Western European primary targets (Phase 1) 

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Western European primary targets (Phase 1)


Concentrate on massive and compact buildings that are vulnerable to a “single source” blast/assault. We must ensure that a maximum number of category A, B and C traitors are hit with a minimum of civilians. Specified targets fit that profile:



Prioritised targets:



- MA100 political parties - cultural Marxist/multiculturalist political parties. Prioritised targets include HQs or annual meetings of MA100 political parties

- Annual media conferences (concentrations of journalists, 500 journalists +)

- Category A and B traitors (individual executions/assassinations)

- Major EU HQ’s (Brussels or elsewhere in Europe)

- Government buildings with high concentrations of category A and B traitors

- Any major “cultural Marxist/multiculturalist” building

- Any Western European state media channel HQ (cultural Marxist/multiculturalist propaganda centers)

- Any mainstream Multiculturalist media HQ (preferably left wing)

- Certain university/college faculties; faculty of journalism, sociology, political science. Also faculties housing so called “diversity or middle eastern studies. These are notorious cultural Marxist/multiculturalist nests for tomorrow’s leaders. Target staff - professors/teachers/lecturers. Students are considered acceptable indirect targets as f. example 95-99% of journalism students will support multiculturalism indirectly/directly.

- Any major Muslim target (f example a stadium or large hall hosting a cultural event, where 2000+ Muslims are gathered). F. example during Id celebration at the end of Ramadan. This will result in massive Muslim rioting across the European continent which will be a substantial destabilising factor for many EUSSR regimes. It will also serve us well as it will contribute to polarisation and create further desired tensions within communities.

- Mosques and Islamic cultural centers

Let there be no confusion. The European Islamic Ummah is our most potent weapon in our fight against the establishment. Our objective in Phase 1 and 2 will be to manipulate this force by contributing to radicalise Muslim individuals.


This can be achieved by provoking and inciting them to choose the path of Jihad prematurely. The most efficient way of infuriating Muslims is to strike at their most prized “possessions”, their women. Through deadly and strategic precision attacks (pin prick attacks) we will incite them to engage in violent riots and various forms of Jihadi activities prematurely. The media will have no choice but to cover it, and by doing so contribute to radicalise more Europeans. This spiral will polarise societies and more Europeans will come to learn the “true face of Islam” and multiculturalism. Islamic and European reactions will then escalate the situation (added catalysts) as more and more people will join both cultural conservative movements and Jihadi groups.


The future of conservative movements is directly linked to the development of Jihadi movements and/or Islam’s influence in Western societies. It’s a symbiotic relationship.



The best target will without a doubt be during Ramadan, especially the Eid ul-Fitr (Id-ul-Fitr) the Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. It is celebrated starting on the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal. There will usually be mosques reserved for either males or females during these events.


Attacking female groups is the only pragmatic approach as many of their husbands, sons, brothers and uncles would swear blood vengeance and subsequently join Jihadist networks.



More controversial targets:



- Major UN buildings in Western Europe – very tempting targets, but we should consider the fact that we might enrage nations not involved at that point by killing representatives from several “ally nations”. At the same time, these operations will guarantee maximum press coverate (if this is a problem). The first experimental target will confirm if these types of targets are suitable. The international community might support a global “war on fascism” which might, in a negative way, add to our already large list of enemies.

- Historical government/parliament buildings (the first target will confirm if these types of targets are suitable).

- Royal castles etc. (should be avoided as a principle but can be targeted if the building is used as a hub for guests of the cultural Marxist/ multiculturalist regime or if massive PR is desired. The building should have lesser historical or cultural value. It may anger many moderate cultural conservatives and might prove counter-productive (the first target will confirm if these types of targets are suitable).



Targets which should be avoided:



- Historical buildings

- Buildings and sites with an unacceptable ratio/number of civilians.



Western European primary targets - Priority list


Target countries (Phase 1 operations based on situation per Q1 2009):



Strategic military targets:



Country Percent Muslims Priority Stance
France 12-13% Very high Extr. Hostile
Germany 7-10% Very high Extr. Hostile
United Kingdom 5-9% Very high Extr. Hostile
Netherlands 8-12% Very high Extr. Hostile
Belgium 8-12% Very high Extr. Hostile
Sweden 7-10% Very high Extr. Hostile
Austria 5-7% High Extr. Hostile
Norway 5-7% High Extr. Hostile
Switzerland 5-7% High Extr. Hostile
Luxembourg 5-7% High Extr. Hostile
Spain 5-7% High Extr. Hostile
Italy 5-7% High Extr. Hostile
Portugal 5-7% Moderate Hostile
Denmark 5-7% Moderate Hostile
Ireland 5-7% Low Hostile
Greece 5-7% Low Hostile
Finland 2-4% Low Hostile
Iceland 2-4% Low Hostile
Cyprus 2-4% Low Hostile
Malta 2-4% Low Hostile



Public opposed to Islamisation in relation to successful Anti-Islamisation parties


It has been found that in the country where the public is the most opposed to immigration, Greece, there is no successful Anti-Islamisation party, but that in two of the three Scandinavian countries where the public is the least opposed to Islamisation, there are such parties although moderate versions.





Merkel and Sarcozy are hesitant towards Turkeys EU membership and have slightly altered their anti-Islamisation (de-Islamisation) efforts from ridiculously suicidal to ”only” significantly suicidal. However, this does not exempt them from their responsibilities as heads of state.


Only a significant political shift in either the UK, Germany or France can grant them temporary ”immunity” from attacks.


Greece, Cyprus, Malta


The reason why Greece, Cyprus and Malta are still highly opposed to Islamisation is naturally because these three Western European countries have suffered unspeakable Islamic atrocities in the past. More than 500 000 Greeks died to genocides committed by the Islamic Ottoman Empire/Turkey less than 100 years ago. As for Cyprus, the Turkish invasion a few decades ago and the ongoing occupation can’t be forgotten. As for Malta, they still remember when the Islamic Ottoman Empire enslaved Gozo’s population a few centuries ago, in addition to other attacks from the Islamic world.



MA100 - political parties supporting Multiculturalism


The cultural Marxist/Multiculturalist Alliance (MA) of Western Europe ”MA 100”


MA100 is an abbreviation for the ”cultural Marxist/Multiculturalist Alliance 100”. The term who describes the current Western European political establishment consisting of 100 political parties who indirectly or directly support the Islamisation of Europe through their support for European multiculturalism. These 100 political parties are also referred to as the ”Multiculturalist Alliance” or ”Eurabian alliance”. The following overview lists all members in this ”unofficial” political alliance. The overview lists every Western European political party who directly or indirectly support the Islamisation of Europe and/or the implementation of the EU’s Eurabia project through their support for European multiculturalism.


For simplicity, only parties who have received more than 3% votes in national elections are included.




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