Defeating multiculturalism within the next 7 decades will involve the synchronised and combined efforts (unofficial) of 8 political fronts 

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Defeating multiculturalism within the next 7 decades will involve the synchronised and combined efforts (unofficial) of 8 political fronts



“If not us, who? If not now, when?”


Hillel the Elder



Multiculturalism is a European hate ideology with the aim of destroying European identity, culture, traditions, moral, Christendom etc (western civilisation). A war against the MA100 (the 100 European political parties supporting multiculturalism) and other criminal organisations cannot be won by one “front” alone. The doctrines of multiculturalism/cultural Marxism are manifested and propagated through several political fronts in Western Europe:



1. Journalists/MSM (propagating their world view to the masses) 99%+

2. Teachers/professors etc. (propagating their world view to students) 90%+

3. Politicians 70-90%+ (10% are hardcore Marxists, 20% are dedicated cultural Marxists, 65% suicidal humanists or career oriented cynisists, 5% capitalist globalists)

4. Community voices - Marxist/humanist/globalist controlled NGOs + writers, artists, intellectuals and community debaters (individuals in various fields who are propagating political views) 90%+

5. Various political activists including investors, bloggers and various online activists >50%

6. Church leaders (using their influence to propagate conservative church values and classical cultural conservative doctrines) 50%

7. Street activists (AFA, UAF, EDL etc.) 90%

8. Armed resistance groups/assault cells, freedom fighters


% indicate the unbalance between the Marxist and conservative forces.


We, the cultural conservatives, already have an ocean of bloggers and essay writers. The problem is that we are failing to penetrate PC censorship (controlled by our enemy) and reach out to the masses. The only rational approach is to attempt to accomplish two things:


1. Create a large cultural conservative news agency with national coverage in each country who lacks it (critical of multiculturalism/cultural Marxism). Brave individuals must take the initiative ASAP to act as an intermediary in order to arrange meetings with cultural conservative writers/bloggers/journalists, investors, NGOs and political parties. There should be at least one alternative with national coverage in each country.


2. Continue to involve Europeans on all levels (develop organisations like SIOE, EDL etc. and strengthen all 8 fronts).


A few years ago I would probably reject those organisations because I wanted to be "politically correct". I have changed as an increasing number of Europeans seem to do as well. However, the overwhelming bulk of Europeans are still unfamiliar with the truth. It will be our primary task to open their eyes.


Regarding the synchronised efforts of the various fronts: it’s essential to understand that Marxist organisations like f example UAF/AFA (violent extreme left wing organisation – also referred to as the New Hitler Jugend) are working in tandem with the Labour Party and similar parties (moderate left, centrists). Just like Al Qaeda is working in tandem with peaceful Muslims in a way. We have to choose the same approach instead of condemning everything we don't personally support 100%. You can’t let the fear of tarnishing your personal image prevent you from doing the right thing anymore. Wake up.


We have to understand the bigger picture. Articles, journals and magazines are only one front of cultural conservatism. Rejecting the other fronts would be completely counter-productive and illogical.


In every political struggle regardless of the side you are on there will always be several fronts. If you reject any of these fronts you have already lost. Detesting and condemning the 8th front is considered logical and necessary in phase 1 as we are too weak at this point. If you justify the execution of traitors at this point you are likely to lose your job and be persecuted. So at least publicly, you should condemn the 8th front. The brave men and women in the 8th front won’t be offended. They are professionals and would probably do the same, for tactical reasons. War is deceit after all, as Muhammad stated more than 1400 years ago.



Publicly distancing oneself from the 8th front (armed resistance) is necessary for many in phase 1


Open support for armed resistance/shock attacks etc. is counterproductive and can result in you personally being incarcerated. You should always detest and condemn (publicly) this form of activity as long as we are at a disadvantage.



The eighth front of the resistance movement


Military personnel/paramilitary personnel/armed resistance fighters/military martyrs/shock troopers – they go by many names. Obviously, everyone has to “officially” condemn violent actions although the majority (or at least a large portion) will support them unofficially. The ninth front can also be divided into two categories. A “shock trooper” or a “saboteur” will be an important aspect in especially phase 1 of the ongoing civil war. Shock attacks and arson attacks will prove to be very effective. The goal of the saboteur or shock trooper is not to dominate militarily but rather to cause fear, chaos, damage, demoralise the enemy etc. He will never actually be in a position to effectuate a coup as this type of operation is dependent on perfect timing, a large network of operatives and appropriate circumstances. It is still premature as of 2010 as we still lack the sympathy and loyalty of the required number of military officers and other strategic personnel.


Every front is extremely important. You cannot overthrow a regime without representation from all fronts; at least it would be much harder. If you reject the street activists, what would happen? The rival counterpart, Marxist lynch mobs won’t have any competition, they will go idle and will start to harass our other fronts - politicians, journalists, NGO leaders, online activists instead. This is why we can’t ignore any single front when you are a part of a political fight. All fronts serve their purpose.


In order to win the fight, you can’t reject any of these fronts, but instead work so that they are ideologically synchronised with one goal (to replace the Western European regimes). This is how the left does it and this is how we must do it. It’s not very complicated. It just takes some time getting used to the idea if you aren an individual who has been indoctrinated in the multicultural system for decades.



Unbalances in the fronts


The nine different fronts should work like an organism. If there is an imbalance in one front, it will influence the others.


To illustrate. 7. Street activists


Most “normal middle class people”, who oppose the ongoing Islamisation of our countries, are afraid to demonstrate in the streets due to the fear of Marxist and Muslim lynch mobs. The multiculturalist government and the journalists are to blame why these Marxist/Muslim lynch mobs are allowed to roam our streets. It’s important to understand that these mobs act as an extended arm for the multicultural government with the goal of silencing political dissidents (cultural conservatives).


If the people had a strong alternative to these lynch mobs then these organisations would have their hands full and would not have the capacity to harass the other “fronts”. As a result, there would be no fear from the masses (middle class normal people) and they would participate and demonstrate or get involved in other areas. As such, a large proportion of the silent majority are individuals living in fear, reluctant to say anything as they know protesting on the street would involve certain beatings and harassment, with their face plastered in the news papers the next day labelled as Nazis.


We can’t win against cultural Marxism/multiculturalism with only one single front. We need all 8 fronts, ideologically synchronised, street activists included and we should work for exactly that.

If we see an emerging cultural conservative organisation who has a couple of racists in it, instead of contributing to destroy/reject that organisation it’s our duty to rather go in and help streamline it so that it is more synchronised with our standpoints. We have to immediately stop doing the dirty work for the multiculturalists. Rejecting these organisations (if you are a cultural conservative) is the equivalency of ideological suicide.


If our criminal traitor elites wanted peace with their people they would offer and reserve at least 50% of the positions of front x, x and x to cultural conservatives only. However, it’s too late for that now. These criminals have already allowed more than 25 million Muslims inside the European gates. All category A and B traitors will be executed for their actions eventually. It will take us 70 years but we will succeed.




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