Introduction to the premises for answering the question 

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Introduction to the premises for answering the question


Today’s multiculturalist establishment is a direct result of Soviets WW2 and cold war victory. It wasn’t a total victory for the Soviets as capitalism and the free markets obviously survived, but culturally, it was a disaster as multiculturalism (internationalist Marxism) prevailed and was gradually institutionalised in Western European countries spearheaded by the the UK, French and German left wing establishment. According to the history books; the West allegedly won the cold war because Soviet collapsed... However, the truth of the matter is that the Soviets managed to pass on its cultural Marxist legacy to Europe through its 100 000 – 200 000 European Marxist Trojans who really should have been executed after WW2 but which instead were allowed to infiltrate school/university institutions and cultural arenas. These Marxists managed to indoctrinate enough people during the 50s and 60s who combined contributed to the decisive 1968 Marxist cultural victory in Western Europe and the US. During this time, the conservatives of Europe, especially Christians, nationalists, traditionalists but also capitalists, failed to defend the cultural conservative world view unlike the cultural conservative movements in Japan and later South Korea. The reason for this was because of the general institutionalised persecution of nationalist/traditionalist oriented individuals after WW2 in Europe due to the defeat of the Nazis. The logic was; since the NSDAP were nationalists, among other things, all conservatives, nationalists and traditionalists are automatically Nazis and therefore evil. This notion was allowed to be developed and was later manifested through the new ideology; multiculturalism/extreme egalitarianism, which is an anti-European hate ideology designed to deconstruct our European cultures, traditions, identities, Christendom and even our national states. Another factor was that an overwhelming majority of the right wing were not, and still aren’t today, politically active. The Marxists have always had a talent for infiltration and psychological warfare, infiltrating everything from Workers Unions to hippie movements, environmentalist movements, universities, news corporations which they used to further project and propagate their cultural world views. They have also traditionally been a lot more active when it comes to arranging demonstrations (often spearheaded through the Workers Unions and other organisations they had already infiltrated), while the right wing were, and still are, usually only focused on serving their own needs, feeding their own egos, developing their companies and generally minding their own business.


Ok, back on topic; what on earth are the Nordic/Germanic tribes and why are we disallowed to preserve especially the Nordic/Germanic tribes today?



In order to understand the evil and suicidal European Marxism of today you must first learn about National Socialism:



Nordicism (also referred to as the"Nordic theory") is the ideology of racial superiority which claims that the Nordic race (the Germanic peoples/tribes), would constitute a master race because of an innate capacity for initiative, long term planning and leadership. The reasoning for this theory is that the Nordic peoples has been forced to, due to the cold arctic climate, to logistically plan ahead for up to 6 months per year to be able to survive the cold winters. In addition, all the weak elements of the tribe usually perished due to the harsh climate leaving only the strong and intelligent left. When this process of elimination was the case for specific tribes over a timeline consisting of thousands of years it is claimed that the descendants are superior when it comes to initiative, long term planning and intelligence compared to people who live in warm climates with easy access to food and water. Nordicism was prevalent mainly in the late-19th and early 20th centuries in Western Europe and North America and came to be a major influence on Nazism. Multiculturalism is a reactionary ideology to Nordicism which in many ways aims to completely wipe out the Germanic tribes and other European tribes as Europeans are defined, according to hardcore internationalist Marxists, as a cancer to this world as it is claimed that our ancestors where evil. As such, the ideology of multiculturalism, which of course only applies to European countries (“the white man is the devil, not the yellow man – Japan/South Korea”).



Madison Grant, in his book The Passing of the Great Race:



Madison Grant, in his book The Passing of the Great Race, defined the "Nordic" type as "long skulled, very tall, fair skinned, with blond hair and light colored eyes. The Nordics inhabit the countries around the North and Baltic Seas, and include not only the great Scandinavian and Teutonic groups, but also other early peoples who first appear in southern Europe and in Asia as representatives of Aryan language and culture." The Germanic tribes is another word for Nordics.


While the concept of Nordic race became intertwined with a northern and northeastern European cultural identity, the Alpine race was thought to predominate in central/Eastern Europe through to Turkey and the Eurasian steppes of Central Asia and Southern Russia and was said to be characterised by short stature, dark hair, dark eyes, narrower shoulders, a darker complexion and comparatively round head. The Mediterranean race was thought to be prevalent in Southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa as well as in Wales, and was said to be characterised by dark hair, dark eyes, aquiline nose, swarthy complexion, moderate-to-short stature, and moderate or long skull.



Present and current distribution of Nordics, Alpines and Mediterranean’s in Europe:



According to Madison Grant and several other authors; there are three European races. These are; Nordics/Germanics (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland and to a high degree the UK, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Benelux, Baltic’s, Switzerland but also to a large degree Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (the Nordic parts). There are also 40-80 million Nordics in the US and a few million in Canada and Australia.


As covered in another chapter; within approximately 100-150 years or within 4-5 generations (if the current development is allowed to continue) the Germanic/Nordic race in several countries will be diluted or annihilated to such a degree that there will be no one left with Nordic physical characteristics; blond hair, blue eyes, high forehead, sturdy cheekbones. As such, the Nordic tribes will become extinct if we do not resist and seize political and military control of our countries. To illustrate the ongoing demographic annihilation of the Nordic peoples; in 1900 there were 50% Nordics in the US (blonde hair, blue eyes). But now, as a result of primarily non-European immigration, there was in 2008 ONLY 16%.





The only way to prevent the ongoing genocide of the Nordic tribes is if either;



The Marxist regimes in Europe grant us privileges by either completely liberalising the biotechnology-laws. They must encourage and even directly sponsor repro-genetics programs on a private and/or state level, which facilitates reproduction clinics who focus strictly on indigenous genotypes from pure sources (non-diluted (95-99% pure) Nordic genotypes) found in Northern Sweden and other areas where this is available. The European Marxist regimes will never allow or contribute to this which only leaves two options;


Conservatives/nationalists/traditionalists in each European country are given reservations where we can exercise autonomy (political control) just like the Native Americans after their defeat against the US Army. This is not acceptable yet to a large majority of conservatives as we expect to defeat the cultural Marxist regimes of Europe within 70 years. The third option should be outlined as follows;


Conservatives must seize political and military power through a combination of armed and democratic struggle within 70 years and implement the above policies. The alternative is the continued bastardisation model, very similar to the Brazilian model; where it has been (due to the Brazilian Marxist revolution) established a melting pot of European/Asian/African mix. These policies have proven to be a catastrophe for Brazil and other countries that have institutionalised and facilitated widespread race-mixing of Asians/Europeans/Africans. Brazil has firmly established itself as a second world country with an extremely poor degree of social cohesion. The results are evident and are manifested through a large degree of corruption, lacking productivity and eternal conflict between the various competing “cultures” as the myriad of newly established “sub-tribes” (black, mulatto, mestizo, white) paralyzes any hope of ever reaching the same level of productivity and harmony as f example Scandinavia, Germany, South Korea or Japan. Seeing the lack of social cohesion in Brazil, and the average productivity of the average Brazilian, it is evident that a similar approach in Europe would be devastating and nationally retarding, not to mention that it would be a grave crime (genocide) to contribute in any way to the annihilation, deconstruction and genocide of the indigenous peoples which are Nordic by definition.




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