Justiciar Knights tasks and requirements 

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Justiciar Knights tasks and requirements

“If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve.”

Lao Tzu



The first and absolutely indispensable thing to do is throw overboard 99 percent of the literature on insurgency, guerrilla warfare, terrorism, and the like as it is of little value.

We train to kill but that doesn’t mean we love violence. We use violence only for self defence, as pre-emptive actions and as a last option. We cannot allow our politically correct elites to sell us, their people, into Muslim slavery. The Multiculturalists and suicidal humanists have flooded Europe with criminals and individuals who are unwilling and unable to assimilate. As a result of these actions, more than 15 000 Europeans have been murdered, more than 500 000 European women have been raped and more than 5 million Europeans have been robbed, ravaged and physically or mentally abused since they opened the European gates in 1955-1970. They bombed the Serbian people, our brothers and sisters, and are currently occupying Serbia. They launched a campaign of political and psychological warfare against Austria when our brethren there managed to mount a democratic alternative. They have institutionalised the genocide of European Christendom, our cultures and identities in a campaign to forcefully create a cultural Marxists Multicultural utopia. We are fighting to end this suffering, the suffering of the Europeans under cultural Marxism. We are fighting to end the murder, rape and humiliation of the European peoples. History has shown us countless times that no matter how great the empire, how difficult the odds, a man who is not afraid to die can never be defeated. They may have the police and other state institutions on their side but we have the truth on our side. They, the Nazis of our time, will call us terrorists, just like the German Nazis called the WW2 resistance movement terrorists and just like the English called Americans terrorists when they sought independence from tyranny. The English and Scottish people were once labeled as terrorists when they fought against Roman occupation in a war equivalent to 16 Vietnam wars.

What we do today and what we will continue to do for the coming decades is all about setting our people free. We must free all Europeans from cultural Marxism and the shackles of political correctness even though we might not live to see it.

The art of asymmetrical warfare is less about inflicting immediate damage but all about the indirect long term psychological and ideological damage. Our shock attacks are theatre and theatre is always performed for an audience. Our audience and targets are every cultural Marxist, multiculturalist/globalist or suicidal humanists who are currently a part of the EUSSR power hierarchy (the so called category A, B and C traitors). We, the resistance movements, are dispersed all across Europe. The essence of our actions is to convince our enemy that there is nowhere to hide. We are coming for every single one of them, if not today then tomorrow, if not tomorrow then in 10, 30 or even 50 years. We will never forget what they have done and continue to do. It is our responsibility to put a stop to it.


There are several things that should be done by the Justiciar Knight before starting the process of planning and taking up armed struggle.

The first of which is to surround yourself (either online or in real life) with people who support your political ideology but who at the same time does not jeopardise your security in any way. You should therefore avoid any affiliations with known extremists or such groups as they are most likely flagged (individuals and groups who are monitored by your national intelligence agency on so called “watch lists”). The reason why you should surround yourself with “moderate sympathisers” is because you will need a minimum of moral support.

The second is to prepare to leave everyone else you know behind and prepare for a lonely, poor and potentially painful existence of hardship and uncertainty.

As a Justiciar Knight, you are a part of an indestructible network of cells, spread all around Europe that functions without a central command.


No dormant cell can remain inactive waiting for orders from above. Your obligation as a Justiciar Knight/a cell commander is to act on your own initiative. Any single patriot who wants to establish a cell and begin action can do so, and thus becomes a part of the organisation.



The initial advantages of our clandestine cells are:



1. We take the enemy by surprise.

2. We know the terrain of the encounter.

3. We have greater mobility and speed than the police.

4. We are in command of the situation, and demonstrate great decisiveness, which on the other hand will result in our enemy being stunned and incapable of acting.

5. We are prepared to die in order to complete our objectives.



The technique of surprise is based upon four essential requirements:



a. We know the situation of the enemy we are going to attack, usually by means of precise information and meticulous observation, while the enemy does not know he is going to be attacked and knows nothing about us.


b. We know the strength of the enemy we are going to attack, and the enemy knows nothing about our strength.


c. We attack by surprise in single cells, independent of any hierarchical structure and are therefore saving and conserving our forces, while our enemy is unable to do the same, and is left at the mercy of events.


d. We determine the time and place of the attack, decide its duration and establish its objectives. Our enemy remains ignorant of all of this information.



Knowledge of the terrain


The urban Justiciar Knight's best ally is the terrain, and because this is so he must know it like the palm of his hand. To have the terrain as an ally means to know how to use with intelligence its unevenness, it’s high and low points, its turns, its irregularities, its fixed and secret passages, its abandoned areas, its thickets, etc., taking maximum advantage of all of this for the success of armed actions, escapes, retreats, covers, and hiding places. Impasses and narrow spots, gorges, streets under repair, stationary police posts, and closed-off streets, the entrances and exits to tunnels and sewers and those that the enemy can close off, corners controlled or watched by the police, traffic lights and signals; all this must be thoroughly known and studied in order to avoid fatal errors.


Our challenge is to get through and to know where and how to hide, leaving the enemy bewildered in areas he doesn't know. Being familiar with the avenues, streets, alleys, ins and outs, the corners of the urban centers, its paths and shortcuts, its empty lots, its underground passages, its pipes and sewer systems, the urban resistance fighter safely crosses through the irregular and difficult terrain unfamiliar to the police, where the police can be surprised in a fatal ambush or trap at any moment.


Because he knows the terrain, the Justiciar Knight can pass through it on foot, on bicycle, in a car, and never be trapped.


The Justiciar Knight must know the way in detail, and, in this manner, must go through the schedule ahead of time as a training, to avoid entering alleyways that have no exit.





It is not enough for the urban resistance fighter to have the following in his favour; surprise, speed, knowledge of the terrain, and information. He must also demonstrate his command of any situation and a capacity for decisiveness, without which all other advantages will prove to be useless. Mental strength is key.


It is impossible to carry out any action, however well-planned, if the urban resistance fighter turns out to be indecisive, uncertain and irresolute. Even an action successfully begun can end in defeat if command of the situation and the capacity for decision falter in the middle of the execution of the plan. When this command of the situation and a capacity for decision are absent, the void is filled with hesitation and fear. The enemy takes advantage of this failure and is able to neutralise us.


The secret of the success of any operation, simple or complex, easy or difficult, is to rely on highly motivated and determined men depending on the size of the cell. Strictly speaking, there are no simple operations: all must be carried out with the same care.


Decisiveness means to put into practice the plan that has been devised with determination, with audacity, and with an absolute firmness.



How to carry out the action


The Justiciar Knight must dedicate all his efforts in order to be completely prepared before carrying out actions, for in this he cannot commit the slightest error. Any carelessness in research and learning tactics and their use invites certain disaster, as experience teaches us every day. Common criminals commit errors frequently because of their lack of tactics.


The revolutionary method of carrying out actions is strongly and forcefully based on the knowledge and use of the following elements;



1. Financing your operation

2. Safe research and intelligence gathering

3. Acquirement of weapons, body armour and other equipment

4. Transportation (having a car/scooter available or rely on expropriation)

5. Safe storage in remote caches (The elimination of evidence)

6. Reconnaissance or exploration of the terrain

7. Study and timing of routes

8. Simulate the operation again and again (study and practice)

9. Success




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