Finding the right defence attorney/legal counsel for your trial 

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Finding the right defence attorney/legal counsel for your trial


A Justiciar Knight must be prepared to actively search for a nationalistic oriented (patriotic) lawyer /legal counsel before his trial starts. DO NOT accept a random appointed public defender offered by the regime. Chances are too great that this individual will be either incompetent or not willing to work for you interests (which is to further the cause, and not provide the most optimal defence). The nationalistic orientated defence lawyer you are searching for should provide his services pro bono (free of charge as an investment in a good cause). If you managed to execute a relatively “spectacular” operation many so called “high profile” attorneys will contact you and offer their services discounted or for free. Understand that a large majority of these individuals will not be willing to cater for your demands but are only interested in the publicity surrounding the case. They are so called “legal prostitutes” who just wants their face on TV. Ignore these requests and continue your search for a patriotic oriented defence attorney who is willing to accept your three primary demands.


You will be restricted from doing effective research from jail so you may have to ask anyone you know on the outside to assist you in searching for this candidate. Very few patriotic defence attorneys will be willing to flag their political views publicly as it may have devastating effects on their career so finding a good candidate may prove to be a challenging task. On the bright side, a defence attorney flagging his views may actually benefit that individual as well as he will literally have a monopoly on that niche market in future related cases.


There are three primary tasks your defence attorney must be willing to assist you with:



Initial briefing of your defence attorney


The candidate must be explaining that this trial is not about you but about the future of Europe. Your participation in the trial is merely a formality and a Justiciar Knight expects no mercy/leniency whatsoever, as we offer no mercy/leniency to our enemies. The candidate must be informed that the purpose of your defence is not to ensure the lowest possible sentence but rather to further the cause of saving Europe from Marxism and the subsequent manifestations (Islamisation etc.) which is the cause of the PCCTS, Knights Templar).


This approach (as your defence attorney will point out) will guarantee that you will not be shown any leniency whatsoever.


The three primary tasks expected from your defence attorney



Willingness to facilitate you logistically

The candidate must be willing to order the components that make out the Justiciar Knight uniform for you and he/she must then compensate a tailor to assemble it. This task will take him several hours so he should be prepared to invest that time. He must understand that wearing our uniform during trial is an essential aspect of furthering our cause and he must be willing to facilitate you.



Willingness to facilitate you ideologically

The candidate must be willing to contribute to assist you to further the cause of the PCCTS, Knights Templar which is the cause to free all Europeans from cultural Marxist/multiculturalist tyranny. You must be allowed to defend yourself, at least allow you to read the opening/closing speech, unless you prefer him to read your statement for you. Obviously, the candidate isn’t required to support the methods of the PCCTS, Knights Templar (mass killings, terror etc.), but he must support the primary ideological principles and the legal defensive strategy presented.



Willingness to facilitate you to build a case against the regime

The candidate must be willing to contribute (facilitate you) to build the case against the regime (as the primary defensive strategy) based on the documentation presented in the compendium; 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence. Remember, this trial is (from our point of view), not against you but rather a trial against the regime. The climax of the trial will be after all arguments/documentation and accusations have been presented. You will then make a demand the unconditional surrender of the regime to the armed forces of the National Resistance Movement. After all, you are not only a Justiciar Knight for the PCCTS, Knights Templar but one of several commanders of the National Resistance Movement by default.



Finding a candidate that will be willing to assist you with the primary tasks will be difficult. However, it is essential that you try as hard as you possibly can to acquire the appropriate legal counsel. It will be absolutely necessary in order to provide you with a sufficient defence.



Various topics



The PCCTS, Knights Templar Oath – Ordination Rite


Due to the nature and hierarchical and logistical limitations of our clandestine and extremely distributed organisational structure it is the responsibility of the individual (during phase 1 – 2010-2030) to ensure that he performs the initiation ritual. The rite is somewhat similar to the ancient and original ritual of the Knights Templar. This ritual has been partly adopted and kept alive by the Freemasons and similar “chivalric orders” the last centuries. The following ritual is a requirement and must be performed by all aspiring Justiciar Knights of the PCCTS, Knights Templar in phase 1. You are likely to be alone when performing the rite so you will not undergo the full magnitude of the experience. The candidate is normally surrounded by Justiciar Knights under a normal initiation ceremony.



Symbolicism of the ritual


The purpose of the rite is to create and formalise your commitment to the cause of the PCCTS, Knights Templar. You are also literally making a blood pact with the other side; with your ancestors, with past martyrs and with God. You are offering them a central part of your very being in exchange for the gift of immortality and a place in the eternal kingdom. You pledge allegiance to the principles of the PCCTS, Knights Templar, to fellow Justiciar Knights, to your people, the wishes of your ancestors and to God. Your oath will commit you to act selflessly as you offer them devoted service to the death.


As a holy Knight fighting for your people and the preservation of Christendom, the Templar’s, as the Justiciar Knight candidate, are willing to put aside the usual temptations of ordinary secular life for an arduous and dedicated life of service and sacrifice. As soon as you have completed the rite your life will consist of reaching a pious state, embracing voluntary poverty, devoted service and unwavering dedication and loyalty to the principles of the Knights Templar. Your burdens will be lifted as you cast of the chains that influence you negatively in your day to day life and prevents you from doing the right thing for yourself, your family, your countrymen and your country.


The rite is in many ways a death ritual where you will break the chains that burden you and you will rise as an immortal as you become fully prepared for the afterlife.


The intention of the rite is to formalise or create an unbreakable commitment where the candidate commits to:



· Purge his traditional career/secular ambitions – you are embracing your destiny as a martyr for the cause of the PCCTS, Knights Templar


· Purge or distance yourself from worldly influences (including friends, family)


· Seek a pious lifestyle and voluntary poverty as all your worldly resources will go to the operation/cause from now on



You will rise up as a Justiciar Knight and gain:



· Partial immortality (an individual who has embraced martyrdom and death cannot be killed, all martyrs in protection of Christendom are granted a place in heaven)


· Ideological confidence


· Military/operational confidence


· Fearlessness


· Unwavering dedication



Preparation - items required to perform the initiation rite:



Specific items required:



· A candle

· A skull (replica, or an item resembling a skull)

· A sword

· Dimly lit surroundings (the temple), a room or the wilds



Surroundings: as you obviously do not have access to the Temple of Solomon (as it currently lies in ruin bellow the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem), you will need to use the second best option, a solid rock (shaped somewhat as a cubic altar) resembling an actual stone altar. Prior to the rite, you, as a Justiciar Knight candidate, are described as a “poor candidate”, in a burdened state of darkness, which is figurative of being in a state of the darkest ignorance surrounded by negative influences (chains/burdens) preventing you from being a Knight and doing the right thing. The properties of stability and strength of the stone altar is being communicated to the oath contributing to making it inviolable. Furthermore, you are to print out the text (the oath) and sign it with your own blood, and subsequently burn it on the “altar”.


Lighting: the ritual should be performed in a dimly lit environment (a room or in the wilds during dusk or dawn) and you will use one candle light. The candle is placed on the altar. The candle symbolises and represents the light of God or, specifically, the light of Christ and is, as we all know, common in Christian rituals. This liturgical candle must be made of at least 51% beeswax, the remainder may be paraffin or some other substance (a paschal candle may be used).


A skull: a skull or an object resembling a human skull. The skull is placed in the centre of the altar next to the candle. The skull figuratively represents the afterlife/death, and the fallen heroes of our cause, our dead or martyred ancestors or brethren who died for their people and for Christendom in the past (former Knights Templar’s and nationalist/patriotic fighters of past struggles). You face the skull while reading the oath.

Attire: the candidate will wear his bestclothing while performing the initiation rite (normally the modern European suit). A traditional European dinner suit is the most optimal attire but not required. The use of similar attires symbolises that there is no distinction between Justiciar Knights.


The Justiciar Knight attire illustrates the dignity and nobleness of the Justiciar Knight office as judge, jury and executioner. The purpose of the Justiciar Knight is to heed the call of his people in an unselfish manner. He is the protector of his people, culture, country, of European Christendom and civilisation.


White gloves: the gloves stand for dignity and purity (note that the good person is described in Psalm 24 as having “clean hands and a pure heart”).


A sword: the sword symbolises aggression, protection, courage, strength, action, unity, justice, leadership and decision – all important characteristics of the nature of a Justiciar Knight. If you are performing the rite alone, you must provide a sword, preferably a good replica of a battle ready European sword from an epoch of your national history (f example a broad Viking sword for Scandinavians, a Roman sword for Southern Europeans etc (this sword may be utilized later as it will be an aspect of the tombstone – see chapter about Overseer).


Under normal circumstances (phase 2), there will be several Justiciar Knights present encircling the candidate in a crescent on one side of the altar. They will all raise their swords against the candidate while he reads the final part of the oath. As this may not be possible during phase 1, the candidate must make the best out of the situation. The shaft of the sword is placed on the altar while you place it in such a way that the tip of the sword faces your heart.

Here we experience the metaphorical sword cleanly piercing the spiritual soul of man. This symbolic action sacrifices physical bondage to release a path to the ethereal (enlightened) freedom of our struggle. Should the candidate ever knowingly and deliberately violate his oath he will have his body severed in two, his bowels taken from thence and burned to ashes, the ashes scattered before the four winds of heaven by fellow Justiciar Knights.

The candidate kneels during the ritual.




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