Creating credible cover stories to avoid scrutiny for successful delivery of base chemicals 

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Creating credible cover stories to avoid scrutiny for successful delivery of base chemicals


I’m going to repeat the following once again as its absolutely essential in the “chemicals acquisition phase”.


Create a company with an appropriate name (something specific enough to be relevant to fertilizer (CAN 27, 500 kg +) and chemical import and at the same time; vague enough to be able to order both. Would you succeed if you ordered in the name of Ali Muhammad from Jihadi Imports Ltd? In order to succeed you need to represent the exact opposite to ensure success. F example; London Geofarm/Research Institute/Agricultural Research/Nutrients Research etc.



Create and solidify your cover story


You also need a solid cover story in order to back up your “façade”. You have to memorize a 5 second “explanation pitch” for EVERY single supplier. You must expect that he will ask you a “security question”. These security questions will likely include why you are purchasing the product? So why did you buy the product again?


A multitude of cover stories


I have cover stories for at least 20 different scenarios. One being why I am creating explosives, in case they ever find out. I’m in the process of creating a mineral extraction company and have created and printed a 100 page professional looking prospectus which even specifies quite specific blasting locations. This should be enough to create a reasonable doubt if I ever get in a pre-operational judicial jam.


Nicotine cover story


Here is a copy of the email I sent to the supplier;




My company is in the process of attempting to establish a market for e-cigarettes in Norway. In this context we are going to produce a test/research batch of these products with the intention of documenting the effects as a quit-smoking product. Our government’s main argument against allowing commercialization of these specific quit-smoking products is that there is lacking research on this area.


We are looking forward to pursue the possibility of choosing you as our main supplier of nicotine base once e-cigarettes can be commercialized in Norway. However, in this initial research phase we only require an initial 30 ml batch of 99% liquid nicotine.


I realize that there is a 1 L minimum order but we do not mind paying the full liter price for the 30 ml batch.


I assume that you will take all security precautions regarding safe shipping/packing/labeling considering the extremely toxic nature of the compound.



Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon.


Best regards,


Company xxx

Title xxx

Name xxx

Address xxx


Ph: xxx


Nitromethane hobby fuel


It is for your “insert hobby helicopter model here” and ensure that the specific model in fact uses nitro hobby fuel (such as f example Align T-Rex 600).


CAN 27 fertilizer, 500 kg+


This requires the most preparation of all acquisition phases. You must familiarize yourself with a specific crop, farming jargons and terminology. You must also rent a small farm/cottage for 2-4 months with an appropriate outhouse where you can process your big bag(s) of fertilizer in an anonymous manner. The outhouse/mini barn/garage will be used for unloading the big bag(s) of fertilizer, pulverizing the granules, mixing with fuel oil/alu dust and placing them into water proof 50 kg plastic bags. You would also need a pallet jack with a 800 kg lift capacity (sold used for >200 Euro) and an appropriate vehicle (used station wagon or something similar). The small farm you are renting is just for show (to prevent the supplier/fertilizer driver from becoming suspicious), as it is likely that you will use the option of ordering the 500 kg bag of fertilizer directly to this farm. A large truck will deliver the fertilizer to your “farm”, where you will have to meet him with a pallet jack. He will place the load on to your pallet jack which you then lift enough to clear the floor/ground for subsequent travel to your mini barn/garage/outhouse. Another alternative is that you acquire a truck and have the supplier load the 500 kg bag onto it. As you reach the anonymous surroundings of your mini barn/garage/outhouse you basically just place the content into 50 kg bags, unload, and travel to your supplier for the second load. The most important factor in this process is to avoid raising any red flags with your supplier. Consider ordering 6 months in advance to increase your credibility as a “legit” buyer. This, together with your company name, your farm/cottage w. outhouse/barn, etc. should be enough to avoid any and all supplier scrutiny.

Costs required: Renting farm/cottage for 6 months: 3000-6000 Euro, pallet jack: 200 Euro, used truck: 5000-15000 Euro (you can re-sell it after you are done though)


General chemical cover story


As there are a wide range of chemicals I will not cover them all. Just research the specific chemical in Wikipedia and you will see an overview of commercial/industrial uses. Make up an appropriate cover story for that specific chemical. Be creative;)


Explosive chemical cover story


If a compound has limited or no civilian uses, you should just say that you are a pyrotechnical enthusiast who are going to create a nice, low budget show for your sister’s wedding ceremony/new years eve in a rural area. And that you have been creating various pyrotechniques for years. There are several thousands of these enthusiasts all around Europe and many suppliers are familiar with them and their hobby. You don’t want to tell him any of this unless he specifically asks, though. Remember to research which pyrotechnique compound you are planning on creating, just in case.


Creating chemical or biological weapons - easier than creating explosives


Poisoned bullets or arrowheads have been used in warfare for thousands of years. Archers understood the effect of dragging their arrows through dirt or feces in the medieval period. This would cause infections as there were no antibiotics at the time.


For those Justiciar Knights who feels it would be simply too risky or unrealistic to successfully manufacture explosives of the appropriate or required quanta there are other just as efficient methods of shock attacks that are available to us. Shock attacks or more precisely armed assaults, involving assault rifles or pistols, on concentrations of category A and B traitors, should be combined with the application of poison bullets. A relatively simple process will convert hollow point and even standard ammunition – lead or other alloy bullets into hollow bullets. These hollow projectiles are then injected with a biological or chemical toxin. After the injection the hole is plugged with a self-made plastic or rubber cap. The purpose of using chemical or biological rounds is to inflic fatal poisoning should the target fail to die from external or internal bleeding from the projectile itself. A relatively simple procedure and manufacturing technique converts your projectile weapon into a chemical or biological weapon. I will explain in depth how this is done for the manufacture of the chemical and biological toxin itself and for converting standard bullets into chemical and/or biological rounds.



Toxicity – LD50


The term toxicity is used to express how poisonous a chemical is. Scientists distinguish between two kinds of toxicity: acute and chronic. Acute toxicity refers to the amount of damage caused by a chemical after a short-term exposure to a large dose of the chemical.


Scientists have various ways of measuring the acute toxicity of a chemical. Perhaps the most common is called LD50. The abbreviation LD50 stands for "lethal dose, 50 percent." It is the amount of the chemical required to kill one-half of a population of organisms in a short period of time.


In order for a toxin to be useful as a weapon with lethal effect it is required that the LD50 dose physically fits inside a hollow projectile. This excludes the great majority of toxins as most poisons have an LD50 of more than 500 mg.


Projectile capacity vs. caliber:



7.62 – 300 mg

5.56 – 100 mg (too small)

9 mm – 150 mg




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