Item: Aluminium powder, flaked 400 mesh (particle size) 

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Item: Aluminium powder, flaked 400 mesh (particle size)

Intended use: component totertiary charge (fertilizer sensitizer). According to sources; alu powder mixed with AN will increase tertiary charge sensitivity and increase demolition power by approximately 10-30%

Quantity: 10-15% of total fertilizer weight (2 tons of fertilizer means 200-300 kg alu powder)

Supplier: Keten, a Polish chem. store

Alt. supplier: You can buy large alu ingots and file them down or try other chem store

The alternative method described:

Buy aluminium bars/ingots or profiles from a forge/supplier and file these metal bars down to powder using specialized cryo filing drill bur and renting a high powered drill. If, in the future, intelligence agencies counter and start monitoring forges then alu scrap is also an option. I did significant research on this area and concluded: the optimal aluminium filing drill bit is the following:

Brand: Partsmaster,, Cryo phase, nitrid/carbid/cobalt burrs, ball nose cylinder 13mm, recommended drill RPM is 7000-38 000. They cost 130 Euro in my country. I haven’t yet tested it but according to my calculations you should be able to generate at least 1kg of alu powder per minute (2 hours = 120 kg vs manual filing would take 112 hours for the same amount). You should probably dip the burr in ice water every 20 sec to prevent overheating, but I will have to double check this with supplier. We don’t want the burr to crack.

Note: when filing; ALWAYS use a 3M mask with particle filter and create a 1m3 “work chamber” using plastic sheeting to prevent spreading alu particles all over the room/area.

Cost: 2000 Euro for 150 kg, shipping included. You can probably get 100 kg un-processed alu bars from 1000 Euro.

Payment by bank wire

Delivery: Ordered and paid in mid December. As of March 1st 2011, I have still not received it. The supplier is really unprofessional and has ignored my 5 last emails. 3 x 50 kg containers are supposed to be shipped to a Schenker store in Karlstad, Sweden, where I will make a pickup and transfer it to Oslo.

Cover story: Alu powder is an essential component to certain types of boat epoxy paints to give the paint UV protective properties. In the first email I explained this in detail (that it was for maritime epoxy coating purposes etc.). My company is a producer of coating solutions for the maritime sector etc.

Cover story used: yes

Risk: High.I regret placing the order as I see, in retrospect, that Keten is likely to be closely monitored by a majority of European intelligence agencies. Instead, I should have bought alu ingots from a forge and filing them down to powder using a special cryo filing drill bur and renting a high powered drill. As for type of alu; I am not really sure if flaked 400 mesh powder is the most optimal choice. There are conflicting facts surrounding the optimal alu particle size/shape for demolition purposes. Some said 400 flaked was optimal but other sources claimed spherical + other sizes was the best.



Item: Microballoons/sil-cell (very small glass spheres filled with oxygen)

Intended use: component totertiary charge (fertilizer sensitizer). According to sources; microballoons mixed with AN will increase tertiary charge sensitivity and create so called “hotspots” which will increase demolition power by approximately 10-20%

Quantity: 2-3% of total fertilizer weight (2 tons of fertilizer means 50-60 kg microballoons)

Supplier:, a maritime shop

Alt. supplier: other maritime shops or cement/plastic/resin/paint shops

Cost: 115 Euro for 9 kg, so 60 kg is 770 Euro.

Payment: haven’t yet bought this as I don’t have anywhere to store it yet

Delivery: N/A

Cover story: Going to research “cover story” when the time comes. I think it is an essential component to mix in plastic/fiber material (the plastic used in boats etc.)

Cover story used: yes, will be used

Risk: Low, medium risk if you buy everything at once without a solid cover story.


Continuation December log


As already mentioned; I initiated a second steroid test cycle: 3 first weeks on DBOL tabs (40 mg per day). Weight increased from 86 kg to 90 kg. No side effects. Cycle cancelled after three weeks because I felt I had to prioritize other tasks.



Pistol training November, December and January

Pistol training was initiated in order to fulfill the government requirement for purchase.

15 training sessions in November, December and January was completed and documented. The application for a Glock 17 was sent in mid January. Documentation and activity requirement was met. I joined my local pistol club back in 2005 for the first time but have only sporadically attended training until November 2010. The fact that I joined the club as early as 2005 was a planned move to increase my chances for obtaining a Glock, legally.


Rifle training December and January

3 rifle training sessions was completed during this period. The intention was to acquire a minimum of experience with, Gungnir, my semi automatic Ruger Mini 14,.223 caliber and to calibrate my Eotech sights properly at 100 meter distance.



December and January - Rifle/gun accessories purchased


- 10 x 30 round magazines -.223 cal at 34 USD per mag. Had to buy through a smaller US supplier (who again ordered from other suppliers) as most suppliers have export limitations. An alternative supplier was located in Sweden but it would have cost 1,5 times more. Another possibility would have been to use Jetcarrier (or similar freight forwarder which allows you to order from a US address) but some companies have no-sale policies to New Jersey for this reason. Total cost: 550 USD


From Midway


- GG&G Picatinny Style Scope Base Ruger Mini-14, Ranch only: 95 Euro

- Aimshot Laser Sight and Flashlight Tri-Rail Barrel Mount: 30 Euro (3x picatinny/weaver rail)

- Allen Buttstock Shotshell Ammunition Carrier, 5 round Nylon (mounted on shotgun): 10 euro

- Loctite Blue Aluminum Threadlocker, cost 10 USD on Ebay, excellent for tightening screws on the alu rails used for fastening the holographic sight and 3 x sight.


From other suppliers


- LaserLyte Pistol Bayonet Quick Detachable – a picatinny/weaver rail bayonet purchased from Ebay using VISA/Paypal, cost: 62 USD.

- 4 x 30 round magazines for Glock 9mm from a national supplier, Capsicum Solutions, using VISA, cost: 230 Euro.

- Cammenga Easyloader for AR15/Mini14 from a national supplier, Capsicum solutions, cost: 70 Euro

- Hollow point ammo for.223 from a national supplier, 500 Euro. Had to research and use a cover when buying; bird hunting ftw.

- Slugs ammo for shotgun, 100 Euro, cover when buying; deer hunting ammo.



Equipment needed for creating chemical/biological ammo

- DREMEL Universal tool 200 series (the drill)

- DREMEL Workstation (used for stabilizing the drill in a stable 90 degree position)

- DREMEL Multichuck (allows you to use conventional drill bits on your dremel tool)


Total cost for these three items: 140 Euro from


- 65mm Drill Press Vice (Quick Release) from Lathe Mill, ordered from Ebay via Paypal, cost: 33 USD ( This item will hold the cartridge in place while I drill a portion of the lead core out of the bullet.


Note; I have concluded that.223 ammo is not suitable for creating bio rounds. The bullet simply lacks the size required to fit a deadly doze. 7.62 ammo would be preferable as it is more than double the size. 9 mm bullets are ok for this purpose, but I have to wait for my Glock license before I get access to 9 mm ammunition.

Other items bought from Clas Ohlson, general store:


- Manual filing set

- Super glue, used for plugging the bullet after injection

- De-isolation thong that lets you cut of the tip of bullets (looks like a wirecutter)


Other items ordered:


Marketing related


Casio EXZ 330 SR digital camera, for marketing purposes, from Expert, cost: 80 Euro. This would allow me to complete a photo session, without the need to use a professional photographer. I have used a professional in the past but it is obvious that the regalia I intend to use in the photo session will generate suspicion and threaten the security of the operation. Lack of professional digital equipment, green sheet background and other related and expensive photo gear can be compensated by my Photoshop skills.




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