be particularly effective against the soft feet of camels. In more modern times, caltrops are used against wheeled vehicles with or without pneumatic tires.


The best caltrops available against vehicles are hollow spikes which puncture self-sealing rubber tires. The hole in the center allows air to escape even if the other end of the tube is sealed by soft ground.


These caltrops can be ordered from the following supplier:





Paypal: supertek2007@hotmail.com

Sergio Anaya, Guadalajara Mexico


Prosperity Technologies, Inc.

Street Address: Privada San Carlos 1044

City: Zapopan

Province/State: Jalisco

Country/Region: Mexico

Zip: 45236

Telephone: 52-331-4875439

Mobile Phone: 3314875439


Prices vary from 3-5 USD per caltrop depending on the amount you order. Keep in mind that you will use approximately 10-20 caltrops to effectively create a vehicle-disabling roadblock.


Caltrops are very useful for certain missions where it is necessary to either escape (use on free-way to prevent pursuit), to block of roads or to cause havoc in situations where you want to prevent system protectors from pursuing you.


Usually, shipments by courier (fedex, UPS etc.) will have a higher chance of not being seized. The sellers are familiar with import restrictions and will usually mark the shipment with “metal handicrafts” or other vague descriptions. I ordered 60 caltrops.




LED police lights


These are used to mimic system protector vehicles. They are very useful for confusing system protectors/guards/civilians on f example your second target and thus prevent them from shooting at your car. The LED police lights should be used in combination with car magnets.



Car magnets


Car magnets are used to fasten logos etc on 1 – 4 sides of your car. You will often find it useful to print out (using a high quality colour printer) logos and glue them to the car magnets using plastic film. Very useful for certain missions. I ordered 12 in size 20 x 20 cm and created the necessary logos in photoshop, and using a high quality print shop abroad (obviously paying by cash).




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