A short introduction to small scale surface mining 

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A short introduction to small scale surface mining

Before initiating the high grade explosive acquisition phase you should research small, medium and large mining companies in your country. Start with the companies listed on your national stock exchange and gain access to their prospectus or annual financial data. This is available on the company’s site.

Consider creating a prospectus of your own altering an existing prospectus (PDF file) using a software such as Foxit PDF Editor which allows you to make changes and fill in your own details.

You may want to create a “mining cover” which involves the creation of a credible story – which will be your unofficial mining “project/business”. This cover may serve as a deciding factor for the acquirement of high grade explosives from suppliers on the black market in your own country or from abroad. This cover may also prove to be crucial should you ever be compromised and persecuted by the system protectors of your country as it will contribute to create a reasonable doubt.

Consider buying some new or second hand equipment relating to prospecting to strengthen your cover story:




or you can acquire some of the same equipment (used) on Ebay


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Glossary of Terms



Allah: "God"; Arabic Christians also worship "Allah," but an Allah of a very different sort.


Allahu Akhbar: "God is Great (-est)"; term of praise; war cry of Muslims.


Al-Taqiyya: religious/political deceit (sanctioned by Islam)


AH: "after Hijra"; the Islamic calendar’s system of dating; employs lunar rather than solar years; as of January 2007, we are in AH 1428.


Ansar: "aiders" or "helpers"; Arabian tribesmen allied with Muhammad and the early Muslims.


Badr: first significant battle fought by Muhammad and the Muslims against the Quraish tribe of Mecca.


Caliph: title of the ruler or leader of the Ummah (global Muslim community); the head of the former Islamic Empire; the title was abolished by Kemal Attaturk in 1924 following the break-up of the Ottoman Empire and the founding of modern Turkey.


Compendium: book/intellectual work - a concise, yet comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge.


Consolidate: meaning “unify”, consolidation meaning unification


Cultural Marxist/Multiculturalist Alliance: the alliance of European political, cultural and media elites (cultural Marxists/multiculturalists) who support the implementation of multiculturalism/cultural Marxism/cultural relativism.


Cultural Marxism/multiculturalism: term describing the current Western European/US political/moral systems based on “political correctness” – a mix of Marxism, extreme egalitarianism, suicidal humanism, anti-nationalism, anti-Europeanism and capitalist globalism. The ML ideology or political platform (Maoist-Leninism) ML which is also a European hate ideology, was later refined “toned down” and disguised and incorporated into politically correct movements such as; feminism, pro-drugs, pro-sexual revolusion, anti-racism, anti-fascism, anti-Christendom, anti-capitalism, gay and disability rights movements, environmentalism etc. (see chapters explaining the Frankfurt School). The current ideology is in fact a “communism light” or a deceptive form of communism which was created and propagated as soon as the Marxist-Leninists’ understood that the Europeans globally (Western Europe, US, Canada, Australia) would not follow the example of their Russian comrades (in early 20th century). Feminism (including Sexual Revolution), egalitarianism, humanism are highly compatible and/or similar overlapping political concepts/ideologies. The purpose of cultural Marxism is to destroy or deconstruct Western Civilisation (where the Christian European patriarchy has dominated historically) and instead create the USASSR/EUSSR, a communist utopia based on Marxist-Leninist principles. In order to achieve this they must destroy traditional European social cohesion in society which is the basis for traditional European nation states. They are therefore focused on the gradual deconstruction of European cultures, identities and the traditional structures (nuclear family, traditional morality and patriarchal structures) which has dominated humanity for the last 300 000 years. They understood early that political indoctrination would not be enough. They must destroy the very fabric of Europeanism so they (together with humanists and capitalist globalists) pushed for mass-third world immigraton. However, they made one critical mistake. They underestimated Islam which proved to be simply too resilient to be assimilated/pacified/feminised, even for them. Communism is often used when describing a complete ideology (economical principles included) while “cultural Marxism” does not describe economical principles.


Dar al-Islam: "House (Realm) of Islam"; Islamic territory ruled by Sharia law


Dar al-harb: "House (Realm) of War": territory ruled by infidels


Dar al-sulh: "House (Realm) of Truce": territory ruled by infidels but allied with Islam; territory ruled by Muslims but not under Sharia law


Dawah – invitation to Islam through a dialogical process. Can be categorised in some cases as the Islamic equivalent of a missionary


Dhimma: the pact of protection extended to non-slave "People of the Book", usually Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians, which permitted them to remain nominally free under Muslim rule.


Dhimmi: Christians or Jews living in a Muslim controlled area, who has to pay a Jizya tax to be "protected", limited rights, not allowed to build churches or to repair churches etc. A Christian man has the same worth as a Muslim woman (who is worth 50% of that of a Muslim man), a Christian women is only worth 25% of a Muslim man


Dhimmitude: the status of Christians and Jews with limited rights living in a society dominated or controlled by Muslims, the Christians and Jews are treated like second class citizens, dhimmis are protected from physical abuse as long as they pay an extra Jizya tax


Eurabia: the merging of Europe and the Middle East.


Eurabia project (or EUs Eurabia project): EUs deliberate strategy to merge Europe with the Middle East.


Hadith: "report"; any of thousands of episodes from the life of Muhammad transmitted orally until written down in the eighth century AD; sahih (reliable or sound) hadiths are second only to the Quran in authority.


Hijra: "emigration"; Muhammad's flight from Mecca to Medina (Yathrib) in AD 622. Also referred to as Islamic emigration for the sake of Allah (demographic warfare). Hijra (demographic warfare) is an Islamic concept of war and it is being applied in the ongoing takeover of Europe.


Hudna: truce


Islam: "submission" or "surrender."


Jizya: the poll or head tax prescribed by Sura 9:29 of the Quran to be paid by Christians and Jews in Muslim-held territory.


Kaba: "cube"; the Meccan temple in which numerous pagan idols were housed before Muhammad's conquest of Mecca in AD 632, which is still the most venerated object in Islam; the Kaba's cornerstone, which is believed to have fallen from heaven, is the stone on which Abraham was to sacrifice his son, Ishmael (not Isaac).


MA100: (abbreviation for Multiculturalist Alliance 100) – refers to the political parties in Western Europe (approximately 100) who support multiculturalism.


Matriarch: from the word matri meaning mother.


Mecca: holiest city of Islam; place of Muhammad's birth in AD 570; its Great Mosque contains the Kaba stone; early period in Muhammad's life where more peaceful verses of the Quran were revealed; site of Muhammad's victory over the Quraish in AD 630.


Medina: "city," short for "city of the Prophet"; second holiest city of Islam; destination of Muhammad's Hijra (emigration) in AD 622; later period in Muhammad's life where more violent verses of the Quran were revealed; site of third major battle fought by Muhammad against the Quraish tribe from Mecca; formerly called Yathrib.


Muhammad: "the praised one."


Multiculturalism: see cultural Marxism


Muslim: one who submits.


MSM: mainstream media


Patriarch: from the word patri meaning father


PCCTS: abbreviation for Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici (Latin) or Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (English), commonly known as the Knights Templar or the Order of the Temple (French: Ordre du Temple or Templiers). Certain sources indicate that the word Hierosalemitanis (meaning Jerusalem) is added at the end. However, in the majority of occurrences of this phrase, the word "Jerusalem" isn’t mentioned. In certain occurenses Solomonici is written Salominici.


Pragmatical: logical


Quran (Kuran, Koran, etc.): "recitation"; according to Islam, the compiled verbatim words of Allah as dictated by Muhammad.


Quranic abrogation: An Islamic legal practice where Medina verses (violent verses) cancel the Mecca verses (peaceful verses).


Razzia: "raid"; acts of piracy on land or sea by Muslims against infidels


Sira: "life"; abbreviation of Sirat Rasul Allah, or "Life of the Prophet of God"; the canonical biography of the Prophet Muhammad written in the eighth century by Ibn Ishaq and later edited by Ibn Hisham; modern translation by Alfred Guillaume.


STD: sexually transmitted disease


Sunnah: the "Way" of the Prophet Muhammad; includes his teachings, traditions, and example.


Sura: a chapter of the Quran; Quranic passages are cited as Sura number:verse number, e.g., 9:5.


Uhud: second major battle fought by Muhammad against the Quraish tribe of Mecca.


Umar: second "rightly-guided" Caliph; ruled AD 634--44, succeeded Abu Bakr; conquered the Holy Land.


Ummah (umma): the global Muslim community; the body of Muslim faithful. One of the Bali bombers who was condemned to death was quoted as saying ”these attacks are my gift to the Ummah” (his contribution to the global Islamic community and to Jihad).


Uthman: third "rightly-guided" Caliph; ruled AD 644--56, succeeded Umar; compiled the Quran in book form.


Yathrib: city to which Muhammad made the Hijra (emigration) in AD 622/AH 1; renamed Medina.













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